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Rodney Alcala A criminal since the 60’s.

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1 Rodney Alcala A criminal since the 60’s

2 Background Information
Born August 23rd 1943 In San Antonio, Texas Parents names are Rauol Alcala Buquor and Anna Maria Gutierrez His father left, leaving his mom to care for him and his sisters At around the age of 3, his mom moved them to Los Angles At 17, he joined the army until he was removed in 1964 for being diagnosed with a severe anti- social personality. Then enrolled in UCLA school of fine arts and earned his bachelors degree of fine arts

3 Crimes Committed First time offense Crime Sentence
In 1968, he kidnapped, raped, beat, and attempted to strangle an 8 year old girl walking to school – Tali Shapiro Crime Sentence Raped, beaten, tried to kill Tali Shapiro, an 8 year old girl 1 year in prison and 34 months with a parol officer Providing marijuana to a 13 year old girl Spent two years in prison then released in 1977 Raped and murdered Jill Barcomb an 18 year old woman No sentence Raped and murdered a 27 year old nurse named Georgia Wixted Raped, beat, and murdered a 33 year old secretary Charlotte Lamb Was charged for the murder but then was dismissed Murdered a 12 year old girl, Robin Samsoe on her way to dance class Convicted and sentence death penalty but overturned by California supreme court

4 Crimes Alcala was tried again for the murder of Robin
Samsoe in He was sentenced to the death penalty but was overturned by the 9th circuit court of appeals. THIRD TIMES THE CHARM On February 5th, 2010, the jury found Alcala guilty of all five counts of capital murder, one count of kidnapping and four counts of rape. Currently, Alcala is on the death row at San Quentin State prison

5 Most recent crime… He has been behind bars since 1979..
A year ago, he just admitted to killing two girls in NYC in the 1970’s When he killed Robin Samsoe in Orange County in 1979 would have been his most recent crime. Evidence Hundreds of photos of young woman and girls Items that belonged to his victims DNA collected from the murder scene linked to Alcala

6 “The Dating Game Killer”
This was his serial killer nickname because he was once a contestant on “The Dating Show” where he won a date with a contestant, however the date never happened because she found him too creepy… There are no quotes on Rodney Alcala

7 Differential-Association Theory
This is when the behavior is learned by the company the keep. Alcala didn’t have anybody his entire life. He never got married or had kids. When he was young, all he had was his mother because his dad left. I believe he felt alone and needed something to do with his life. He resorted to criminal acts because of the Differential- Association theory. When he went to study fine arts he might have made friends there that made him do deviant acts. It could have been anything from robbery, theft, lying, drinking, or drugs. Also with this theory, it involves criminal techniques, motives, and drives. From what I have read, Alcala had no motives or drives except for being lonely and wanted more attention from his family. Alcala did use criminal techniques. After his first criminal act, he flew to New York and was going by John Berger. He enrolled in NYU film school and became a new student, amateur photographer, and a single hot shot. A criminal technique is to change your identity and to start leading a new life. Also with this theory, it says how you have a strong influence over your victim, Alcala did rape and murder many woman in his lifetime.

8 Death Penalty I think Rodney Alcala should be put on the death penalty. He has ended lives of innocent woman by beating and raping them throughout his lifetime. Not only did he just do it once, but he has done it many of times. What also makes me mad is that he has been in prison for the murders he caused but I don’t feel like he had enough consequences. He was on the death row in California but then flown to New York to plead guilty of two more woman in New York. I do not believe Rodney Alcala should still be living today. If he gets life in prison, I hope he gets put into some sort of mental institution because I do think there is something mentally wrong with him.

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