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SN-1258 Long Range Cordless Telephone Sales Guide.

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1 SN-1258 Long Range Cordless Telephone Sales Guide

2 Product Single line long range for productivity and mobility
Long range as SN-258 Plus New-1 Freq.: 262/388Mhz Color: Black Extra small handset and base Position as new families of 258 series. Low tier market.

3 Product Fully compatible with SN-258Plus new-1 (SN handset can register on SN-258Plus new-1 system, Vise versa.) Did not support earlier version than 258Plus new-1 and SN-258 Star. Quick guide 5 Languages - English/Ara/Ru/Spain/Persian User manual - Dubai: En/Arabic/Russia(Standard) Turkish/Persian(optional) - Singapore/Miami: English/Spain

4 Targeted users Farmland/Ranch Connecting the workspace
è Farm and ranch worker utilize wireless telephones to coordinate efforts between workspace and supporting staff.

5 Targeted users Offices Immediate access to information
è Customers reach the right person directly rather than being transferred into voic . Managers are contacted quickly when a decision must be made, eliminating costly delays.

6 Unique Selling Proposition
Long range Extra small handset Polyphonic ring tone (Nine polyphonic and one monophonic.) Default -- #1 “Military March.”

7 Ultra Long Communication Range
USP~ Long Range Ultra Long Communication Range 4~15km in town 15km or more in open space Communication distance between handsets will double accordingly.

8 USP~ Extra Small Handset
150mm 123mm SN-1258 258 Series

9 9 polyphonic and 1 monophonic
USP~ Polyphonic Ring Tone 9 polyphonic and 1 monophonic #0 Normal Ring Tone #1 Military March (default) #2 Turkish March #3 Trumpet Concerto in E flat major mov.3 #4 Voice of Spring #5 Valse No. 1 in E flat #6 German Dances No. 1 #7 Wedding March from Lohengrin #8 Spring Concert from the Seasons #9 Gavotte

10 Outdoor Using to Extends Operation Range
USP~ External Antenna Outdoor Using to Extends Operation Range Standard antenna

11 Detail Feature Lists Multi channel access with Auto scan
Multi handset (up to 15) Polyphonic ring tone Walky-Talky between handsets Half Duplex group call Two way paging and intercom. 10 Memory dial in handset Redial Tone/pulse selectable by software Change channel during conversation. Key lock Flash time programmable Ring volume adjustable Voice volume adjustable Music on hold Any key answer Low battery alert and indicator Out of range alert Battery power status indicator Build in noise cancellation Scramble function Call transfer Auto answer and hang up Vibrator (option) Desktop charger (option)

12 Specification 2 hrs/ 100 hrs Talk/Stand-by 140 380 Weight(g) 123*47*25
150*116*45 Dimension W*D*H(mm) 3.6V/1000mAh Ni-MH battery AC 110V/60 Hz AC 220V/50 Hz DC 12V Power sources 400mW 1 W Output power 262/388MHz 388/262MHz Freq.(TX/RX) Handset Base

13 Packing System Manual Quick Reference Base AC Adapter Base Battery
Handset Phone Line

14 Packing Handset Kits Quick Reference Handset Travel Charger Battery

15 Optional accessory Desktop charger Outdoor antenna Ear-microphone
Travel charger Car charger Leather pouch

16 Optional accessory Accessory Kits Leather Pouch Ear- microphone
Charger AC Adapter

17 Worldwide distribution and delivery
How to order R&R Electronics Group Worldwide distribution and delivery

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