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ITB SOI-ASIA Site Update Adhy S. Bramantyo

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1 ITB SOI-ASIA Site Update Adhy S. Bramantyo (

2 Outline SOI ASIA courses in ITB Activities in 2005-2006 DSP course ITB-Unsyiah To do list (in progress)


4 Our classroom picture

5 Activities in 2005-2006 Aichi Expo at Sep. 21, 2005 Tsunami Symposium at Dec. 8-9, 2005 Introduction to Quantum Computing on June 27-29, 2005 Tsunami lectures on May 11, 2005- Dec. 21, 2005 Reproductive Bioscience and Biotechnology on Feb. 7, 2006-Mar. 15, 2006

6 Activities…(contd) Advanced Topics for Marine Science on Nov. 22, 2005-Mar. 6, 2006. and on Oct. 26, 2005-Dec. 14, 2005. Object Oriented Software Development on Feb. 27, 2006-Mar. 13, 2006

7 DSP-DMC events ITB president gave speech

8 DSP Course ITB-Unsyiah twice a week Tuesday 9.00 WIB – 11.00 WIB Friday 10.00 WIB – 11.00 WIB Rehearsal 1 day before lecture Recorded by Ganesha TV (ITB students television) We send a copy of lecture to Unsyiah via FedEx

9 DSP Course…(contd) Operational Status Bandwidth 256-310 kbps Codec h.261, 10-15 fps Some packet loss Still working on it Using ipv4 unicast Trying to use ipv6 unicast this week Some problems Blackout electricity in Unsyiah during the lecture happens sometimes… We will address this problems

10 Some pics on DSP Courses

11 To Do List (in progress) Our planning to build new dedicated multimedia room for SOI course

12 To Do…(contd) Enhancing operational monitoring in ITB-Unsyiah course Mailing lists, irc, website Distance Learning Project in Indonesia DGHE (Directorate general of Higher education) build R & D Network in Indonesia Passing the SOI traffic into TEIN2 Network

13 Thank you!

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