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Adolescent Self-Portrait Presentation

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1 Adolescent Self-Portrait Presentation

2 What it feels like to be an adolescent
Who am I? As an adolescent, an individual nurtures a feeling of character. One of the most significant functions of adolescence is attempting to look for what destinations you want to reach in life. An adolescent’s function is the last process prior to being an adult. This level of cultivation permits the adolescent to look for their sense of self.

3 Social Function w/Adolescents
Adolescents are most likely to observe poor social execution when they have raised levels of problems both in family and friend connections. Adolescents with raised levels of problems with their parents are not similarly at danger for with low peer connections.

4 Adolescent Social Behaviors
Conflict can be a socialization instance in which will aid adolescents in knowing how to communicate with other people, being in significant socialization in which will aid them to carry on more efficiently with girls and boys in their age range. Problems must be anticipated in various areas of life and negatively unfair view can be disadvantageous to adolescents’ social adaptation..

5 Body-Image and Self-Concept
Adolescent’s uniqueness and imperfections from friends are subject for judgments. Women are more conscious regarding their looks when compared to boys. Culture have an important function in adolescents judgment regarding looks. To an Adolescent, any imperfect or dominant physical factor can be a subject for judgment. Those who feel more appealing appears to be more confident when compared to those uncomfortable with their appearance.

6 Early & Late Maturation in Boys
Early maturing boys can still have not acquired logical or emotional development. Boys that mature late experience inferiority because of young or small statute when compared to friends. Boys that mature late appears to have lower levels of self confidence. Boys that appear to be mature or older looks to other people in which they can decide great choices and have experience in leadership than what they currently have. They are still not ready to be in mature instances for they are not mentally ready. Boys who have matured late have the time duration to build a strong essence of dignity. Having the opportunity to encounter prior stresses have made them and capable of dealing with instances with ease rather than those who matured earlier.

7 Early & Late Maturing Girls
Girls that mature early appear to be caught in more problems Probability to date, drink, smoke and have sexual intercourse is high. Have more problems at school. Late maturing girls appears to excel at school Late maturing girls can encounter some depression as they patiently wait for their looks to change. My relative currently in the age of 15 literally appeared to be a 22 year old full bodied woman in looks yet a young girl actually. She is not yet ready to face the world for it may take advantage of her. Today, she is a mother of two children in a young age of 17. She did not want to be a mother in a young age. Yet this is a result and reality of how adolescents appears to be placed in adult instances which they are not yet prepared for. I personally was a late bloomer and used the time in “waiting for my body to cope” to concentrate on my education and my achievements. I was top 5 of my class in Junior High and High school.

Main Topic : Perhaps prior of development of a person An individual requires some security and predictability to their selves How do these factors influence personality cultivation There are phases in life from adolescents to young adulthood in which we have encountered. Looking for routines in one is needed to feel stable and secured in ones self.

9 SPECIFIC CHANGES A person’s attitude can bloom and can be cultivated. Gender expression issue, is how we demonstrate ourselves to other in methods reliant to gender in which involves attitude and behavior. Social Environment is a major particular alteration in personality advancement. These specific changes, such as social environment. Social environment is always changing and so are our personalities to fit the environment in order to communicate with one another.

FEMALES: FOUR FACTORS NEWMAN & NEWMAN The estrogen cycle has been related to alterations in mood, with times of low estrogen production related to negative emotions and low self confidence At puberty, girls become more conscious of their appearance and particularly have issues regarding obesity and unattractiveness. Girls appear to see within comprehensions of their failures and concern, pointing themselves on their own lack of capabilities. Even when girls acquired strong social aid from their friends and parents, they are also sensitive to the concerns. It is very well accepted in which woman hormones have a huge influence on her attitude due to the self- actualization she develops. Being on puberty triggers numerous emotional and mental alterations in a young girl’s life. If she has low self-confidence her character will demonstrate and she will carry herself with that character will demonstrate someone of low self esteem.

MALES: Boys appear to concentrate on determinants outside the person, pointing other people or unjust bargains for their failures. Boys who matured late arrived 30’s formulated stronger and more sturdy essence of dignity, rather than clicking those in another group. Perhaps encounters with the earlier problems strengthened late matures and became more aggressive. Probably acquiring more time and space for development gave them chances to concentrate on. Men’s perception is all about the outside appearance to point on who they have been developed and what they have done in life. The inner emotions of a boy is not similar to a girl. As explained in the previous slide, a girl’s emotion demonstrate a lot of her dignity while a man point out outside determinants for their failures.

12 Differences between males and females biologically
Voice alterations Facial hair Production of testosterone FEMALES Breast Extra X chromosome Production of estrogen Early growth spurts Menstrual cycle Males and females are really unique with each other. They grow at various time and methods. Females develop breasts while males grow facial hair when in puberty. Males have voice alterations while females undergo growth spurts sooner. Males have large production of testosterone while females have large production of estrogen.

13 Differences between males and females socially
*Do not desire to show emotions Numerous studies are conducted to prove that men are better at mathematics. Males have more activities Explore physically FEMALES Females develop their vocabulary Have more known words Are better at comprehending non verbal indications and determining emotions Woman are inclined with their emotions Females utilize more visual exploration Males appear to show emotion lesser when compared to females. Females develops large vocabulary when compared to males in a younger age and are better in comprehending non verbal indications and analyzing other’s emotions. Numerous studies have shown in which males have higher performance in mathematics and males also have more activities rather than females.

14 Difference between males and females psychologically
Will choose cars over dolls in a young age Demonstrate more aggresiveness Males are more inclined in building and putting things together. FEMALES More empathetically respond to other people Demonstrate calmness Will make more eye contact at a young age. Differences can be observed in males and females at a young age. Males will always choose airplanes and cars while females will choose stuffed animals and dolls. Males will demonstrate physical aggressiveness like hitting and pushing while girls are more indirect like speech and gossips. Females show more eye contact and determine expressions more when compared to males at a young age.

OUTCOMES ARE BOTH POSITIVE & NEGATIVE In adulthood, the variation of early and late matures become more vague In conclusion, many other factors are linked in an individuals cultivation. For instance: social and cognitive in which is hard to predict the effects of any one factor like maturation rate. They are undergoing numerous changes, bad and good instances in which will have an impact on a adolescent’s life. With needed education demonstrated to young adolescents by good parenting and education will direct them to their goals in being accepting on their identity and attitudes.

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