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Mobile Chicago User Group. LP Mobile Each Month… 60 Million Visits Monitored 4 Million Messages Sent.

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1 Mobile Chicago User Group

2 LP Mobile Each Month… 60 Million Visits Monitored 4 Million Messages Sent

3 Defining Mobile

4 1999 2009 2014 What is Mobile Today?

5 Why Mobile?

6 6

7 7

8 8

9 9

10 10 What can you do about it?

11 Understanding the mobile adoption curve Where are you on the mobile/tablet adoption curve? Desktop website only m dot website (and/or t dot website for tablets) Responsive web design Native iOS, Android apps

12 Understanding Mobile Web Differences Responsive design (RWD) -Same url but different experiences for mobile, tablet, & desktop. Mobile optimized site? (M dot or m. site) -Probably two different urls (m. vs www.) separate code base (tablets probably just use the www. site) Desktop only site -No mobile or tablet specific experience, but mobile & tablet visitors use the site by pinching & zooming. ie… all websites are at least visited by visitors on mobile devices.

13 Understand Native or Mobile Web?

14 Understand Your Mobile Properties – by the numbers iOS App -Daily Visits: -Daily Calls: -Daily Emails: -Daily Feedback: Mobile Optimized Web -Monthly Visits: - % iOS vs Android -Daily Calls: -Daily Emails: -Daily Feedback: Android App -Daily Visits: -Daily Calls: -Daily Emails: -Daily Feedback: Tablet Web -Monthly Visits: - % iOS vs. Android -Daily Calls: -Daily Emails: -Daily Feedback: Desktop Total -Daily Visits: -Daily Calls: -Daily Emails: -Daily Feedback: www.

15 Mobile Chat Primary Goal Goal: Provide visitors with choice of channel

16 16 How can LivePerson help?

17 BlizzardMobile & LP Mobile

18 LP Mobile Live Demo

19 Why introduce chat as a channel on mobile? Increase Sales Mobile Conversion Enhancement $ Improve CSAT Improved User Experience

20 Optimizing/Deploying Successful Mobile Chat Program

21 Mobile Must Haves Mobile Optimization Tweak the LP Admin for mobile success Mobile Features Key enhancements to mobile experience

22 Mobile Features Button Funnel Reporting Gain understanding of how your customers are using chat by understanding how often theyre seeing chat buttons & how often theyre tapping to chat. (iOS Native & Mobile Web) Conversion Reporting Report when a visitor makes a purchase. Identify agent assisted purchases and reward your best agents based on performance.

23 Mobile Features Pre/offline/exit surveys Custom logo placement The same pre/offline/exit surveys utilized by customers on the desktop web have been re- designed for a mobile first experience. (iOS Native & Mobile Web) Provide a custom logo for your brand to take top billing and bury the LIVEPERSON logo from the main chat screens. (iOS Native & Mobile Web) Custom Buttons Create an integrated experience by using a custom button to start chat. (iOS Native, Android & Mobile Web) Live Chat with Us

24 Mobile Features 10 Supported Languages Full Visitor UI Translation -Based on device language -English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean available For websites that are not responsive or mobile optimized, this option will the enable mobile optimized chat overlay for iPhone & iPad visitors (HTML). Non-optimized site support

25 Mobile iOS Features Automatically report if a visitor places a call to your customer support lines from within your app. (iOS native only) When a visitor is actively chatting, but browsing the app/site. Determine how the chat UI should react on incoming message… open up UI or display notification. (iOS Native & HTML) Call Deflection Reporting Optional Chat Notification Type Photo Sharing Optionally allow visitors to send agents photos -Send a photo of a statement -Send a photo of an itinerary/reservation -Send a photo of a part or product

26 Mobile iOS Features Extend the functionality of your native app by allowing agents to send down web content to your visitors. Send videos, forms all while staying in the app & engaged in chat (iOS Native). Send Web Content www. Custom URL Scheme Links Allow agents to send down links that direct visitors internally in the application. Seamlessly lead visitors to important pages.

27 Direct mobile visitors to a mobile only skill Canned answers System messages Surveys (Remove HTML formatting) Benefits of a mobile profile

28 Segment reports by creating mobile report targets Button chat pipeline Conversion reporting Benefits of a mobile report target

29 Agents should respond differently to mobile customers Be aware of your mobile sites limitations Conventions of mobile chat are different… shorter Not all desktop features work on mobile Provide an iPod touch or device to test mobile experience Benefits of a mobile agent training

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