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Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP

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1 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP
Daily Activity 1. Always focus on the Stages of PFS Growth: 1. Sales 2. Recruiting 3. Training 4. Leadership The key to Leadership is having value to offer to the people you attempt to lead (widen your Value Gap). Remember: Followers look for a leader who has a Vision. They buy into the person first, and then the vision. Followers look for people who have a vision AND the skills and character necessary to accomplish that vision. Therefore, in addition to your skills and character, you need a big enough vision to attract the quantity and quality of people you want to build your PFS business.

2 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP Begin With the End In Mind
2. Focus on Personal Production, Personal Recruiting & Product Diversification. 3. Focus on Recruiting to Build. Major emphasis on Training: both in the Classroom and in the Field. This is the Green Beret Special Unit Stage of the business! This stage requires you to PERSONALLY do EVERYTHING necessary to win, 24/7! Your personal agenda needs to take a backseat for the next 6 months. If your daily activity does not move you closer to your goals, DO NOT DO IT! *Attend ALL PFS Events

3 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP
Daily Activity 4. Focus on Time Blocks 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. = Breakfast Meetings 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. = Office 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. = Lunch Meetings 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. = QUALIFIED Kitchen Table Appointments Collapse Timeframes. There are no days off in the big leagues. Take Massive Action in a short period of time. Every Day Counts! (Work like an Olympic Athlete, or like a Professional Athlete throughout a Championship Season) EVERY Activity must lead to a Productive KT Appointment! Don’t waste any time UP-time doing down-time activities (i.e. no pending business, paperwork during productive KT time) Spend 50% of your time Prospecting and 50% of your time at the KT.

4 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP
Daily Activity 5. Focus on RESULTS. Don’t waste any time on going for the “Big Hits.” Just put points on the board every time the ball is in your hands. This is not about style, it’s about results! 6. Daily Activity should include: 1. Business go-by’s 2. Meetings with potential Centers of Influence (group leaders, preachers, coaches, police chiefs, boy scout leaders, etc.) who are potentially good reference sources. 3. Prospecting (in a Target-Rich Environment!) Change your Routine: Health Clubs Coffee Shops Any area where you feel comfortable & confident enough to start up a conversation with people you have something in common with.

5 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP
Daily Activity 7. You Must Remain Laser Focused on your Goals. Do everything you can every day, and NEVER go home without accomplishing something that gets you closer to your goals. This is a Numbers Game, and you must be LASER FOCUSED on Working the Numbers and making sure the Numbers work for you! Remember: ALL activity should result in Qualified Kitchen Table presentations. The goal must be at least 8 Kitchen Table appointments per week. You must become FANATICALLY FOCUSED on the Number 3: 3 SALES PER WEEK. Initially, they may be 3 personal sales. Ultimately you want to habitually write 1 Personal Sale + 2 Training Sales per week. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER DEVIATE FROM THIS PLAN! 9. Become a Pro at the Fast Start Planner and the Daily Planner No Deviation from The SYSTEM. Just stick to The SYSTEM.

6 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP
Daily Activity 9. Always understand PFS was built on 2 basic philosophies: 1. The Salespeople are King, and 2. This Company was built for the Builders. The object is to create BOTH a Client Base and a Sales Force. Logic tells us, the way to have the biggest Client Base is to build the biggest Sales Force. The way that you build the biggest Sales Force is first you become the BEST Salesman, then you train others and work your way out of the sales business. John Maxwell said, “There is no success without successors.”

7 Accelerated Gameplan for 6 months to RVP Begin With the End In Mind
Premium, Recruiting & Cash Flow Goals for the next 6 months: $12,500 Promote 5th & 6th Districts 20 20,000 6th $10,000 Promote 4th District 15 15,000 5th $7,500 Promote 3rd District 12 12,500 4th $6,000 Promote 2nd District 10 10,000 3rd $4,000 Promote 1st District 5 7,500 2nd $2,500 3 5,000 1st Cash Flow Promotions Recruits Premium Month MINIMUM of per week! Personal at first, then 1 P/S & 2 T/S weekly.

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