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Five Themes of Geography

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1 Five Themes of Geography

2 What is geography? The study of the Earth Oceans Plant life Landforms
People Where things are And more…

3 Help Mr.? H- Human and Environment Interaction E- L- Location P- Place
M- Movement R- Region

4 Human and Environment Interaction
How people change their surroundings to meet needs (clearing land to build) How people adapt to their environment (heating houses)

5 Location Two ways to talk about location
Absolute Location- describes place’s exact position on the Earth Relative Location- describes where a place is in relation to other places around it

6 Absolute Location Longitude and Latitude Address

7 Relative Location Describes location with words like: north, south, east, west, across from, near, close to, etc.

8 Place A location’s physical and human features (what the place is like) Physical features- climate, mountains, wet, dry, soil, etc.

9 Place Human features- how many people, what they do, traditions, culture, customs

10 Movement Movement of people, goods, communication, ideas around the world

11 Regions Area that shares common characteristics- climate, land, population, history, people, etc.


13 Human- Environment

14 Assignment Define each theme of geography Illustrate each theme
Include the title: “Five Themes of Geography” All illustrations should be in color All definitions should be complete and accurate Use credible resources: Textbook, class website

15 Five Themes of Geography

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