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Content + Language: Europe’s CLIL and America’s CBI

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1 Content + Language: Europe’s CLIL and America’s CBI
Robert J. Dickey Korea TESOL Gyeongju University

2 Purpose of adding content
Learning “authentic” language Learner motivation Always ??? topic choices consideration Preparing for overseas studies or reading/writing international publications 46% of universities in Japan now offering content courses in FL, number is growing in Korea and across Asia

3 No agreement on definition!
Over 35 terms of art in use, including content-based language instruction integrated content and language learning content-focused language learning enhanced language learning teaching English through content immersion and of course, CBI and CLIL

4 No agreement on definition!
Diversity is the definition? How many different ways to analyze aims and orientations? All-inclusive a good thing? For classrooms “where a commitment has been made to content learning as well as language learning” Various descriptive typologies

5 No agreement on focus Using content to learn English
content pre-selected content determines language points “content-driven language learning”? choosing language points from content content selected by language instructor (& students?) language aims determine content selection? language aims determine content use? common source for all content materials?

6 No agreement on focus Using language to learn content
Teaching Through English, Foreign Language Medium Instruction Total Immersion Krashen’s version of Sheltered Subject Matter Teaching Decisions made by - Administrators Departments (hosting the course) Teachers

7 A few Types of CBI “Subject Majors” (e.g., Sociology, History, Art, Business) Academic Skills (EAP) Technology (e.g., computers/Internet, watching movies/commercials/, music) Vocational Skills Linguistics/Literature – GRAMMAR???

8 Teaching Methods CBI does not dictate methods/ techniques/approaches
Task-based learning is a popular choice Arguably predates Communicative Language Teaching by centuries Not an “English Only” requirement Does not dictate medium of instruction – distance learning, CALL, audio, video…

9 Duration of Content Sustained Content – 6 weeks + each
Thematic – multiple weeks each Topical – multiple class hours - maybe One-off Lessons / Learning Activities Even simple “Classroom English”???

10 Content-learning Designs
Adjunct classes Regular content course with NS students + language class complement Sheltered Workshops Content course with language learners only, simplified content or presentation Immersion (full or partial) Topical/Theme-based language courses

11 Content-learning Designs
Content-based design implemented at Curriculum level Syllabus (course) level Lesson level Target Language use * Textbook * Lecture (only) * Class discussions * Homework/Reports * Quiz / Exam * Combinations

12 One mix of content and…

13 Content Matrix for Elementary Theme-based / Topical studies

14 Another (my) perspective…

15 Balance of content & English
Based on various factors Possibility of intentionally “grading” the levels of content and language in a series of courses Don’t neglect learner anxiety as a multiplier of all other issues A “Gradient Continuum” of classes? Content courses just one part of overall language learning program

16 Striking the Balance

17 Gradient Continuum ideas

18 For More Info… Robert J. Dickey

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