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2 P7100 PORTABLE HTNC1B KRE /1 Antenna, MHz,Helical HTNC5B KRE /9 Antenna, MHz,Helical HTNC1D KRE /3 Antenna, MHz,Helical HTNC1C KRE /2 Antenna, MHz,Helical HTNC1U KRE /10 Antenna, MHz,Helical HTNC1F KRE /12 Antenna, MHz,Helical ANTENNAS Page 1

3 P7100 PORTABLE HTNC1N KRE /12 Antenna, ,MHz,Whip HTNC1K KRE /01 Antenna, MHz,Whip HTNC1G KRE /13 Antenna, MHz,Helical HTNC1L KRE /10 Antenna, ,MHz,Whip HTNC5K KRE /1 Antenna, MHz Flexible End Fed Gain HTNC5W KRE /21 Antenna, MHz,Spring,Whip ANTENNAS Page 2

4 P7100 PORTABLE HTPA7V BKB191210/33 Battery,High Capacity NICD,Immersion HTPA7W BKB191210/34 Battery,Extra High Capacity NIMH,Immersion HTPA7X BKB191210/5 Battery,high Capacity, NICD,FM/CSA/IS Immersion HTPA7Y BKB191210/6 Battery,Extra High Capacity NIMH,FM/CSA/IS Immersion HTFH BKB191210/35 Battery,High Capacity NICD,FM,IS,Immersion HTFE BKB191210/36 Battery,Extra High Capacity NIMH,FM,IS,Immersion BATTERIES Page 3

5 P7100 PORTABLE HTPA9R BKB91210/25 Battery,High Capacity NICD,FM/CSA/IS,DR HTPA9N BKB191210/43 Battery,High Capacity NICD,DR HTPA9S BKB191210/26 Battery,Extra High Capacity NIHM,FM/CSA/IS,DR HTPA9P BKB191210/44 Battery, Extra High Capacity NIMH,DR HTFH-DR BKB191210/45 Battery, High Capacity NICD,FM,IS,DR HTFE-DR BKB191219/46 Battery,Extra High Capacity NIMH,FM,IS,DR BATTERIES Page 4

6 P7100 PORTABLE HTCH9E BML16178/6 Charger,Desk,Rapid 120/230V HTCH9A BML16179/6 Charger,Multi,Rapid 120/230V BML16151/006 Sleeve for Rapid Charger Desktop and Multi-Charger BML16178/30 Power Cord,120V for Desktop Charger BATTERY CHARGERS Page 5

7 P7100 PORTABLE H2VPDE Charger,Vehicular Enhanced,Dual Position H2VPRE Charger,Vehicular Dual Position M39/ Sleeve Assembly for Vehicular Charger RPM /2 Remote Control Cable for Vehicular Charger VEHICULAR CHARGERS Page 6

8 P7100 PORTABLE H2MA5U Kit,Control Unit Hand Held Controller H2MA3H Kit,Control Unit Scan,Remote Control H2MK3F 19C852358P102 Kit,Keycap System Control Unit H2MK3E 19C852359P101 Kit,Keycap Scan Control Unit H2MA3P Kit,Control Unit System,Remote Control ENHANCED VEHICULAR CHARGER OPTIONS Page7

9 P7100 PORTABLE HTAE7H KRY /383 Microphone,Lapel Ruggedized Coiled Cable HTAE7D KRY /284 Microphone,Lapel Antenna Provision Immersion Rated Straight Cable HTAE7E KRY /287 Microphone, Lapel Antenna Provision Immersion Rated Coiled Cable HTAE7C KRY /283 Microphone, Lapel Immersion Rated Coiled Cord SPEAKER MICROPHONES HTAE7A KRY /183 Microphone,Lapel Antenna Provision Standard Version Coiled Cable HTAE7B KRY /184 Microphone,Lapel Antenana Provision Standard Version Page 8

10 P7100 PORTABLE OT-V Microphone,Lapel,Industrial OT-V Microphone,Lapel Industrial Plus HTAE7G KRY /186 Microphone,Lapel,Ant Prov Vehicular Charger compatible HTAE7F KRY /185 Microphone,Lapel Vehicular Charger Comp SPEAKER MICROPHONES HTAE3Z RLD54107/11 Earphone,Lapel Microphone Page 9

11 P7100 PORTABLE OT-V Replacement Coiled Cord for Speaker Microphones OT-V Replacement Straight Cord for Speaker Microphones SPEAKER MICROPHONES SPK0203 Speaker Microphone 1/4 Turn Screw for Cable Page 10 No Photo Available No Photo Available

12 P7100 PORTABLE OT-V Earphone Kit,Beige OT-V Earphone Kit,Black OT-V Wire Palm Microphone,Beige OT-V Wire Palm Microphone,Black OT-V Wire Mini-Lapel Microphone,Beige SUBMINIATURE REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS OT-V Wire Mini-Lapel Microphone,Black Page 11

13 P7100 PORTABLE OT-V Headset,Lightweight With single speaker OT-V Headset,Ultra Light With in-line PTT,Black OT-V Headset,Behind The Head OT-V Headset,Over The Head SUBMINIATURE REMOTE CONTROL OPTIONS Page 12

14 P7100 PORTABLE HTHC7N KRY /1 Leather Case KRY /1 Belt Loop Case,Leather with Belt Loop & Swivel HTHC7R KRY /1 Nylon Case KRY /1 Belt Loop Case,Nylon with Belt Loop & Swivel,Black HTHC7S KRY /1 Nylon Case KRY /1 Belt Loop Case,Nylon with Belt Loop & Swivel,Orange HTHC7T KRY /1 Belt Loop KRY /2 Swivel Clip Belt Loop,Leather with Swivel HTHC7U KRY /1 T-Strap,Nylon,Radio HTHC7P KRY /1 Belt Clip,Metal CARRYING ACCESSORIES Page 13

15 P7100 PORTABLE HTCJ5Z RPM /33 Cable,Data Interface RPM /34 Key loader Cable ACCESSORIES Page 14

16 P7100 PORTABLE MISCELLANEOUS PARTS G3UK07417 Front Cover Assembly Scan Version G3UK07420 Front Cover Assembly System Version G3UK07794 Front Cover Assembly Select Version G3UK07636 Rear Casting Assembly, 800 MHz,VHF,UHF-H G3UK07421 Rear Casting Assembly UHF-L 4W,UHF-L 100 mw G3UK07653 Rear Cover Kit,Plastic Page 15

17 P7100 PORTABLE Main Board Assemblies CB101683V21 Main Board MHz,Scan CB101683V31 Main Board 800 MHz,Phase1,Scan CB101683V41 Main Board UHF-H,Scan CB101683V51 Main Board UHF-L,100mw,Scan CB101683V61 Main Board UHF-L,4W,Scan MISCELLANEOUS PARTS G3UK07419 Interface Board G4UK07371 RF Shield Assembly G3UK07647 Switch Module Assembly Page 16

18 P7100 PORTABLE G4UK07595 Antenna Insert Assembly with O-Ring MISCELLANEOUS PARTS G3UK07646 Hardware Kit G3UK07356 LCD Lens G2UK07290 Keypad,Scan G4UK06573 Antenna Launch Switch G2UK07289 Keypad,System Page 17

19 P7100 PORTABLE G4UK07721 Button Kit MISCELLANEOUS PARTS G3UK07652 Gasket Kit G3UK07645 Complete Knob Kit G4UK07644 Outer Knob Kit G4UK07720 PTT Button Kit G4UK07792 Volume Knob Kit Page 18

20 P7100 PORTABLE SXA /1 RF Antenna Bypass Connector MISCELLANEOUS PARTS G4UK07724 Microphone Kit G3UK07654 Flex Circuit Assembly G3UK07723 Speaker Kit G4UK07648 Microphone Elastomeric Connector Kit G4UK07722 UDC Kit Page 19

21 P7100 PORTABLE G4UK07446 Label,Oval,Dome, P7100 MISCELLANEOUS PARTS G4UK07600 Contacts,Battery Pogo Pin Page 20 DG0020 Fuse, 3A Chip, F MHz DG0040 Fuse, 4A Chip, F401 VHf,UHf FG0450 RX Band Pass Filter, FL MHz FG0460 RX Band Pass Filter, FL MHz FG0441 TCXO, Z305 UHF 800 MHz,

22 P7100 PORTABLE TQ V TQ V PC Programming Interface Module SERVICE ACCESSORIES TQS3385 PC Programming Software TQ3392 RPM /23 PC Programming Cable BKB191210/7 Battery Eliminator TQ0609A Audio Test Box RPM /24 Test Cable for TQ0609A Audio Test Box Page 21

23 P7100 PORTABLE GIT Antenna Bypass Connector Tool for K19/AS Earlier Connector SERVICE ACCESSORIES G4UK Antenna Bypass Connector Tool for SXA /1 Current Connector 19B801496G2 RF Antenna Adapter G1B Antenna Insert Tool RPM /25 Universal UDC Cable CA101396V1 Service Ribbon Cable Board Extender Page 22

24 P7100 PORTABLE K19/5MOB Torque Driver SERVICE ACCESSORIES 49-TX-06 Torx Bit, T6, Extended Length for removing rear cover screws T4WK03490 Special Tool for Channel Knob Metal Base T4WK03399 Special Tool for Volume And Channel Switch T4WK03594 Special Tool for removing The Rear Plastic Cover Page 23

25 P7100 PORTABLE MAINTENANCE MANUALS Operations Manual System MM101332V1 Operations Manual Scan MM101332V2 Maintenance Manual VHF,System & Scan MM101333V1 Maintenance Manual UHF-H, & UHF-L (4W) MM101334V1 Maintenance Manual UHF-L (100mW) MM101334V2 Maintenance Manual 800 MHz MM V1 Page 24


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