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NRSA Training Grants and Fellowships Basics Sponsored Projects Administration.

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1 NRSA Training Grants and Fellowships Basics Sponsored Projects Administration

2 Audience This course is intended for “department administrative staff”—including department administrators, division managers, department fiscal managers, department effort coordinators, etc.

3 Introduction Training Grants and Fellowships are designed to develop or enhance research training opportunities in order to ensure a diverse and highly trained workforce will be available

4 Introduction This session will focus on Federal Kirschstein-NRSA awards, however, the principles learned should be applied to all training grants and fellowships.

5 Introduction Training Grants and Fellowships are known as T and F awards because the activity type assigned by the NIH begins with a T or an F. Training Grants are awarded to OHSU for a predefined program Fellowships are for an individual training experience

6 Introduction Fellow must be a citizen, non-citizen national, or lawfully admitted for permanent residence Training grants: must have been admitted for residency at the time of appointment Fellowships: must have been admitted for residency at the time of award

7 Introduction Degree Requirements: Predoc: must have a baccalaureate degree and be enrolled in a doctoral program Programs include F31, F30, and T31 Postdoc: Ph.D. or M.D. or comparable doctoral degree from an accredited domestic or foreign institution Programs include F32 and T32

8 Introduction Current OHSU Statistics: F31 – 14 F32 – 18 T32 – 21 Approximately 175 Trainees

9 Introduction In 2006 NIH awarded: T32s -1952 F Awards - 2970 F32s - 1587

10 Introduction NIH resources Grants Policy Statement, Kirschstein-NRSA Section: NIHGPS_Part10.htm#_Toc54600187 NIHGPS_Part10.htm#_Toc54600187 Program Announcements and Other Information:

11 Classifications The NIH clearly states that fellows appointed to a T and F awards cannot be employees. Stipends are coded to the GR-Stipend-1099 NonSubject. Stipends must be issued via Accounts Payable Trainees must meet HR requirements: aper.shtml aper.shtml

12 Classifications Predoctoral: Predoc Trainees Health Insurance Information:

13 Classifications Postdoctoral: Postdoc Trainee Health insurance contribution equal to unclassified employees Postdoc Guide to Research: dex.shtml dex.shtml

14 Classifications Submit a PA to HR to Postdoc Trainee: Existing HR Record: New HR Record:

15 Appointments Appointments are intended to be for one year Requires full time research training (must be 100% effort and 1.0 FTE) Limited to five years at the predoc level and three years at the post doc level

16 Stipends Stipend A subsistence allowance to help defray living expenses during the research training experience. This is not a salary. Levels are predefined Set annually by NIH Link: v.shtml#stipend v.shtml#stipend

17 Stipend Levels Career Level Stipend (FY 2009) Undergraduates in the MARC and COR programs: Freshmen/Sophomores$7,896 Juniors/Seniors$11,064 Predoctoral$20,976 Postdoctoral - years of experience: 0$37,368 1$39,360 2$42,204 3$43,860 4$45,504 5$47,460 6$49,344 7 or more$51,552

18 Stipends Post doc graduation date = degree conferred “Relevant Experience” may include: Research experience outside OHSU Clinical duties Residency Internship Teaching assistantship Time spent in a health related field beyond that of qualifying for a doctoral degree The PI determines if experience is relevant, and may have to justify assessment to the NIH

19 Stipend Memo The department may initiate the stipend memo If possible, begin appointments on the first day of the month Mid-month appointments are prorated based on the number of days in the month The memo is routed to SPA for approval, then taken to AP

20 Prorating Example Predoc appointed 4/2/09-4/1/10 Prorate 4/2/09-4/30/09: (29/30)*1,748=1,689.73 Prorate 4/1/10: 1,748 – 1,689.73=58.27 APRIL SMTWTFS 1234 567891011 12131415161718 19202122232425 2627282930

21 Stipend Memo Stipends should be to AP by the 15 th of each month New Trainee must submit a Residency Status Information Form: dencyStatusInformation.pdf dencyStatusInformation.pdf Direct Deposit Request form to AP: DirectDeposit.doc. DirectDeposit.doc

22 Leave Annual Leave: Vacation – 80 hours Holiday – same as Unclassified Employees Sick – 15 calendar days Parental Leave – 30 calendar days Tracked by the department

23 Summary This course has given an overview of NRSA T and F awards Understanding will help the ensure proper stewardship of federal funds

24 NRSA Training Grants and Fellowships Basics Questions?

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