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Exploring the Internet 91.113-021 Instructor: Michael Krolak.

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1 Exploring the Internet 91.113-021 Instructor: Michael Krolak

2 Tonight Roll Call Syllabus Brief Discussion Lab Overview of Next Wednesday’s class

3 Instructor Michael Krolak 617.524.0340

4 Course Information Classes Meet Every Week –Wednesdays 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Additionally –No class on November 23

5 Objective of 91.113-021 By the end of this semester, every student should be able to: 1.Research topics through Internet tools 2.Discuss topics surrounding the Internet, and 3.Develop simple web pages.

6 What this course will not cover Advanced web page development Thorough description of low level network protocols. Graphics design

7 Required Textbooks Only the course Microsoft PowerPoint presentations will be used for course material. Presentations will be made available for all students to access. Students will be asked to read articles available for free online to participate in class discussions.

8 Office Hours After class By appointment through AIM or phone

9 Grading Policy Class Participation20% Labs20% Mid Term Paper30% Final Project30% Final Grade 100%

10 Class Participation If you must miss a class, you must inform me before the class and arrange to make up the work you have missed. Missing a class during this semester is like missing a full week of class during the school year. Class participation means more than simply attending classes. Each student is expected to contribute to our class discussions.

11 Labs During each class, we will apply the knowledge from the class discussion to develop practical skills involving the Internet. Labs must be completed by the end of each class unless specified otherwise.

12 Mid Term Project The Scavenger Hunt A list will be handed out identifying several items which you will have to find on the web and present as a web page. Rules will be posted on October 19, 2005.

13 The Final Project The final project will be completed over the course of the semester through regular entries into a blog. We will discuss blogs during our lab today.

14 Question Does everyone have access to the Internet outside of class?

15 Feedback If you have an idea as to how to improve the course, please feel free to send me an email. I will do my best to accommodate all reasonable requests.

16 Brief Course Description September 7, 2005 Discussion: Introduction to the Course Lab: Creating your Blog September 14, 2005 Discussion: Definition and History of the Internet Lab: Using NVU to create your home page

17 Brief Course Description (cont.) September 21, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Identity Lab: Creating your Online Resume with NVU September 28, 2005 Guest Speaker: Dr. Patrick D. Krolak Discussion: The Internet and Academia Lab: Using the Internet for Research

18 Brief Course Description (cont.) October 5, 2005 Discussion: Searching the Internet Lab: Mini-Scavenger Hunt October 12, 2005 Discussion: The Internet as a New Media Lab: Creating a Media Page

19 Brief Course Description (cont.) October 19, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Your World Lab: Creating Image Maps October 26, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Recreation Lab: TBA ls2689

20 Brief Course Description (cont.) November 2, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Society Lab: Creating a Web Form November 9, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Politics Lab: TBA

21 Brief Course Description (cont.) November 16, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Security Lab: TBA November 30, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and Business Lab: TBA

22 Brief Course Description (cont.) December 7, 2005 Discussion: The Internet and the Law Lab: Using Lexis-Nexis December 14, 2005 Discussion: The Future of the Internet Lab: TBA

23 Brief Course Description (cont.) December 21, 2005 Discussion: TBA Lab: TBA

24 Lab: Creating your blog

25 What is a blog? def. blog n. online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log SourceSource: Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English, Preview Edition (v 0.9.6) Copyright © 2003-2005 Lexico Publishing Group, LLC

26 Who reads blogs? 30% of Americans Mostly male Majority of blog readers spend more than six hours each week reading blogs. Majority of blog readers read more than five blogs daily.

27 How do I make a blog? Go to

28 Fill out the Forms for Blogger

29 My Blog for this Class –Class Notes –Make Up Assignments –The Mid-Term –Directions for setting up tools for this class in your home.

30 Wednesday’s Class Discussion: Definition and History of the Internet Lab: Creating your Home Page Readings: None

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