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Name of region Names of Everyone in the group 7 A, B or C.

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1 Name of region Names of Everyone in the group 7 A, B or C

2 Name Region Include a picture of the region (Map) List the relative location Everyone else is expected to outline/ fill in the map in their packet to outline the region Also, list any major cities in this region New York St. Louis Dallas Phoenix

3 Geography - Place List the Physical Characteristics of the region (mountains, prairie, desert, etc) List any major lakes, Rivers, oceans, mountains What type of climate exists in this region? (Desert, Tundra, tropical?) Must include some pictures List human characteristics Ethnicity, customs, music, religion, economy,

4 Economy – Part human characteristics What are some of the natural resources that this region provides How has this region made money? What type of transportation infrastructure (highways, railroads, rivers) have helped this region to become wealthy Name some companies that are based in this region and why. Ask Mr. Andy if you need help thinking of some. Torreon is rich in minerals and has some good land for farming and raising cattle. One of the main highways that goes to the United States goes through Torreon, so it is easy to transport goods to and from Mexico. There is also a railroad that helps to bring materials around the country. Penoles is based in Torreon because the mountains around the city are rich with minerals. Penoles mines, processes (refines) and sells minerals such as gold and silver.

5 Modern Day Tell us about what the region is like today. California isn’t still based on the gold rush, so what has changed? How has immigration influenced this region? Include some pictures to take us on a virtual field trip. Pictures Google earth Videos

6 The Five Themes of Geography Location Relative Location Place Physical Characteristics Human Characteristics Region You will be assigned one of the regions to make your powerpoint on. The title of your project will complete this requirement. Movement What is the ethnicity of a majority of the population. Is there a large Native American population? Mostly African? Mostly European? Human- Environment Interaction How have people interacted with the environment. For good or bad. Make sure these are all covered at some point in your presentation.

7 What resources can I use? Your text book – Start with this Look up websites at Tourism videos Also try to find any local news links. Look in the library for any books on certain states/ region Encyclopedia Wikipedia – only allowed for background information. If you think of any others, let me know first so I can make sure it is accurate.

8 Overall…. We will have at least one day in the library to write an outline and three days in the computer lab to work on the power point. The power point should be at least 6-8 slides long or longer. The presentation should take about 10- 15 minutes minimum plus have time for questions from the other students. Anything that you don’t finish in class, will be your responsibility to finish outside of class. Make the work your own. Remember, I CAN TELL IF YOU COPY AND PASTE! That is cheating, so don’t do it. You WILL receive a 0 on the project. Please bring a flash drive to class tomorrow and save the power point to that so that we can easily put it on my computer.

9 Grading Group grade will be based on: Presentation organization ___/5 Correct information ___/5 Total ___/20 Subject knowledge ___/5 Group Grade ___/5 When grading each other Did this person do their fair share of work? Yes/ no Did this person understand the material? Yes/ no Did they present the same amount as everyone else? Yes/ no Did this person work well with the group? Yes/ no Was this person well organized? Yes/ no ___/ 5

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