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Millennium Series Self-Watering Planters

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1 Millennium Series Self-Watering Planters Prepared and Presented by Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd.

2 How they work…

ROUND 30” D X 20” H 36” D X 24” H 42” D X 30” H HANGING BOWL SHAPED PLANTERS 20” D X 9” H 24” D X 12” H CONICAL 33” D X 24” H RECTANGULAR 54” L X 26” W X 21” H DIVIDER PLANTER 48.7” L X 17.8” W X 22” H DESIGNS AND SIZES AVAILABLE SQUARE 34” L X 34” W X 26” H SCONCE 26” X 13” X 14.5” URBAN FORM SQUARE 37.5” X 37.5” X 27” URBAN FORM RECTANGULAR 57” X 28” X 21”

4 Standard Colours & Stone Finishes

5 Also available is our new
SCONCE PLANTER!!! Add some fresh colour and vibrancy to any vertical surface – indoors or outdoors!!

6 Yet another new high-end design option:
URBAN FORM PLANTERS!!! Available in: 10 shades of powder- coated aluminum frame 6 different recycled plastic board colours; and, All of Sybertech’s standard planter colour options.

7 THE DIVIDER PLANTER The Divider Planter has been designed to show off an abundance of colour and character to any roadside, Bike Lane/Cycle path, Bridge or retaining wall without “getting in the way”. This self- watering planter has a very small footprint and offers minimal intrusion to any walkway or roadway. Originally designed to be bolted to the top of a Jersey Barrier, the Divider Planter has shown itself to be very adaptable to multiple applications.  As with all other Sybertech self-watering planters the Operational Cost Savings and the reduction to the Carbon Footprint are substantial.

8 Internal View

9 Bottom View All planters have lifting slots for easy relocation.

10 Millennium Series Self-Watering Planter Soil and Water Capacities
Planter Style and Size Soil Capacity in Cubic Feet Water Capacity in US. Gallons Water Capacity in Litres Round - 30 inch 3.82 25.25 95.55 Round - 36 inch 7.50 36.35 137.60 Round - 42 inch 13.90 49.50 187.30 Square - 34 inch 6.40 41.30 156.00 Conical - 33 inch 3.25 13.20 49.90 Rectangular - 54 inch 8.60 50.15 189.80 Divider Planter - 48 inch 2.40 29.00 116.00 Hanging Basket inch 1.30 2.70 10.25 Hanging Basket - 20 inch 0.50 1.80 6.85 Sconce Planter 4.00 15.15 Soil composition will differ with climate and with your choice of shrubs and flowers. As a general rule of thumb avoid loosely packed soils such as a Store Bought Potting Mix and use a denser soil or Pro-Mix Potting Soil. Use of composted material and mulch is commonly used. A mix that is too lightweight will not wick up the water from the reservoir effectively. Sybertech recommends that planter customers consult a Horticulturist or other Soil Specialist in determining optimum soil composition.

11 Features and Benefits:
Satisfied Sybertech customers have reported up to 80% reduction in water consumption. Under normal growing conditions, some ground level planters only need to be filled once per month! This saves you time and operational cost dollars while conserving water and dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. The unique bottom feeding method employed by all Sybertech Planters produces a vibrant, healthy and colorful display of plants and flowers. Perforated filter columns, which are recessed into the built-in water reservoir, allow water to permeate through a Rockwool wicking material, as a result of capillary action, into the soil encouraging deep healthy root growth. This results in a non-stressed plant that absorbs nourishment only as required and is not subject to the inconsistencies of top watering. Overflow drain ensures that the soil in the planter never becomes over-saturated with water leaving a drier surface area resulting in less weed growth and a cleaner presentation. The water stays in the reservoir, which is very beneficial with our hanging baskets as the drip/trip zone is eliminated under the basket.

12 The results are lush, beautiful flowers:

13 Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd.
Thank you from CONTACT INFORMATION Sybertech Waste Reduction Ltd. 13698 Coldicutt Avenue, White Rock, British Columbia Canada V4B 3A9 Toll Free: Toll Free Fax:

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