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Research Project Langford and Grogan and Swartz January 26, 2015.

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1 Research Project Langford and Grogan and Swartz January 26, 2015

2 Directions Choose a country and get approval. Research the approved country of your choice. Use the instruction checklist to make sure you include all necessary information. Each slide must contain at least 2, but no more than 5 bullets. Include one picture on each slide. Use correct grammar.

3 This Entire Project Is Worth 400 Points Final PowerPoint-200 points Project grade (25%) (See checklist for specific points per task) On task in library-20 points per day Daily grade (15%) Presentation and Actively Listening- 100 points Participation grade (10%)

4 The Presentation PowerPoint and shared in Google docs 7 Slides, include pictures and text At least one print source (from a book) and a total of three different sources of information Cite your sources on Works Cited slide (MLA Style – Mrs. Grogan and Mrs. Pelton will help you!)

5 Title Slide (The country you chose) Ms. Langford (your name) January 26, 2015 (date)

6 General Information Where in the world is your country located? Show a picture of the country and/or continent on which it is located. What date did it become a country? What is the population What is the motto? What is the capital city?

7 History and Government How is your country different now than when it first became a country? Were there any major wars? What system of government does it have? What ethnicities are dominant? Show a picture of the flag.

8 Community and Geography Do most people live in rural or urban areas? What are the living conditions? What do people value? What is the major religion? Where is it located and how large is it? Describe the terrain and/or altitude. What major crops are grown there?

9 Education and Freedom of Media Do all receive a free education? What is the literacy rate? How many years of school are provided? What types of media are common there? (TV, phones, internet, newspapers) How much does the government censor social media?

10 Interesting Information Music Health Sports Entertainment Food Child care and birthrate Culture

11 Works Cited Worth 50 points out of the 200 point grade 10 points – alphabetized and indented 10 points – one book source and three sources total 10 points – the words Works Cited centered 10 points – correct punctuation (commas, periods, colons, italics) 10 points – pertinent information included

12 Slide Grades This will be worth 150 of your 200 point grade 25 points per slide 1- slide 6 Each slide will be grades on the following: Has two to five bullets Has a picture Correct grammar Quality of information

13 Share with Me on Google Docs Instructions

14 Monday Learn how to cite books and print encyclopedias Research using print sources Today you may only read the information Take notes on paper Type/start your Works Cited

15 Tuesday Learn how to cite websites You may start typing information on your PPT You may not search for any pictures until Wednesday

16 Wednesday Learn how to use Google docs Make sure you are putting the information in your own words Copy the five pictures onto your presentation

17 Thursday Keep finding the best information and pictures Pick out background color and font that can be easily seen on the smart board Work on the presentation and readability of your power point.

18 Friday Proofread for grammar, spelling, homonyms, and punctuation Have at least one person proofread your presentation Proofread at least one of presentation from someone in class (this is part of your daily grade today) Create a note card with the most important facts from each slide that you tell the class about as you present

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