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The Emerging D2N2 Skills Plan Frank Lord Chairman, DEP Business & Skills Sub-Group.

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1 The Emerging D2N2 Skills Plan Frank Lord Chairman, DEP Business & Skills Sub-Group

2 Evidence Base D2N2 commissioned Nottingham Business School's Economic Strategy Research Bureau to undertake research to support the setting of strategic priorities. Report 4 “D2N2 Employment and Skills” focuses on three key relationship elements: - demand for skills from employers - the stock of skills currently in the area’s workforce - the extent to which education and training provision is likely to meet future demand The research highlighted the diverse nature of skills across the D2N2 area. The key issue is ensuring demand for future skills is met by skills supply to promote growth and employment in priority sectors. A focus on ensuring young people have the right information and help to make future choices is vital.

3 D2N2 Strategy Vision “To make the D2N2 area one of the strongest and most resilient economic regions in the UK” Strategic Priorities - Business Skills - Innovation - Finance - Infrastructure Areas of Economic Focus - Transport Equipment Manufacturing - Medical/Bio-Science - Food & Drink Manufacturing - Construction - Visitor Economy - Low Carbon Good & Services

4 Joint ESB Priorities for Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Linking learning provision to present and future employment and skills needs of employers through a process where employers feel increasing ownership and an ability to set direction in provision Improving the skills of the local workforce at all levels in order to enhance productivity and improve employability Promoting employment for all to link people to the world of work Addressing the needs of priority groups, especially young people Reviewing mechanisms to co-ordinate action amongst agencies and offering employers a seamless service that is responsive to demand and reduces confusion Promoting growth and recovery through a sectoral approach that understands that different sectors offer different contributions to employment and skills Improving knowledge of and access to labour market information

5 D2N2 Skills Strategy Key Elements Key Objective: Provide a clear relationship and demarcation between commissioning and delivery to ensure supply meets demand effectively Proposed features: D2N2 Skills Commission D2N2 Skills Plan Skills Observatory New Governance Structure

6 D2N2 Skills Commission Formalise relationships between D2N2 Board and the three ESBs Ensure delivery is aligned to D2N2 priorities Oversee the production and implementation of the D2N2 Skills Plan Maximise employer engagement to ensure investment meets the demand for skills Provide a conduit for information and influence regarding skills priorities and delivery Commission the work of the Skills Observatory Proposed membership includes D2N2 Board skills leads, Chairs of the 3 ESBs, SFA and FE representative

7 D2N2 Skills Plan Key purpose: Connect skills provision with local economic demand to meet LEP priorities Plan funded through the City Skills Fund The plan will include the following: - how the FE sector will tailor its adult skills provision to align with the LEP’s priorities; - how partners will work together to ensure that employer and individual demand in the LEP’s priority skills areas is realised; - how investment in skills will be leveraged from across the partnership, including employers; - the profile of current skills provision and local labour market information within the LEP, highlighting any skills gaps and shortages; - the trends and issues in the LEP’s school / FE / HE capacity; - the likely impact on jobs and growth of future socio-economic change and the associated skills implications; - the existing and future local demographics and their implications for future skills needs.

8 Proposed Governance Structure

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