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1 Lincoln Footbridges Stewart Bewick -22 nd September 2014.

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1 1 Lincoln Footbridges Stewart Bewick -22 nd September 2014

2 2 Lincoln Crossings – The Problem Lincoln city centre is divided by two level crossings. They are there to protect safety but we know they cause disruption and can be frustrating. Most people use the crossings properly but we regularly see people rushing across them once the warnings have started, running around the lowering barriers or even climbing over them, putting themselves at risk.. The misuse at these crossings needs to be urgently addressed. We are consulting city partners and the public to find designs that reduce risk and inconvenience by separating rail and pedestrian traffic by providing new pedestrian connections across the city.

3 3 Safety risk is posed by misuse of the level crossings, not the technical design Incidents of misuse of the Lincoln Level Crossings are of significant concern, Our aim is to; – Improve the safety of the public – Improve the safety of the railway Level Crossings – Safety Risks

4 4 4 Crossing Misuse

5 5 5 Brayford Wharf – Proposal Footbridge – single lift, stairs. Footpath crossings retained, single lane highway. Swan island Future proofed for electrification

6 6 Brayford Wharf – Programme Planning approved on 9.4.13 with 12 conditions Enabling Works – Swan Island (December 2013) A value engineering exercise is currently being undertaken on the project. Footbridge Construction programme is reliant on the services being diverted which are anticipated to commence in January 2015.

7 7 High Street – Proposal Free Standing Structure. Single Lift and Stairs. Requirement to alter 179 High Street. Future proofed for electrification

8 8 High Street - Proposal

9 9 High Street (Existing & Proposed )

10 10 High Street – Programme Planning approved on 29.1.14. The design is continuing. Vacant possession of 179 High Street has been obtained. Construction programme -October 2014 to September 2015.

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