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TuTh – 4:00-5:15 Psych 241 – Methods Lab section 03.

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1 TuTh – 4:00-5:15 Psych 241 – Methods Lab section 03

2 Apology True strength is evident in the willingness to be truly vulnerable I was supposed to give you more time for the final draft

3 TurnItIn

4 Homework for tonight! Upload any file using the “practice upload” option

5 Final Drafts Some more things to keep in mind: I am learning as I go along also! If I suggest something that doesn’t sound right, ask or tell me! Also: Simplicity. In other writing we are often taught to use new words and not be repetitive. That is NOT the case when it comes to scientific writing. Clear, simple, and precise. Re-read what you wrote for simplicity.

6 Simple Writing The ice on the river melts quickly under the March sun. Lying exposed without its blanket of snow, the ice on the river melts quickly under the warm March sun. Which was written by the better writer? Which was written by the better scientific writer? We want our sentences to look more like the first. Explains what needs to be explained simply and clearly.

7 Simple Writing: Adjectives/Adverbs In creative writing, adjectives/adverbs serve a necessary role: They bring something to life by allowing the reader to better visualize it and understand it. It has the same purpose in scientific writing. HOWEVER: We can divide adjectives/adverbs into two groups for our purposes: Objective Subjective

8 Simple Writing: Adjectives/Adverbs When using an objective adjective/adverb, make sure that you defend it or have explained it first. Example: Faster Unsurprisingly Which is objective? Also, when you use a word like “faster”, make sure you give information to support that. Example: (M = 36.29, SD = 2.13) Example: In the fast condition, participants had 2 seconds to respond. On the other hand, those in the slow condition had 5 seconds.

9 Simple Writing:

10 Papers/Final Drafts Also, as was pointed out to me, I wrongly said that the page where you start your introduction should have no title. There should be no heading that says “introduction”, but the title of your paper should be reproduced there.

11 /pdf/20090212013008_560.pdf

12 Papers/Final Drafts Questions?

13 Let’s Talk Tables

14 Survey project. Likert scales. Split into groups of 3-4 and discuss the different statement ideas that you have. Demographics. After, we will talk about the ideas you came up with.

15 Homework Final Draft! (Due on Tuesday the 8 th, hardcopy to me, and online copy into turnitin) Tonight, preferably, practice document into turnitin. Find two articles from two different database sources on our topic and write a 3-line paragraph summarizing what they said in the abstract. Survey: Items/Demographics

16 Contact Information Tobin 626 Office hour: Tuesdays from 1-2pm

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