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Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Product Screenshots Netbiscuits April 2014.

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1 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits Product Screenshots Netbiscuits April 2014

2 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 2 Operating System Version

3 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 3 Detailed version, down to ‘dot’ release of the device OS Helps marketers identify most important segments as well as understand the variety. Helps developers plan functionality to work on the OS versions used by their visitors. Takeaways: Not all Apple users are on the latest version It’s not just Android that’s fragmented Even just OS version can give marketers insight into visitor preference Operating System Version

4 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 4 Operating System Version

5 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 5 Custom Reports Builder

6 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 6 Intuitive UI for marketers to build custom reports Select from hundreds of device and visitor attributes, “parameters,” and filter by date, web page, country and more in order to build personas based on the behaviours and preferences of your customers Takeaways: Mobile analytics adds key customer information which can no longer be ignored Mobile Analytics from Netbiscuits provides detailed insights into device and visitor context Custom Reports builder

7 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 7 Custom Reports builder

8 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 8 Standard Reports Dashboard

9 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 9 Pre-built reports for key customer profiling, including detailed operating system and screen size analysis Operating system down to version number and quick categorisation of screen sizes into groups or your choice Takeaways: Quick access to detailed OS and screen size Mobile landscape more complex and fragmented than ever Standard Reports Dashboard

10 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 10 Standard Reports Dashboard

11 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 11 Operating System Breakdown

12 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 12 Pre-built report providing the ability to quickly segment visitors by operating system and compare by country, domain and time period in order to help plan new requirements Version detail for each operating system vendor shows fragmented nature of device landscape and helps marketers and developers plan new features and identify test priorities Takeaways: Android and iOS dominate, but significant use of ‘other’ continues Operating System Breakdown

13 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 13 Operating System Breakdown

14 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 14 Operating System Breakdown (Alternative screen shot)

15 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 15 Screen Size Report

16 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 16 Along with bandwidth, screen size has the single largest impact on customer experience. Use this pre-built report in Netbiscuits to group visitors based on chosen screen size ranges to identify major groupings Can be used by marketers as a preference indicator – e.g. smartphone vs phablet vs tablet visitors exhibit different behaviours – and developers when planning responsive web design break points Takeaways: Screen size variety increasing – now a continuum from 3” upwards Screen Size Report

17 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 17 Screen Size Report

18 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 18 Screen Size Report (Alternative screen shot)

19 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 19 Profiling Customer Capabilities

20 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 20 Pre-built reports focused on visitor capabilities by combining parameters to deliver a yes / no answer – is the visitor video capable or not The true power of mobile analytics comes from grouping attributes, “parameters” into behaviour and capability profiles Is the visitor capable of consuming video, or using location-based services? This is far more useful than just knowing if they’re using an iPhone or a Samsung device – decisions can be made on content and UX that will increase engagement and conversion UI parameter selectors and sliders enable the user to set their own boundaries and definitions starting with the Netbiscuits recommended default Takeaways: Not all devices are created equal Web visitors vary hugely in their capabilities and preferences Profiling Customer Capabilities

21 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 21 Profiling Customer Capabilities

22 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 22 Alternatives

23 Copyright © 2014 Netbiscuits 23

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