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Millennium Series In-Ground Trash Cans and Recycling Containers

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1 Millennium Series In-Ground Trash Cans and Recycling Containers
Prepared and Presented by Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd.

2 The Norm…

3 The Issues: Animals, Birds, Wind and Over-Flowing Trash Cans
Would this keep a bear out? Do these doors meet ADA requirements?

4 Water gets in and garbage gets out…
VS. One-piece solid construction – once the trash goes in the can, it stays in the can! Pollutes ground water and attracts nuisance pests such as rodents, birds and insects.

5 Consolidation

6 The Possibilities…

7 The Solutions = Millennium Series In Ground Trash Cans & Recycling Containers

8 The Benefits 70% labor savings.
Less frequent pick-up allowing redeployment of staff time Cooled by the ground naturally Self-compacting – the more garbage that goes in, the more it compacts. Anchor flange provides stability in frost and high ground water conditions Once the garbage goes in the can, it stays in. No smell. No way to burn the interior waste. Helps reduce residential trash from being placed inside open containers.

9 Features of the Millennium Series
Three different sizes for all applications: Millennium 1000, 2000, & 3000 One piece polyethylene container, rust & decay free – no leach in or out Odor fire flange Molded-in anchor flange for anti-flotation All stainless steel hardware Self-closing counterweighted lid with seal – air & water tight Lifting support rack & support rack base Decorative Plastic or Steel skirting available Containers have a double locking system for two padlocks to prevent vandalism

10 How do they work? 8 ft. deep, buried 5 ft. in the ground(holds 4 cu. yds.) Cooler temperature slows decomposition Specially designed flange redirects air flow for fire prevention and therefore, no smell outside closed unit. 9 inch opening prevents children and small animals from getting inside and helps eliminate residential trash being deposited.

11 Pareto (90% of the complaints can be resolved by switching to the Millennium Series 3000)

12 Installation Options Installation can be accomplished with an auger, a backhoe or with a vactor truck.

13 Installation is Fast Each unit can be installed in 1 hour
Total cost for installation is approximately $200

14 Removal of the Waste Once again there are number of options: Cranes

15 Strapping and Platform

16 Present lay-out of Softball Complex:
7 cans emptied daily from May to September. 2 times per day on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. 189 services required at 1 hour of labor Trash can Trash can 2 Trash cans 3 Trash cans 2 Dumpsters

17 189 services down to only 11 services over the same period.
Proposed installation of three Millennium Series 3000 units reduces labor from 189 services down to only 11 services over the same period. Three Milleniums

18 Opportunities for Partnerships and Sponsorships
“Adopt a Can” opportunities can be offered to local businesses. The sponsor would receive brand recognition by installing a permanent sign on the can. Facility user groups could be encouraged to sponsor a can because they benefit most from the conversion.

19 Testimonials Kerry Lasko with the City of Seattle Parks and Recreation says, “if I converted the whole parks system over, I would have a ROI in three years.” Gary Abernathy with Albany Parks and Recreation says, “they work even better than we thought.”

20 More Testimonials Chuck Van Zandt, with the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department says, “In short, these units work exactly as described. Work smarter, not harder.” City of Portland, City of Tacoma, Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District, and many more are already using these units.

21 Safety Features: Helps prevent repetitive back injuries due to lifting heavy trash bags out of trash barrels (ie: off leash dog parks) Helps avoid employees being stuck by syringes and cut by glass due to lifting bags out manually. Helps employees avoid contact with physical waste.

22 Recycle Options These trash cans can be used for recycling purposes as well. Smaller hole openings (4.5 inch) and good signage reduces contamination from regular trash being placed inside Millennium container. Clear plastic bags are optional to check for contamination.

23 Options New door opening design – ADA compliant

24 More Options – Metal Skin

25 Even More Options: Steel Skirting

26 New Lid and Skirt Design

27 Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd.
Thank you from CONTACT INFORMATION Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. 13698 Coldicutt Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia Canada V4B 3A9 Toll Free: Toll Free Fax:

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