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MEET ROSINA 4. VOCABULARY Deaf: not able to hear well or not able to hear at all not able to hear at all.

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3 Deaf: not able to hear well or not able to hear at all not able to hear at all

4 Language: a set of signs, symbols, or movements that have meaning

5 Signing: using hands and movements to talk

6 Culture: a way of life, ideas, customs and traditions

7 Relatives: people in your family

8 Celebrate: do something special for a special reason


10 Camp Taloali in Oregon is a special place. is a special place. The campers and the counselors come from counselors come from many backgrounds many backgrounds and cultures. and cultures.

11 Almost everyone at the camp is deaf, which means they which means they cannot hear. cannot hear.

12 If campers can not hear, how do they hear, how do they know what people are know what people are saying? saying? SIGN LANGUAGE

13 Sign language is a way people can talk to one another without speaking. speaking.

14 Signing is a way to show letters and show letters and words with your words with your hands and fingers. hands and fingers.

15 Sign language is like a code.

16 Relatives of deaf children started the camp. They wanted deaf children to have summer camp fun just like hearing children.

17 At the end of each summer, campers celebrate with a big party.

18 They remember all the fun they had together. Then they sign GOOD-BYE.


20 MEET ROSINA by George Ancona


22 “Hi! I’m Rosina. I am deaf, so I talk with my hands. with my hands.

23 I go to a special school for the Deaf. All of the teachers teach using Sign Language. Language.

24 We call it SIGNING.

25 We study math, writing, reading, and art. writing, reading, and art. We also play sports. It is the same as other schools. schools.

26 My brother also goes to my school. to my school. After lunch, we play basketball during basketball during recess. recess.

27 My mom and aunt are deaf, too. They work at the school. school.

28 Mom came from Mexico when she was little. She had to learn Sign Language so she Language so she could learn English.

29 Aunt Carla’s job is to help students learn help students learn about different cultures. about different cultures. She also takes care of the school museum. the school museum.

30 The museum is filled with pictures of our with pictures of our relatives who went to relatives who went to the school. the school.

31 Sometimes we go to the school library. the school library. Our librarian signs stories from the books. from the books.

32 She is very good at telling stories. telling stories. She makes us feel like we are in the story. we are in the story.

33 Stories can make you feel sad, or scared, feel sad, or scared, or worried or happy.

34 I love going to art class. I like to paint with watercolors. watercolors.

35 When I was in second grade my class wrote grade my class wrote a book about a deaf a book about a deaf dad with four arms. dad with four arms. “TOO MANY HANDS” “TOO MANY HANDS”


37 Our book was published! published! We had a book signing. We wrote our names in the books that people the books that people bought. bought.

38 I like sports. This year I am playing rugby. I try to tag the person with the ball before with the ball before they cross the goal line. they cross the goal line.

39 Our team beat all the other teams and we won a big trophy. trophy. Rosina’s Team

40 We wanted to celebrate. celebrate. We splashed cold water on our coach. water on our coach.

41 After school we get ready for dinner. ready for dinner. We all help mom cook Mexican meals. Mexican meals.

42 After dinner we play a game of chess.

43 Mom, Dad, my brother and me. and me. That is my family – but there are many more, too. there are many more, too.

44 We have a big family. I have lots of uncles, aunts, cousins, aunts, cousins, grandpas and grandmas. grandpas and grandmas.

45 Most of my mom’s family are deaf. family are deaf. My whole family uses sign language to talk sign language to talk to each other. to each other.

46 “Good-bye.”









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