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Every 15 Minutes Covington High School April 23, 2003.

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1 Every 15 Minutes Covington High School April 23, 2003

2 It started with the Grim Reaper. Every 15 Minutes

3 The Grim Reaper pulled out the Living Dead from class.

4 The obituary of each Living Dead was read.

5 The Living Dead came from the cemetary.

6 They marched into the Complex.

7 There was a two-car accident at the Complex. Every 15 Minutes

8 Death was on hand in the form of the Grim Reaper.

9 This was the driver of one of the cars. He had been drinking.

10 The Grim Reaper came for some of the people in the other car. Every 15 Minutes

11 This person was dead at the scene.

12 This one was hurt badly.

13 This one did not seem hurt – at first.

14 Somebody called 911. Police, fire and medics were dispatched. Every 15 Minutes

15 The first driver got out and looked around– and Death was near.

16 Soon he was joined by the driver of the other car.

17 They ignored the girl who lay dead on the ground and looked at the other passenger.

18 They found her trapped in the car.

19 The police began to arrive -- they came in a hurry.

20 The police covered the dead girl with a sheet.

21 They moved her to aid in the rescue attempt.

22 They set her out of the way to wait for the coroner.

23 The Grim Reaper waited as they tried to free the trapped girl.

24 First, they covered her in a blanket to protect her from what was about to happen.

25 Once she was covered, they started to cut off the roof of the car.

26 It took a while, but they finally got the roof off.

27 The Grim Reaper just continued to wait.

28 Medics found that driver number two had more problems than he originally thought.

29 They prepared him for transport to the hospital.

30 To be safe, they got ready to immobilize him.

31 They put him in the ambulance – he avoided the Grim Reaper.

32 The Grim Reaper knew he had one victim and was looking for a second. Every 15 Minutes

33 With the roof off, work started on the trapped girl.

34 Sliding the backboard into place for transport.

35 Helping her to breath and immobilizing her broken arm.

36 It took extra hands to help move her.

37 Free from the car – on the way to the ambulance.

38 Half-conscious in the ambulance.

39 Her mother is told that she has been transported to the hospital in Crawfordsville.

40 Her visibly distraught mother gets one of her brothers by the arm as they head to the car and Crawfordsville. They arrive in time to see her in the ER, but she never speaks to them before she dies.

41 The Grim Reaper has done his work well. Every 15 Minutes

42 With rescue workers on the scene, the first driver watches.

43 With medics and the fire department on hand, the police turn their attention to the first driver.

44 He does not do well on a field sobriety test. He admits he has been drinking but doesn’t know how much.

45 Failing the test, he is arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. Hand cuffs are applied in preparation for travel to the jail.

46 He sits and waits (still cuffed) while they prepare some further tests.

47 First, a non-admissiable – but easily given – quick breath test.

48 Failing the quick test – he’s given a test by a trained expert.

49 They take the cuffs off – these are the marks they made.

50 Failing all the test, he is charged and fingerprinted.

51 Bail is estimated to be $25,000 so he sits and waits for his trial.

52 With both injured victims transported and the first driver on his way to jail, the Grim Reaper returns to his first victim. Every 15 Minutes

53 The coroner arrives to examine the body.

54 Is the cause of death the antenna sticking out of her chest?

55 Her mother is brought over to identify her body.

56 Obviously, it IS her daughter.

57 With her mother having left the scene, it’s into a body bag.

58 On the cart, she is almost ready to go in the van to the morgue.

59 They put her in the red body bag in which the morgue will store her.

60 Her family must now plan her funeral.

61 A satisfied Grim Reaper strides off in search of another victim. Every 15 Minutes

62 The Grim Reaper may be done, but the law is just starting.

63 The judge asks if all parties are present and ready to proceed with the trial.

64 The County Prosecutor says he is ready.

65 The defense attorney and her client are present.

66 The defendant pleads guilty and is questioned by the court.

67 He speaks to a courtroom full of fellow students.

68 His mother testifies in the hope of lightening his sentence.

69 The mother of the girl who died in the hospital speaks her piece.

70 The mother of the girl dead at the scene also testifies.

71 Friends of the students react to the testimony and the sentence of six years in prison and two years of probation.

72 Every 15 Minutes Covington High School April 23, 2003 NOW YOU HAVE TO DECIDE!

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