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New Hanover County March 30, 2012. All CTE Courses can now be offered as an Honors Course!

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1 New Hanover County March 30, 2012

2 All CTE Courses can now be offered as an Honors Course!

3 After the CTE Director’s Approval You must submit An “Honors Course Teaching Preparation Portfolio”

4 Must be aligned with the current: NC Career &Technical Education Essential Standards & Honors Course Implementation Guide

5  More challenging  Providing multiple opportunities for students to take greater responsibility for their learning  Distinguished by a difference in the quality of the work rather than quantity

6  To offer challenging, higher level courses for students who aspire to an advanced level of learning  To promote:  Opportunities for advanced work  Rigorous study of CTE content areas  Practical application of knowledge & skills  Transfer of knowledge & skills to work-based situations

7  Follow the same course of study  Content outline  Blueprint  Curriculum guide  Require a higher level of cognition & quality of work  Enable students to become actively involved in classroom experiences  Involve students in exploratory, experimental, & open-ended learning experiences

8  Problem-seeking & problem-solving skills  Participation in scholarly & creative processes  Use of imagination  Critical analysis & application  Personalized learning experiences  Learning to express/defend ideas  Learning to accept constructive criticism  Becoming a reflective thinker

9  General course information  Course description from CTE Essential Standards  Competency goals, & objectives from course blueprint  Concepts from course outline  Generalizations  Essential questions  Issues particular to course  Expectations of performance  Assignments  Timetables & deadlines  Pacing Guide  Assessments, including rubrics  A system for grading  Instructional materials, equipment & technologies

10  Generalizations are general statements or ideas concerning an area of study  Generalizing is a sophisticated skill as it relates to organizing ideas.  Can involve constructing & defending conclusions based on the understanding of two or more persons

11 Essential questions are interrogative statements designed to focus on main ideas  Used to prompt thinking & spark discussion of key elements within a larger context  Reflect most historically important issues, problems, & debates  Designed to be thought-provoking to students

12 Because of the diverse nature of course content, many courses have issues or features that are unique to the honors course. Examples:  Specific equipment/software  Facilities  Transportation  Certification/credentialing tests

13 Performance requirements require a higher level of rigor as based on honors course “Preparation Portfolio”

14  Likely to be long-term project- or problem-based assignments  Should offer students elements of choice  Should reflect student’s career interests

15  Elements  Involving multiple & varied means  Include both cognitive & performance-based tasks  Develop & provide relative rubrics

16 Are measured By Quality NOT Quantity

17 To access Honors Documents: Send a copy of the electronic honors portfolio to:

18 Starting the CTE Honors Portfolio Template 1General Course InformationCopy & paste the state course code, title, recommended max enrollment & recommended requirement hours of instruction. You can get this from the digital copy of the Essential Standards Handbook (flash drive or wiki) 2Course DescriptionCopy course description from the digital copy of the Essential Standards Handbook (flash drive or wiki) and paste into the gray area. This is where you will insert explanations of enhanced course expectations. 3Course Goals & ObjectivesYou will attach the enhanced course blueprint. Take the standard course blueprint. Review each goal & objective. Decide which one that you will enhance to honors level and write in an enhanced goal or objective. You may want to highlight in yellow or bold the objective or goal to distinguish honors objectives & goals from the standard goals & objectives. 4ConceptsDo the same procedure for the course outline Continue through the template until you complete your Honors Teaching Portfolio Send the portfolio via email to Helen

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