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Programming for the Utilisation of European Structural and Investment Funds in 2014-2020 in Cyprus Cyprus Project Management Society Seminar Nicosia, 23.

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1 Programming for the Utilisation of European Structural and Investment Funds in 2014-2020 in Cyprus Cyprus Project Management Society Seminar Nicosia, 23 October 2013 Planning Bureau Adonis Constantinides, Senior Planning Officer

2 Presentation Outline ESI Funds and Allocation of financial resources for Cyprus in 2014- 2020 period Basic “rules” of ESI Funds Programming Framework 2014-2020 Programming and Economic Crisis in Cyprus Proposed Priorities For Cyprus

3 EU Funds Vs “Community Programmes ” EU Multiannual Financial Framework-7 year planning- Policies- Funds - Programmes Annual EU Budget EU Funds: Development Funds Allocation of resources per member State and region – “Shared Management” “Community Programmes”- Instruments Under different EU Policies – Mainly No Allocation per Member State- “Direct Management by the Commission- Different “buzz” names(Horizon, Life etc)

4 “European Structural and Investment Funds” Which are these Funds? Cohesion Policy Structural Funds: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), European Social Fund (ESF) Cohesion Fund Common Agricultural Policy European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) Common Fisheries Policy European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF)

5 MULTIANNUAL FINANCIAL FRAMEWORK (MFF) EU 2014-2020 Allocation from the European Structural and Investment Funds * The final allocation for Fisheries will be formulated after the agreement on the Proposed Regulation for the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund between the Council and the European Parliament Estimated Allocation for Cyprus € mln ( 2011 prices ) Cohesion Policy (Structural Funds & Cohesion Fund) 526 Rural Development (EAFRD)118 Fisheries (EMFF)30 +* Additional allocation for 2014-2015 (subject to final decision) 200

6 COHESION POLICY 2014-2020 Allocation for Cyprus Fund / Initiative€ mln ( 2011 prices ) Cohesion Fund285 Investment on Growth and Employment (ERDF & ESF) 201+200(2014/15) European Transnational Cooperation (ETC – ERDF) 29 Youth Employment Initiative (additional allocation from ESF and EC) 11 Total Allocation for Cohesion Policy526(726)

7 │ 7│ 7 EU Cohesion Policy invests in … Infrastructure Sustainable Development Research and innovation Employment & Training Cooperation between regions Energy efficiency Support for SMEs

8 PROGRAMMING PERIOD 2014-2020 Basic Provisions of the Regulatory Framework Focus on EU2020 Strategy targets Synergies between Cohesion, Agricultural and Fisheries Policies Supporting integrated territorial development Focus on Results Enhancing Territorial Cohesion Enhancing the efficient use of funds Thematic Concentration of Funds Coordination in implementation and monitoring Common Strategic Framework Ex ante Conditionalities Performance Framework

9 COHESION POLICY 2014-2020 THEMATIC OBJECTIVES 1.Research, technological development and innovation 2.Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) 3.Competitiveness of SMEs 4.Low Carbon Economy (Energy efficiency and RES) 5.Climate change adaptation and risk prevention and management 6.Protection of the Environment and resource efficiency 7.Sustainable transport and key network infrastructure 8.Employment and labour mobility 9.Social Inclusion and combating poverty 10.Education, skills building and life long learning 11.Institutional capacity and efficient public administration EU 2020 Inclusive Sustainable Smart

10 ERDF - 50% (from 80%) to at least 2 of the thematic objectives from: Research and innovation, ICT, SMEs competitiveness, Shift towards a low-carbon economy - at least 12% (from 20%) - At least 5% to integrated actions promoting Sustainable Urban Development ESF  20% to Promoting Social Inclusion and combating poverty, 80% to at least 4 Investment Priorities All Funds  20% to actions contributing to Climate Change COHESION POLICY 2014-2020 Thematic Concentration

11 Strategic Frameworks, acquis communautaire etc General: horizontal principles related to the implementation / effectiveness of Programmes Thematic: related to specific intervention areas/ thematic objectives COHESION POLICY 2014-2020 Ex-ante Conditionalities


13 Key Factors o EU Framework EU 2020 Strategy – Thematic Objectives Regulatory Framework – Thematic Concentration, Ex -ante Conditionalities, Performance Framework EC Recommendations - Position Paper o National Framework National Strategy – Vision, development needs/challenges, objectives and priorities Economic Crisis – new realities/ prioritisation for the use of funds aiming at the “Restarting” of the economy PROGRAMMING PERIOD 2014-2020 PROGRAMMING EXERCISE

14 Economic Crisis and Programming of Funds In Cyprus New realities – expected impact on economic sectors Strategy - short term and medium term Objectives – Crisis - «New Development Model» Limited Financial Resources Thematic concentration and development needs Integrated approach Vs “Shopping List of Projects” Financial instruments / access to finance / liquidity Infrastructure / support to the private sector Sustainable Development Coordination- Cooperation

15 Programming Period 2014-2020 Consultation Procedures Comments /Proposals by all Partners ( Social and Economic Partners, Ministries/Departments. Local Authorities, NGOs etc. Policy/Strategy on sectoral/area basis Consultation with European Commission Presentation of draft text to partners for Comments Meetings /Seminars/Workshops “Smart Specialisation Strategy” process – Bottom Up Public Consultation

16 Proposed Strategy in the Partnership Agreement Proposed Strategic Objective: Restructuring of the economy, retaining and creating new jobs under social cohesion conditions Funding Priorities

17  PRIORITY 1: Restructuring and enhancing the competitiveness of Cyprus economy  PRIORITY 2: Upgrading human resources and promoting employment  PRIORITY 3: Protection and efficient use of resources  PRIORITY 4: Social and territorial cohesion PRELIMINARY PROPOSED FUNDING PRIORITIES (1 )

18 PRELIMINARY PROPOSED FUNDING PRIORITIES (2 ) Funding Priority 1 – Restructuring and enhancing the competitiveness of Cyprus economy Enhancing the competitiveness of SMEs – Production and supply of high value added products and services Information and Communication Technologies Adaptation of the agro-food, fisheries and aquaculture sectors Enhancing the research and innovation activity Modernisation and improvement of the efficiency of the public sector Completing Trans-European Network

19 Funding Priority 2 – Upgrading human resources and promoting employment Development of human resources Increase in employment, improvement of the employability of human capital and combating unemployment Funding Priority 3 - Protection and efficient use of resources Enriching the energy balance and promoting energy efficiency Efficient management and protection of natural and cultural resources Funding Priority 4 – Social and territorial cohesion Social inclusion and combating poverty Rural and Urban Development PRELIMINARY PROPOSED FUNDING PRIORITIES (3 )

20 Topics for Discussion Which are the main challenges / potentials – Economic crisis? “Out of Box” thinking? Which are the ¨comparative advantages¨ -competitive advantages Which should be our development vision - objectives What types of interventions should we promote “Project Management “ in the Public and Private sectors Desired synergies Management of Funds: lessons Learned “Cooperation Models” for Enterprises / organisations

21 For further information visit our website: amming_period_2014_2020

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