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2 The Mission Statement of Primerica We help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent.

3 Team Tenacious Mission Statement "Developing leaders that realize their potential of being successful in business, by encouraging a learning, exciting environment and teaching the fundamentals; ultimately being the organization producing financially independent people who give back to their communities."

4 Jim Martinson PERSONAL Mission Statement “Most people have lost their ability to Dream and Believe in their Dreams!” --“I believe mostly because of their Environments!” “My REAL Mission is to create environments conducive to building self esteem, work on self improvement and ultimately a place that helps people believe in themselves! “ALL things are possible through Christ who strengthens us!” -Philippians 4:13 “Dreams Do Come True!” “If you work on your goals, your goals will work on you!”

5 Team Tenacious Constitution We the teammates of TEAM TENACIOUS agree to be entirely positive at all times, especially when we don’t feel like it. We will encourage others toward success by pushing people up. We will run our business in a compliant manner full of integrity, having zero tolerance for any unprofessional acts. We promise to develop our strengths and work on our weaknesses. We will incorporate self-improvement on a daily basis and we will have an atmosphere of unity and support of all teammates. We agree to fight through the end to accomplish the goals we set and the dreams we desire. As a team focused on growing; we will find the burning passion that moves each of us toward success and encourage others to achieve greatness. Abiding by our philosophy, “You don’t have to learn to be great, you just have to be reminded that you already are!”

6 Our Motto “UNTIL…………………”

7 Upcoming Events Mark your Calendars See Registration Forms!

8 John Maxwell Leadership Classes -- 8:30 am - 10am Every Friday! (Unless otherwise notified) NEW CLASS..."LEADERSHIP Brookfield Office We also broadcast on Gotomeeting… 1. Login by clicking: Or 2. Dial in using your telephone. 1 (832) Access Code: (832)

9 Upcoming Scheduled LINCOLN Webinars: (see your for FUZE link) Friday, May am – 8:30am Lincoln Webinar Friday, June am – 8:30am Lincoln Webinar Friday, July am – 8:30am Lincoln Webinar

10 CHANGE TO- Friday/Saturday, July 25 & 26 – Annual Compliance & Golf in Green Bay – See Registration Form Annual Compliance Meeting & Product Day in Green Bay CHANGE TO: Friday/Saturday, July 25 & 26 Please Note Date Change because of Chicago Event!

11 Joe and Martine Tansey - BUSINESS STATS YTD Numbers: (as of 5/5/2014) 91 Base Shop Recruits $84,188 Base Shop Premium (152 cases) CASHFLOW $205, YTD Last 12 Months CASHFLOW $704, Midwest Builders Summit – Chicago Guest Speakers: Joe and Martine Tansey, New Jersey WHEN: Saturday, July 19, 2014 TIME: 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. WHERE: The Westin, Chicago North West 400 Park Boulevard Itasca, Illinois Telephone: !!!REGISTRATION DEADLINE: June 30, 2014 TICKETS: $25 Per Ticket, OR $20 each if you buy a pack of 5 (All Tickets include box lunch!) Here is the link to Purchase Tickets:

12 Gary & Coletta Martin 623 YTD Recruits! $656,000 YTD Premium! $7.9 Million in YTD Securites! 143 A & H Sales YTD! $877,000 TEAM CASH YTD! $410,000 Personal Cash – Last 12 months! 100k Superstars * Karl Casper, SNSD * Jim Martinson, NSD * Jeramiah Housworth, RVP * Mike & Ann Parker, RVP MORE INFORMATION WILL FOLLOW!!! STATEWIDE Business Training School Friday, September 19 th, – 4pm Leadership Mtg—ALL Serious Leaders – FT & PT 5pm - Special Dinner (TBA) 7pm – SPECIAL EVENT (TBA) MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW! Both days at: Midway Motor Lodge 1005 S. Moorland Rd. Brookfield, WI Saturday, September 20 th, :00am - VOLUNTARY (Anyone) Beyond the Business Meeting. 9am – 4pm – EVERYONE

13 Company Incentives Payoff dates: La Costa Contest Payoff- PHASE I: August 12-16, 2014 PHASE II: August 15-19, 2015 PHASE III: August 18-22, 2015 El Conquisidor Contest Payoff- PHASE I: February 10-13, 2015 PHASE II: February 13-16, 2015 PHASE III: February 16-19, 2015


15 Massive May DOUBLE DIP for TWO Trips: La Costa and El Conquistador! Rack up an extra 25,000 Builders Premium Points toward BOTH TRIPS in May! Future RVPs: Recruit 3 (of which 1 must be personal) 2 RVPs: Double-digit recruit and grow recruits May 2014 over May 2013 PLUS once you qualify for the extra 25,000 Builders Premium Points, EVERY recruit in May counts TRIPLE! (3,000!)


17 Set Your Sights on the El Conquistador Puerto Rico… the “Island of Enchantment” Qualification Period: May — November 2014 Based on Builders Premium Points 1 = Premium + (Recruits 2 X 1,000) + (Life Licenses x 10,000 3 ) + (Securities Licenses x 20,000 4 ) + (Initial Securities Trades x 1,000) during the Qualification Period.


19 The El Conquistador Senior LeadershipSlots RVP & Above at 1 st 50 RVP & Above625 Cash Flow 5 50 Total RVPs725 Minimum cash flow requirement for RVPs & Above: average of $4,000 monthly cash flow. Minimum premium requirement for RVPs & Above: average of $5,000 monthly base shop premium. 19


21 The El Conquistador Start Competition Below RVPSlots New RVPs (advanced on or after June 7, 2014)75 Future RVPs (Regional Leaders)150 Future Regional Leaders142 Newly Licensed (on or after June 7, 2014)25 Total Below RVP392 Minimum cash flow requirement during the Qualification Period: for New RVPs: average of $2,000 monthly cash; for Future RVPs: average of $1,500 monthly cash. Minimum premium requirement during the Qualification Period: for New RVPs: average of $2,500 monthly base shop premium; for Future RVPs: average of $1,000 monthly personal premium; for Future Regional Leaders and Newly Licensed: average of $1,000 monthly personal premium.


23 The El Conquistador Product Categories 6 Slots Life Premium — Personal25 — RVP Base Shop125 Total Securities Volume — Personal25 — RVP Base Shop80 — at 1 st 10

24 The El Conquistador Product Categories 6 Slots LTC Issued Premium — RVP Base Shop3 Auto & Home — RVP Base Shop5 PLPP/PPLS — RVP Base Shop (cases)5 Total Loan Volume — RVP Base Shop5 Total Product283 Minimum cash flow requirement for all product categories: average of $1,500 monthly cash flow. Total Slots1,400

25 Don’t Forget… “30 Minutes a day keeps Poverty away!”

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