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V 3.

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1 V 3

2 Key Features - Superior Design and CMF - Internal Quad-Band Antenna
- External Picture caller ID - Integrated VGA camera - Integrated Class 1 Bluetooth™ - 22kHz MIDI and polyphonic speaker - MPEG4 video playback - 3D Graphics Engine - UI Skinning - SyncML - Mini-USB connector

3 Specifications SA Date: Q3 2004 Form Factor: Clamshell
Finish: Tri-coated paint, colour TBD Bands/Modes: GSM : 850/900/1800/ GPRS Class 10 Size: 63 cc Weight: 90g Dimensions: 98 x 53 x 15 Display: 176 x K TFT internal 96 x 80 4K CSTN external Antenna: Internal TT/SB Time: TBD (700mAh Battery) Audio MIDI (24Ch/22Khz), MP3 Ring tones

4 Enablers - Browser: MIB, WAP 2.0 (WSP/HTTP 1.1, WTCP/IP, xHTML Mobile Profile, WCSS, Cookies, WTLS class 3, TLS 1.0/SSL 3.0) - Messaging: EMS/MMS/IM WV - Imaging: Integrated digital camera (VGA) - Audio: Polyphonic speaker - J2ME™: MIDP 2.0 / CLDC1.1 plus API’s - POP3, SMTP, IMAP4

5 Mobile PhoneTools version 3.0
Other New ID Not Final Wireless Bluetooth Headset HS820 Portable Wireless Speaker HF800 Carry Cases Mobile PhoneTools version 3.0 Signature Razor Image Not Final Bluetooth PC USB Adapter Battery Image Not Final Travel Charger Self-Install Retractable Car kit Image Not Final Image Not Final Bluetooth Car Kit VPA new ID Mono Send/End Headset (EMU Connector)

6 Designed Overview Speaker Camera Lens 64k TFT 176 x 220 Display
VA/VR Key 4k CSTN 96 x 80 CLI 5way Nav Key Mic

7 Designed Overview Batt. Door Volume up/down Soft key MIDI Speaker Ext.
Antenna USB

8 Disassembly 1 2 Press Battery latch and pull Battery door from the top
Push Battery to the bottom and Lift them up at the top

9 Disassembly 3 4 Unfasten 2 screws (T5) Remove the Back Housing by
release the latch on each site

10 Disassembly 5 6 Remove the two rubber Turn the Back Housing carefully
and release the flex connector Remove the two rubber

11 Disassembly 7 8 Release the two latches one on each
site to remove the Antenna assambly Remove the Antenna Assambly

12 Disassembly 9 10 Unfasten the 4 screws and close the
Use a tweezer to remove the PCB from the Back Housing Unfasten the 4 screws and close the Flip

13 Disassembly 11 12 Use the disassembly tool to release
cover latches on each side of the Front cover Remove the Front Cover

14 Disassembly 13 14 Open the Camera Flex Connector
Use a tweezer to remove the Camera Lens Open the Camera Flex Connector

15 Disassembly 15 16 Remove the Camera Use the plastic tool to Assambly
open the Display Connector

16 Disassembly 17 Lift up the LCD Module Done !

17 WAP Standarts WCSS Wireless Cascarding Styl Sheet WTLS Wireless Transport Layer Security TLS Transport Layer Security SSL Security Socket Layer Video Standarts h.263 Video decoder for MPEG4 Converting YUV to RGB Build for PDA‘s or Mobile Phones J2ME Standarts CLCD Connected Limited Device Configuration 16 – 32 bit CPU Java Language Network Security API Aplication Programming Interface

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