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Chubbuck Elementary Panthers Maximizing learning for all students Whatever It Takes!

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1 Chubbuck Elementary Panthers Maximizing learning for all students Whatever It Takes!

2 Demographics 620 students 3 to 4 rooms per grade level K-2 = 4 rooms 3-6 = 3 rooms

3 Student Engagement Data Average daily attendance98% After school strings4% STAR Tutor Program6% Students Seeking Success12% Extended Reading5% Early Morning Reading8% Public Library Partnership/ Summer Reading Program29%

4 Goal Highlights  Benchmark Assessments Grade Level 6 Week Assessments Assessment Boxes Fall, Winter, and Spring District Assessments  Consistent Curriculum and Planning Standard Probes Center Activities and Pacing Mentoring New Staff Professional Learning Communities Vertical Alignment  Flexible Grouping Kindergarten Center Groups 1 st and 2 nd Grade Reading Groups 3rd Grade Skills Groups 4 th Grade Vocabulary Instruction 4 th, 5 th, and 6 th Grades ISAT Prep

5 Goal Highlights (Continued)  Student Support Students Seeking Success Reading Aides (Smiths Earn and Learn $7,200 & Walmart Kids Recycling Challenge $ 1,100!)  Focus on Tier II Instruction Extended Reading Lexia and Soar to Success STAR Tutors 3 rd Grade Skill Grouping Title I  Parent Education Title I Nights - Title I and classroom teachers Parent Volunteers -(Denise Bell – VISTA Volunteer) Chubbuck School Website

6 Goal Highlights (Continued)  Staff Development Title I Reading Coach Six Week Collaboration (Grades K-6) Facilitation of 1 st Grade Team Planning 2 nd Grade Reading Program Planning 3 rd Grade Fluency Program Implementation SIOP I course SIOP II book study Special Education Team Monthly Collaboration Intervention Team Meeting (Title I and Special Ed Staff) Instructional Assistants Highly Qualified (all staff passed the test on the 1 st try)

7 ISAT Reading Benchmarks Chubbuck Scores Math Benchmarks Chubbuck Scores Language Benchmarks (Reading score at or above previous year) Chubbuck Scores

8 DMA th Grade th Grade DWA th Grade Consistently above District and State averages

9 IRI K123 Spring (Percent proficient per grade level)

10 This is what makes Chubbuck work:  56 Fantastic Staff Members  Active Parents  620 Awesome Kids

11 Parent Survey Does Chubbuck encourage you to be involved in your child’s education? Yes - 100% No - 0% Do you feel welcome at Chubbuck?Yes - 100%No - 0% How do you get most of your information about school? Newsletter 83%Children – 76% Teacher – 72% Friends – 14% Principal – 6% Have you attended Title One parent workshops in the past? Yes - 37%No - 53%10% said "No, but I intend to” Which times work best for you for parent workshops? 3-4pm - 23% 4-5pm - 13% 5-6pm - 21% 6-7pm - 49% What types of parent workshops are you interested in? Reading – 57% Math – 56% Summer Reading– 49%Homework – 39% Others included: bullying, language, writing, and specific problems areas

12 Kid Quotes Interviews done by sixth graders *I think Chubbuck is cool because it is very safe. *I love recess. *Teachers make Chubbuck the best. *The teachers are nice. *P.E. and walking a lot makes Chubbuck the best. *All the payoffs rock. *Learning makes Chubbuck the best. *I liked the magician payoff. *Good toys and food make Chubbuck the best. *I like Mrs. Herdt as the principal. *I like to do programs at Chubbuck School. *I like to learn at Chubbuck School.

13 Chubbuck Shines

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