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Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission Tony Crook Chair October 2014 1.

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1 Goldfields-Esperance Development Commission Tony Crook Chair October 2014 1

2 Goldfields-Esperance Region

3 Vision We create opportunities to build a vibrant sustainable future for our region. Mission Increase investment and attract population to our region. Objectives 1.Maximise job creation and improve career opportunities in the Region; 2.Develop and broaden the economic base of the Region; 3.Identify infrastructure services to promote business development within the Region; 4.Provide information and advice to promote business development within the Region; 5.Seek to ensure that the general standard of government services and access to those services in the Region is comparable to that which applies in the metropolitan area; 6.Generally take steps to encourage, promote, facilitate and monitor the economic development in the Region. Objective and functions

4 4 Economic Indicators for the Region Gross Regional Product (GRP) (2012-13)) $10.1 Billion GRP as percentage of state GRP4.2% Labour Force (12-13)36,600 Unemployment rate 4.1% Indigenous Population 5,200 Indigenous % of regional population 9% Extraction and Process of Mineral (2013) $8.5 Billion Minerals as percentage of GRP 88% Regional Agriculture Production (11-12) $569 million Regional Tourism value (per annum)$260 million Source: ABS, Remplan and Region in Profile 2014

5 5 GEDC is currently engaged in two major projects:  Goldfields-Esperance Regional Investment Blueprint  Goldfields-Esperance Revitalisation Funding

6 6 Goldfields-Esperance Regional Blueprint  Sets a clear vision for the region and defines the longer term regional imperatives  Links with other key planning processes, such as State Planning Strategy  Is a key planning resource for all levels of government, community sector and industry

7 Regional Vision and Aspirations ASPIRATIONS Expressing the strong desire of the region to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability with strong governance STRATEGIES PROJECTS VISION A sustainable region of flourishing and resilient communities enjoying an improving quality of life 0 A sustainable Goldfields- Esperance region Diverse and robust economy Protected and preserved natural environment Equitable and regionally- focused social conditions Contemporary and enhanced governance

8 8 $186 M of Royalties for Regions funding allocated to region over 4 financial years to fund priority projects for the region. 3 key initiatives already funded: – Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community School ($45M) – Great Eastern Highway Passing Lanes ($38M) – Goldfields-Arts Centre ($6.2M) Balance of $96.8M for projects subject to successful business case proposals Goldfields-Esperance Revitalisation Fund

9 9  Two projects have received funding to date: Northern Goldfields Regional Office Accommodation Centre at Leonora $4.62M Hopetoun Community Centre ($2M)  Proponents from local government and community organisations have been invited to lodge business cases for projects prioritised by the GEDC Board.

10 Portlink update The PortLink concept, championed by GEDC, ultimately links Port Hedland, Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Esperance and Geraldton and has the potential to build a stronger and more flexible transport network 10

11 PortLink – 5 Key Planning Studies PortLink comprises five key planning studies:  Technical feasibility, preliminary site selection and benefit cost analysis for an intermodal terminal in Kalgoorlie;  Planning for the realignment of the rail network and a heavy vehicle by-pass route around Kalgoorlie;  Planning for the upgrade and sealing of the Goldfields Highway between Wiluna and Meekatharra;  Planning for new rail and/or road links from the Goldfields to the Yilgarn, Mid West and Pilbara areas;  Undertaking an economic analysis and preliminary business case for the overall PortLink concept.

12 12 PortLink – Project Study Summary/Timeframe

13 PortLink – Next Steps – 2014/15  Finalise the Part 2 Kalgoorlie Road/Rail Alignment Definition Study - Report on the engineering design and cost estimate of the alignments to SC by December 2014.  Finalise the planning study for new rail and/or road links from the Goldfields to Mid West by March 2015.  Finalise feedback to community on the preferred road and rail alignments by Dec 2014.  Commence new work on possible new road link from Wiluna Meekatharra road to Great Northern Hwy.  MRWA finalise current Wiluna-Meekatharra road planning Q1 2015.  Procure consultant for economic analysis and preliminary business case for the overall PortLink concept.

14 Current economic and community profiles for the region are available on the GEDC Website: ce 14


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