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Celebr ate with Stra tton Fall 2013. to Stud ent Succ ess A Culture Where Everyone Contribute s.

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1 Celebr ate with Stra tton Fall 2013

2 to Stud ent Succ ess A Culture Where Everyone Contribute s

3 PTA & Parents PTA Monthly Movie Night with Popcorn ! Chaperones at Golden Bell * Not shown : Our very active PTA also sponsors a Back - to - School Ice Cream Social, Carnival, Chocolate Art Night, helps with fund - raising for field trips and supply funds for classroom teachers, and funds other projects such as the climbing wall on the playground and a library book make - over.

4 Suppor t Staff & Leader ship

5 fro m tut ors Extra oomph

6 wit h us for Tur key Day Our Communit y

7 Life skil l of Resp ect Students Learn Lifeskills Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Assembly for Veteran ’ s Day Holiday.

8 for positive behavior Lifeskil ls Sense of Humor Resourc efulnes s Problem Solving Pr id e Persev erance Pati ence Organ izati on Inte grit y Init iati ve Frie ndsh ip Flex ibil ity Ef fo rt Curi osit y Cou rag e Coope ratio n Ca ri ng Common Sense

9 for PBI S * Bucket Fillers * Positive Behavioral Intervention Systems

10 Gifted Magnet Program I knew right away that this class was the perfect match for me. It just feels like a place where I can learn a lot. It ’ s like a cozy library in a cozy hut. Jonathan on the Stratton Gifted Magnet Program 3 rd, 4 th, & 5 th Grades

11 Liste ning with eyes, ears, and FMs in libr ary and lab Students that are in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program are fully integrated into Stratton ’ s culture.

12 for Preschoo lers Field Trips Stratton Preschool includes students in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. This field trip is at Channel 11 KKTV.

13 in Kinderg arten Lifeskills of Caring and Curiosi ty As one Kinder put it, “ we gave from our hearts to the Care and Share.” They are shown here with the beautiful autumn hay bale display where students stacked donated food.

14 Changes that are Making a Difference ! Recess before lunch Band and orchestra pulled from specials rotation…not content teaching time Writer ’ s workshop with mentor texts JiJi with fidelity PLCs - effective whole group and collaborative team meetings Additional plan time for teachers Breakfast for students

15 in 1 st Gra de Cooperation, Friendship, Initiative, and Effort

16 in 2 nd Grade Real - Life Experience in our Writing Students wrote about their experience at the Myron Stratton Home ’ s 100 th Anniversary Celebration where they performed for residents then enjoyed a formal meal with them. A resident remarked, “ I didn ’ t know 2 nd graders could do that !”

17 Third Grade learning extends into novels and the Pikes Peak Region Fantastic Field Trips Book Club Fun

18 in 4 th & 5 th Grade Scien ce Hands - on Learning Experienc e

19 P.E.P.E. Coopera tion in

20 * Personalized Learning Skills and lab Library Technology Educator ( LTE ) Mrs. Stanley with Hearing Interpreter Ms. Johnson teach Information Literacy skills such as how to find books and web sites to research from. PLS * in library

21 inArtinArt Creat ivity

22 Rhyth m in Vo ca l Mu si c

23 Enric hment s aft er sch ool Not shown : NAYLA Club, Sign Club, and International Club Make & Take Art MES A Clu b Book Club Sports Challen ge JiJi Club MES A Clu b

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