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TuTh – 4:00-5:15 Psych 241 – Methods Lab section 03.

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1 TuTh – 4:00-5:15 Psych 241 – Methods Lab section 03

2 Survey Project Generate a topic. Generate items. Review past research. Generate question of interest. Generate testable hypotheses. Collect data. Test hypotheses. Report results.

3 Survey project. Generate a topic. We did this through our in class discussion of ideas that we could investigate.

4 Survey project. Generate items. We have collected a series of items as a group, and now we are going to finalize that list. Reverse-coding: What does it mean? Why do we do it?

5 Survey project. I am not bothered by second-hand smoke. R If I saw someone on campus smoking, I would ask them to put it out. It angers me to watch people smoke. Smoking outside on campus is okay as long as you are 20-feet from the building. R Smoking is bad for other people’s health. When a person smokes they are harming themselves. When a person smokes they are not harming other people. R Smoking does not infringe on the rights of other people. R The university has its students and staff’s best interests in mind when creating its policies. The administration should not be able to implement a ban on smoking. R

6 Survey project. It is common etiquette not to smoke around other people. I disagree with the smoking ban. R The rights of the community come before the rights of the individual. Having designated smoking areas is better than having a smoke-free campus. R Disciplinary actions should be taken against those who go against the ban. It is up to the smoker to decide the right place and time to smoke. R UMass shouldn’t be able to create a rule that restricts personal choice. R I believe that the ban of tobacco on campus has improved my overall health. The smoking ban has negatively impacted my everyday life. R Students should have a say in campus-wide bans on tobacco.

7 Survey project. How many semesters have you been on UMass campus for? (1-2, 3-6, 7 or more) When you were growing up, did you have a smoker in your household? (yes, no) Are you a smoker? (yes, no) If you smoke, how many years have you been smoking for? (Number?) Have you or anyone in your family suffered any detrimental effects of smoking? (yes, no) Do you live an urban or rural area? (urban, rural) Gender. (male, female, other) Do you have friends who smoke? (yes, no) Please select the option that best corresponds with your current stress level. (None, Low, Moderate, High)

8 Survey project. Review past research. Generally, we would do this before decide what we want to study. Past research as a guide: Past research as way to find measures: I have sent out a zipped folder with the five articles that we will be using for this article. You will be using at least three of these for your paper. You will need at least two to be cited in your introduction.

9 Survey project. Generate question of interest. Based on what we know, what are we interested in knowing more about? In relation to this survey study, we are forming our questions based on a limited set of group differences. (i.e. independent variables) That is a next step: deciding on a question you can answer using two IVs.

10 Survey project. Generate testable hypothesis. That is a next step: deciding on a question you can answer using two IVs. In the real world, we would have first thought of what we were interested in asking about, and then decided how we would test that.

11 Survey project. Collect data. You will be handing these out to six people that you know. Not to people you are related to or are in a relationship with, and not to strangers! I will email you the final version today. You will bring those in for next week (our next class).

12 Survey project. Collect data. Ethical statement: This is a survey of attitudes toward smoking and the campus smoking ban. This project is being undertaken by students as part of a class project at the University of Massachusetts. You may stop at any time, or skip any questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering. Your responses will be strictly anonymous and will never be published. Thank you for your participation!

13 Survey project. Test of hypothesis. We will be spending some time in the lab looking at how we will use SPSS (the statistics program) to test the differences that we hypothesized would exist.

14 Survey project. Report results. We will be reporting results with the same general format as we had for the Stroop paper. We will be using a different test, and we will talk about how that changes the way that we report it when we get there.

15 Homework. Print out 6 copies of the survey that I will send you tonight. Administer it to 6 people that you know and are not in a relationship with. Bring them to class on THURSDAY, 17 th. Look at the list of demographic questions that we have and generate a hypothesis that you want to test once we have the results.

16 Contact Information Tobin 626 Office hour: Tuesdays from 1-2pm

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