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Shire of Leonora – What’s Down the Track Forum October 2014 Tanya Browning Deputy CEO Shire of Leonora.

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1 Shire of Leonora – What’s Down the Track Forum October 2014 Tanya Browning Deputy CEO Shire of Leonora

2 About the Shire of Leonora  Situated within the Northern Goldfields region, covering an area of 32,189km 2  Includes both Leonora and Leinster townsites within municipal boundaries  Main township of Leonora is located 832 kilometres northeast of Perth and 230 kilometres north of Kalgoorlie  Neighbouring shires include, the Shire of Wiluna, Laverton, Sandstone and Menzies  Road network over 1,500km, of which more than 1,200km is unsealed roads

3 Strategic Community Plan – Community Goals Some key issues were discussed and considered when developing the Strategic Community Plan:  Recognition of dependence on the mining industry, especially rate revenue  Impact on local services and economy when resource sector is experiencing a downturn is significant  Support services to increase opportunities for local community members to secure employment in mining are limited locally As a result, one of the key themes developed through community engagement in the Shire of Leonora’s plan is: (2)Economic hub of the Northern Goldfields: A diverse, local economy that encompasses mining support, transport services, medical services and vocational training services

4 Rating & Revenue  Mining rates contribute heavily to the Shire’s overall revenue  Alternate revenue streams frequently pursued to reduce risk of inequitable rating structure developing  Strong support and history of partnerships between the Shire, mining companies and other agencies: - Medical equipment for local hospital and doctor’s surgery - Leonora Golden Gift annually - Road maintenance - Heritage projects - Youth Centre & Child Care Centre projects

5 Creating Opportunities to Realise Community Goals  Industrial subdivision to accommodate new businesses  Residential subdivision to provide for future growth  Support to retain a doctor in the Leonora townsite  Investment into road network  Improvements and expansion to airport infrastructure to support increase in charter and jet aircraft  Northern Goldfields Office and Administration Centre (NGROAC)

6 Northern Goldfields Regional Office & Administration Centre (NGROAC)  Community Conference/Meeting Room with video link  Interview room with video link  Interview Room - privacy focused  Training Room with Video Link  Independent rental with stand-alone office suites  Independent rental office space for permanent casual service provision  Space for other Services/Tenants The proposed building will encourage and support service provision in the Northern Goldfields region, small business development and greater regional community access to many of services. It will feature:

7 Heritage & Preservation of Mining History  As custodian of a significant part of Western Australia’s heritage, the Shire takes its responsibility to preserve heritage in its care seriously.  Significant investment in recent years to preserve, promote and enhance our heritage sites, particularly in the historic Gwalia precinct.  Awarded a High Commendation for Outstanding Heritage Practices (a WA State Heritage Award) for these activities  Various structures within the museum precinct contribute to a greater understanding of the mining operations of 1898 to 1963 and associations with the early gold mining history of the towns of Leonora and Gwalia.  Timber headframe at Gwalia is the only remaining timber structure of its kind and still intact in Australia.

8 Timber Headframe – Gwalia  Only surviving large timber incline headframe in Australia and one of very few timber headframes of any size from the nineteenth century  Twenty metre high structure with a forty five degree incline ramp, constructed mostly from Oregon timbers.  Condition has deteriorated significantly, with some key structural members requiring reinstatement to prevent further movement  Heritage architects engaged to provide advice and detailed schedule of works to restore the headframe.  Nearly $100k spent to date on professional advice for restoration  Renewal estimates for the headframe total $670k over three stages. Some Lotterywest funding will assist (approx. $126k)

9 Heritage & Preservation of Mining History  Being such a young country, it is important to maintain our past to provide a link for future generations, hence the investment in heritage projects.  Flow on benefits such as tourism opportunities are actively pursued.  Partnerships in these projects are always welcome!  While we are also looking to ‘what’s down the track’, the Shire of Leonora is still committed to heritage projects that contribute to an understanding of past and present mining practices, for now and into the future.

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