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Dispose of Waste Properly Leave No Trace Trainer Certification Tripp Clark October 2011.

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1 Dispose of Waste Properly Leave No Trace Trainer Certification Tripp Clark October 2011

2 Goals Understand and Discuss – Pack it in, pack it out. – Catholes – Pack out toilet paper, medical wastes and hygiene products. – Proper washing methods for self and dishes

3 How long will it last? Paper – Two to four weeks Banana Peel – Three to five weeks Wool cap – One year Cigarette butt – Two to five years Plastic drink bottle or milk jug – 20 to 30 years Rubber boot sole – 50 to 80 years Tin can – 80 to 100 years Aluminum can – 200 to 400 years Plastic six-pack holder – 450 years Glass bottles – Thousands or millions of years

4 Pack it in, pack it out Reduce packaging materials (Plan Ahead and Prepare) – Reduces trash & saves weight and bulk Never bury food scraps Carry a trash bag for your trash and trash that you find left by others Pack out even natural food waste

5 Four Goals Concerning Human Waste Disposal Minimize the chances of water pollution Minimize the chances that other people, animals or insects could come into contact with the waste and then potentially spread disease Minimize any aesthetic issues associated with human waste Maximize the decomposition rate

6 Know Your Group Think carefully about the maturity of your group when considering how you will dispose of human waste. With young children and novices, you will need to be extremely diligent about instruction and compliance, and you may want to camp near toilet facilities, trashcans and potable water initially.

7 Catholes In most areas, catholes are an acceptable option for human waste disposal. Catholes should be 6-8 inches deep and located 200 feet (80 adult paces) from any campsite, water source, or drainages. Instruct your group thoroughly on the appropriate use of catholes and carry trowels for digging. – “Cathole Kit”

8 Trench Latrine Sometimes a trench latrine may be preferred over a cathole, such as when camping with young children or if staying in one camp for longer than a few nights. Since this higher concentration of feces will decompose very slowly, location is especially important. Deposit feces in one end of the trench and lengthen the other end as needed. Speed decomposition and diminish odors is to toss in a handful of duff after each use.

9 Bucket Method Simplified method to Pack it Out Often used on extended boating excursions Bucket lined with several plastic bags Bags are tied off after each use

10 Toilet Paper Use toilet paper sparingly and use only plain, white, non-perfumed Toilet paper must be disposed of properly – thoroughly buried in a cathole – placed in plastic bags and packed out best way to practice Leave No Trace Never burn toilet paper because of the danger of starting a wildfire. medical wastes and hygiene products must always be packed out

11 Urine Urine has little direct effect on vegetation or soil. Urine may draw wildlife that are attracted to the salts; wildlife may defoliate plants and dig up soil. Because urine has an objectionable odor, be sure to urinate at least 200 feet from a campsite or trail. Urinating on rocks, pine needles, and gravel is less likely to attract wildlife. Diluting urine with water from a water bottle also can help minimize negative effects.

12 Washing Methods Strain dishwater to remove food scraps, pack these out with the rest of your trash. Strained dishwater can be scattered well away from camp. Use methods that avoid dirty dishes Wash dishes or bathe more than 200 feet from water sources and minimize use of soap. Inspect your campsite and lunch areas carefully for trash or food scraps before moving on.

13 Activity Let’s dig a cathole

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