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2 White Collar Crimes Nonviolent crimes by office workers for personal or business gain.

3 burglary When a person breaks into a building and plans to do something illegal inside.

4 assault Placing someone in fear without actual physical contact.

5 battery Harming someone through physical contact, as with a weapon or a fist.

6 embezzlement Stealing money that has been entrusted to one’s care.

7 Plea bargain When a defendant agrees to plead guilty in exchange for a lesser charge or a lighter sentence.

8 Probable cause Good reason to believe that a suspect has been involved in a crime.

9 warrant Legal paper, issued by a court, giving police permission to make an arrest, search, or seizure.

10 bail Money that a defendant gives the court as a kind of promise that he or she will return for the trial.

11 indictment Formal charge against the accused.

12 arraignment Court hearing in which the defendant is formally charged with a crime and enters a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

13 parole Letting an inmate go free to serve the rest of his or her sentence outside of prison.

14 Status offender Youth who is judged to be beyond the control of his or her parents or guardian.

15 delinquent Juvenile who is found guilty of a crime.

16 misdemeanor A minor crime for which the penalty is often a fine.

17 felony Serious crime for which the penalty can be imprisonment for more than one year.

18 Crimes against people Acts that threaten, hurt, or end a person’s life are which category of crime?

19 Victimless crimes Acts that primarily hurt the people who commit them, such as gambling or drug use.

20 Crimes against the government
Treason and terrorism are 2 examples of this type of crime.

21 Crimes against property
This category of crime occurs more often than any other crimes. Most involve stealing!

22 equity The use of general rules of fairness, to settle conflicts.

23 lawsuit Case in which the court is asked to settle a dispute

24 damages Money that is paid in an effort to make up for a loss.

25 injunction An order to do or not to do a certain act.

26 Criminal Law Criminal or Civil Law?
Protects society by punishing people who break the law.

27 Civil Law Criminal or Civil Law?
Goal is to make a fair settlement and to place responsibility where it belongs.

28 Civil Law Criminal or Civil Law?
Deals with disputes between individuals, organizations, or between the two.

29 divorce What do most domestic relations cases relate to?

30 contracts Legal agreements between buyers and sellers.

31 Probate cases Civil cases involving disagreements over how to divide up property of a friend or relative who has died.

32 Property Case Which type of civil case?
A car owner sues a repair shop if the car comes back with a new dent.

33 8th amendment Which amendment prohibits cruel and unusual punishment? 8th amendment

34 5th amendment Which amendment allows the accused due process (fair treatment), the right to a grand jury, and the right to not be forced to incriminate themselves?

35 6th amendment Which amendment gives the accused the right to a speedy and public trial, the right to a lawyer, and the right to be told what crimes they have been charged with?

36 Property disputes Which of the following is not associated with criminal law? Theft, property disputes, robbery, murder

37 complaint A civil lawsuit begins with a ___________, a legal document that charges someone with having caused harm.

38 answer Defendant’s written response to a complaint.

39 subpoena Court order to produce a witness or document.

40 discovery Process of gathering evidence before a trial.

41 summons Order to appear in court

42 Correctly order the steps in a criminal trial. Appeal initial hearing
1. Investigation/warrant 2. Arrest 3. Initial Hearing 4. Trial 5. Sentencing 6. Appeal Correctly order the steps in a criminal trial. Appeal initial hearing arrest investigation/warrant sentencing trial.

43 Foreign Policy a government’s plan for relating to other nations; this plan outlines the goals it hopes to meet in its relations with other countries.

44 Foreign Aid a program of giving military and economic help to other countries.

45 diplomacy the relations and communications carried out between countries

46 Summit Meeting gathering at which the President talks about important issues related to foreign policy with heads of other governments.

47 sanctions to stop or limit trade with another nation in order to change its behavior

48 intelligence information about another country and what its government plans to do

49 treaties formal agreements between countries that must be followed

50 aggression an attack or threat of attack by another country

51 Deterrence Keeping a strong defense to discourage aggression by other nations.

52 intoxication The _______________ defense argues that since the individual was intoxicated on a toxic substance, he/she should not be fully responsible for the actions committed while under the spell of the substance.

53 Insanity The _______________ defense implies that the individual was not of sane mind when committing the alleged crime and unable to comprehend the consequences of his or her actions.

54 Self Defense Type of defense that involves the act of protecting an individual person or one’s family from harm.

55 More than 1 million! How many lawsuits are filed by Americans every year?

56 To prevent war and protect the United States.
What is the main goal of our military?

57 True True or False? Damages make up for past injuries, while injunctions prevent future harm.

58 True True/False? Lawsuits often take a long time to settle.

59 False-They are often very lengthy and expensive!!
True/False? Civil trials are often inexpensive.

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