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Your first mentored grant proposal: The National Institutes of Health F and K proposals Alison K. Hall, Ph.D. Case School of Medicine Office of Graduate.

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1 Your first mentored grant proposal: The National Institutes of Health F and K proposals Alison K. Hall, Ph.D. Case School of Medicine Office of Graduate Education

2 Committee on National Needs for Biomedical and Behavioral Scientists, a unit of the National Research Council, the operating arm of the National Academy of Sciences. Estimates that there are some 52,000 postdocs in the country (2001) 3/4 in life sciences, half from foreign countries

3 Postdoctoral trainess at Case SOM, Spring 2005 Total SOMMaleFemale Postdoc Scholar 301812 Postdoc Fellow 814833 Research Associate* 277160117 Senior Research Associate* 573324 Many are planning independent careers

4 Postdocs are at a critical juncture in training productive self-reliant about to embark on independent careers Often write a grant to seek financial support and recognition for their research

5 Why do you want a mentored grant? 1.Makes the relationship with the PI explicit 2.Benefits associated with grant 3.Looks good on your resume 4.Great learning experience 5.Not ready for the R01…

6 Where do you start? Communicate your PI, potential mentors/committee your chairperson the Office of Research Are you ready? pilot data time to focus appointment status deadlines Do you qualify? Not every Institute has these mechanisms Restricted to US citizens, permanent residents

7 The F32 NRSA individuals seeking posdoctoral research training in the basic and clinical sciences F32->RO1 set stipend scale and supplement

8 The F32 NRSA February 4, 2005 Stipends for Kirschstein-NRSA awards 2005 Postdoctoral Years of Experience: 0 $ 35,568 1 $ 37,476 2 $ 41,796 3 $ 43,428 4 $ 45,048 5 $ 46,992 6 $ 48,852 7 or more$ 51,036 Program announcements Institutional Allowance $5,500 Research supplies, health insurance, travel to mtgs

9 2002 Number number total cost success reviewed awarded awarded 1000s rate* MD202914,60245 PHD1,33651620,81338.6 all1,53860725,41539.5 Percentage that receive funding in a year (a resubmission is only counted the first time) The F32 NRSA is a reasonable goal: Success rates on Individual Postdoc Fellowship applications

10 Prepare the Application: read the instructions!! start early, seek internal reviewers a.Candidate (grades, GREs, etc) a.US citizen or permanent resident b.Doctoral degree (many ok) b.Sponsor and Training Environment c.Research Proposal a.Up to 3 yrs c.Training Potential d.Vertebrate Animals, Human Subjects etc. e.3 times per year, usu Feb1, June1, Oct 1 The A1 or A2. You may have to resubmit…

11 The F32 NRSA success is about 30%

12 Postdoctoral trainees are funded by many Institutes

13 1F30NS050913-01Assistive Device Control With Brain Surface Signals 5F30ES011931-03Initiation of Experimental Colitis by Commensal Flora 1F31HD049326-01Upper Extremity Control Using Reinforcement Learning 1F31MH073296-01Molecular Genetics of the Serotonin System 1F31NR009344-01Dance and Physical Activity in African American Women 5F31HD041926-03PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES 1F31MH074241-01ERK2 Specific Function of the CNS 5F31NR007943-04Kangaroo Care Effects on post/cath stabilization 1F32GM074554-01Creation of designer biogenic amine receptors 1F32AG024031-01A1Mechanisms of Abeta-Stimulated ROS in Microglia 5F32EB003363-02Group Theory Applied to rf Coil Design Predoctoral (Graduate Students!) Postdoctoral Case has few F awards

14 Grantwriting Resources Grantpersonship: An Instruction Manual NIMH Grant Application Process FASEB Grantsmanship Training Program Grant Application Writer’s Handbook, Reif-Lehrer

15 The K08 For clinically trained persons to pursue research careers in basic or clinical sciences. Must apply within 3 years of clinical Training (residency +1 year of clinical fellowship) Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award K08->K02-> R01 up to $85,000 salary up to $50,000 costs per year up to five years, non-renewable

16 The K08 Prepare the Application: read the instructions!! a.Candidate b.Research Plan c.Career Development Plan/ Training Plan d.Environment/ Institutional support e.Mentor* f.Vertebrate Animals, Human Subjects etc. g.The A1 or A2. You may have to resubmit… h.(The summary statement)

17 The K08 1.Candidate** 2.Basic Science Mentor/co Mentor: 1.Good working relationship 2.Often funded by NIH 3.Expert in this area 4.Experienced trainer **some Institutes require faculty appointment (eg Instructor)

18 The K08 3. Career Development Plan (very important) Focused and relevant New techniques, new area, could be funded Present at meetings, review grants, external courses Update didactics Create an oversight committee familiar with research, career goals, meet six mos for feedback 4. Research Plan Provide preliminary data to support rationale, approach. Focus! Include study of Research Ethics, animals etc.

19 The K08 See supplementary info at each institute Insure protected time -Do not assume that 75% means anything except 75% of your total working hours -These estimates are carefully reviewed essential that your chair state this not contingent on receipt of the grant -50% Neurosurgery

20 What happens to your application after it leaves the mailbox? Scientific Review Group in Center for Scientific Review Study section review supplements Scores and percentiles Summary sheet

21 Inside the NIH Grant Review Process 39 min video NIH Center for Scientific Review Includes R01/K08/ R03 Download proposals View the video on the web Helpful Hints for an NLHBI K08 Application

22 1K08HL073240-01A1Medullary GABAergic Neurons in Neonatal Reflex Apnea 5K08AI001581-05CD8+ T CELLS AND MYCOPLASMA TUBERCULOSIS 5K08CA084337-06ERBB2 KINASE SIGNALING IN COLON CARCINOGENESIS 5K08DK059488-04The Role of TGF-alpha in the Pathogenesis of ARPKD 5K08DK002699-05QUANTITATIVE EXPRESSION LIBRARIES TO IDENTIFY ESRD GENES 5K08MH068584-02Youth Subjective Experience of Psychotropic Treatment 5K08HL004299-05PULMONARY IMMUNE DEFENCES AGAINST M. BOVIS-BCG INFECTION 5K08AI054652-02Innate immune responses in lymphatic filariasis 1K08HD047431-01Metabolic Requirements for Oogenesis and Embryogenesis 5K08AI051565-03Immunologic Studies of Endemic Burkitt's Lymphoma 5K08NS046486-02Systemic perinatal insults disrupt neurodevelopment 5K08NS041594-03The Role of PPAR Agonists in Inflammation and stroke K08 awards at Case

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