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North East Transport Consultative Forum Woodhill House, Aberdeen 2 nd October 2014.

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2 North East Transport Consultative Forum Woodhill House, Aberdeen 2 nd October 2014

3 Welcome Councillor Ramsay Milne Deputy Chair, Nestrans

4 Progress and Update Derick Murray Director, Nestrans

5 Policy RTS Re-fresh published in January 2014 Action Plans Health & Transport Action Plan - refresh completed summer 2014 Freight Action Plan – refresh completed summer 2014 Rail Action Plan – Rail Forum established in 2014 Bus Action Plan - currently reviewing Bus Punctuality Improvement Partnership and Quality Partnership agreements Active Travel Action Plan – currently out for consultation Strategic Transport Fund – currently being reviewed as guidance under the Strategic Development Plan Aviation and access to London

6 Projects being delivered ProjectAnticipated delivery A96 Airport Link Road2015 A96 Park & Ride2016 3 rd Don Crossing and city road improvement schemes2016-19 Kintore Station2014-19 Aberdeen – Inverness Rail Phase 12019 Balmedie-Tipperty2017 AWPR2018 A96 Inveramsay Bridge2016

7 Projects in the pipeline ProjectDetails A90(S) Park & RideCurrently going through the planning process. Haudagain junctionFunds committed for design. Construction due to start in 2018 Bridge of Dee and other strategic transport projects. To mitigate development and to be delivered through the Strategic Transport Fund. Locking in the Benefits, including city centre pedestrianisation. Studies on-going A96 duallingScottish Government commitment by 2030 Aberdeen HarbourMajor expansion planned at Nigg Bay Peterhead & Fraserburgh Harbours Expansion

8 Projects in the pipeline ProjectDetails Aberdeen AirportPredicting significant growth Development of the strategic cycle network Aberdeen – Inverness rail improvements Aberdeen – Central Belt rail improvements Energetica / Buchan CorridorSTAG and feasibility study being commissioned 2014 Access to LaurencekirkSTAG appraisal underway Cross City Connections StudyAbout to be commissioned

9 Active Travel as a key element of Regional Transport Strategy Rab Dickson Transport Strategy Manager, Nestrans

10 AcTrAP as a daughter document  The RTS was approved in January 2014  Five daughter documents –Rail Action Plan –Freight Action Plan –Bus Action Plan –Health and Transport Action Plan –Active Travel Action Plan

11 Fit with National Policy  National Transport Strategy  Cycling Action Plan Scotland  National Walking Strategy  Let’s Make Scotland More Active  Transport Scotland  Cycling Scotland  Greener Scotland  NHS Health Scotland  Living Streets  Sustrans  Physical Activity Health Alliance

12 AcTrAP in north east context  Active Travel is a key element of RTS  Developed in association with local authorities  Partner agencies

13 Making Active Travel Safer  Barriers to walking and cycling  Cyclists represent <2% of traffic  But between 12 and 14% of casualties  Health benefits outweigh the risk

14 Nestrans’ record on Investment  Since 2006, Nestrans has invested over £5 million in Active Travel  Almost one third of our budget, averaging £634,000 per year  £1.36 per head per year

15 The draft Active Travel Action Plan Kirsty Chalmers Transport Executive, Nestrans

16 Vision To create an environment and culture in which walking and cycling are convenient, safe, comfortable, healthy and attractive choices of travel for everyday journeys.

17 Objectives 1. To increase active travel mode share and work towards achieving the National vision for cycling. 2. To improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists by reducing the total number of casualties and the percentage of total accidents. Journeys to work (2012)Aberdeen CityAberdeenshire Walking21%10% Cycling3%1% Grampian2012 Pedestrian casualties186 (14% of all casualties) Cycle casualties66 (5% of all casualties)

18 Developing a strategic network A long term strategic vision for a connected network of active travel routes To link to on-going work to develop the National Cycle Network and local cycle networks Integrated Travel Towns in Aberdeenshire and key destinations in the city To provide opportunities for both short trips and longer distance journeys To provide attractive and safe routes for cyclists and pedestrians Linking key towns and destinations across the region A wide range of journey purposes from commuting, travel to school, tourism and leisure journeys



21 Priorities and Actions Completion of existing routes The commuter network

22 Policies and Actions New infrastructure New developments Schools and cycle training Cycle parking Safety Information, marketing and publicity

23 Workshop Discussions 1.AcTrAP Vision and Objectives 2.The Plan and its priorities 3.Developing key Actions


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