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Learn More from UC about A-G

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1 Learn More from UC about A-G
Monica H. Lin, Ph.D. Undergraduate Admissions – Articulation UC Office of the President

2 Overview Background on UCOP High School Articulation
Major “a-g” enhancements & policy updates Connecting “a-g” to Common Core UC’s role in improving college & career readiness Coming soon: A-G Course Management Portal Future directions

3 UCOP High School Articulation
What is articulation? Our mission: Communicate & implement UC faculty “a-g” policy Evaluate high school courses for quality & rigor Support California educators and administrators Facilitate students’ preparation for college

4 A-G Course Lists UC / CSU admission requirements: 15-course pattern of “a-g” college-preparatory courses UC reviews high school courses based on criteria established by UC faculty Approved courses appear on “a-g” course lists used in University admission evaluations Submit “a-g” courses and revisions online

5 A-G Course Submission Timeline
February 1 Opening of A-G Course Submission Cycle PHASE 1 February 1 to May 31 New courses may have up to 2 resubmission opportunities PHASE 2 June 1 to July 31 New courses may have 1 resubmission opportunity PHASE 3 August 1 to September 15 New courses have no resubmission opportunity Final deadline for new course submissions and resubmissions

6 A-G Course Reviews Why take this course?
Outlook on learning & knowledge Ways of thinking & acting What will a student learn in this course? Skills, abilities, competencies, proficiencies Depth, breadth, mastery of understanding How will this course contribute to a student’s overall preparation for college-level study? Evidence of skills & content learned Key assignments Formative & summative assessments

7 A-G Enhancements Collaborated with UC faculty to clarify & update the “a-g” course criteria Consistency between goals of “a-g” subject requirements & goals of Common Core In progress: new “a-g” course evaluation rubrics

8 Policy Update: UC Honors A-G Courses
UC faculty-approved policy revisions, effective : No limits on UC-designated honors courses approved for a school’s “a-g” list School-created, college-preparatory elective (“g”) honors courses eligible for UC honors UC honors courses must have a non-honors equivalent, but simultaneous offerings not required Allow 10th grade courses to qualify for UC honors

9 Connecting A-G to Common Core
Alignment of “a-g” goals & Common Core goals Math (“c”) subject requirement – concerns RE transition to CCSS Math course sequencing Both traditional & integrated math accepted by UC

10 Improving College & Career Readiness
UC highly encourages integrated courses Traditional academics & career technical education (CTE) UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Initiative UCCI Institutes UCCI Teacher Exchange Program

11 A-G Course Management Portal (CMP)
New feature highlights: Individual user registration & system access Streamlined course submission form Access to all approved “a-g” course descriptions REVIEW of “a-g” course submissions REPOSITORY of “a-g” courses RESOURCE for college-preparatory curriculum in California

12 Vision Statement Increase students’ preparation for and access to UC through: Teaching Provide statewide resource for college-preparatory curriculum Create a collaborative online faculty community Research Offer “a-g” data mine for research & policymaking Public service Deliver “a-g” and UCCI outreach/training programs


14 University of California Undergraduate Admissions
University of California “a-g” subject requirements A-G Course Lists – A-G Online Update – A-G Guide – UC Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Initiative UCOP High School Articulation Phone: (510)

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