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TuTh – 4:00-5:15 Psych 241 – Methods Lab section 03.

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1 TuTh – 4:00-5:15 Psych 241 – Methods Lab section 03

2 Quizzes Before I dismiss you, I will call you up one by one to get your quizzes. Just a heads up… so don’t take off!

3 Papers/Rough Drafts I do not want them! (yet!)

4 Papers/Rough Drafts Method section: Three parts: Participants Materials Procedure Label all three parts! Animals used: Pig, Bear, Cat, Cow, Dog

5 Papers/Rough Drafts Results: Report them as we discussed in class! Remember: Three steps 1) Identify what the main ideas in the study are that you want to talk about Reaction time Error 2) Write the section in a way that describes the findings WITHOUT stats. 3) Include the stats.

6 Papers/Rough Drafts Introduction Shape: Upside-down triangle! 1) What is the broad question? 2) What has past research shown on this topic? 3) What is missing from the past research, what questions do you have? 4) How do you plan on implementing/testing your question? 5) What results do you expect to find? 4 + 5 = Hypothesis

7 Papers/Rough Drafts QUESTIONS!

8 Papers/Rough Drafts Peer Editing!

9 Papers/Rough Drafts Abstract: Describe in brief what your question is, how you tested it, and what your results were. Discussion: Summarize findings Relate results to past research: Does it support past findings? Is it different? What is different about it? What does that tell us? Weaknesses and limitations Future investigations Real world applications

10 Papers/Rough Drafts References APA style and formatting: manual and/or OWL website Figures or graphs: Titles underneath: Label the graph or figure (example: figure 1 or graph 1) Cite your graph or figure in the paper! Title Page

11 Papers/Rough Drafts Graphs

12 Papers/Rough Drafts QUESTIONS!

13 Parts of a Paper Parts of a paper: Groups of ~4 Introduction: Subjects: Materials: Procedure: Results: Discussion:

14 Research Designs Matched Groups: Random Group: Natural Group: Complete Repeated Measure: Incomplete Repeated Measure:

15 Writing Tutors! You have them… so use them. Thursday: Daniel Rovenpor

16 Homework Rough drafts due on Thursday! 1) Title Page 2) Abstract 3) Introduction 4) Method 5) Results 6) Discussion 7) References 8) Figures and/or Graphs

17 Quizzes Come up and get them when I call your name!

18 Contact Information Tobin 626 Office hour: Tuesdays from 1-2pm

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