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Clinical research career development Ian Hall Chair, MRC Clinical Training Fellowship Panel.

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1 Clinical research career development Ian Hall Chair, MRC Clinical Training Fellowship Panel

2 Methodology Development Three MRC Fellowship groups Non Clinical, Clinical and some of Strategic Skill fellowships 123456789101112 Career Development Award Senior Non-Clinical CRTF Clinician Scientist Senior Clinical Clinical Lectureship Senior Clinical Lectureship Population Health Science Biomed informatics, Biostats, Economics of Health Yrs Post PhD

3 MRC has a leading role and complementary partnerships in clinical research training

4 Fellowships: More than just a grant! “My fellowship led directly to more opportunities and collaborations…” MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow Resources Protected time Connections, networks Potential to establish competitive position Route to independence Recognition Influence Great opportunities Outstanding researchers

5 Example of partnership with the Academy of Medical Sciences £30k CL Starter Grants 3 month Policy Internships

6 Clinical Fellowships Clinical Scientist fellowship Aim to develop outstanding clinically qualified professionals who have gained a PhD/DPhil to establish themselves as independent researchers. Up to 4 years' support (or 5 years if 40% clinical work involved) Support: fellow’s salary + research expenses (including research support staff) + travel Average cost per award = approximately £1m.

7 Clinical Fellowships Senior Clinical fellowship Aimed at clinical researchers who are independent researchers Must have a PhD/MD + at least 3 years post-doctoral research experience, and they must not hold a tenured academic position. 5 years support…. Around £1.5-2.0m.

8 MRC Research Fellows Fellowships –The person –The project –The ‘place’ Grants –The project / programme –The people –The ‘place (s)’ “ The thing I enjoy so much is that my work has direct application to people …” MRC/Academy of Medical Sciences Clinician Scientist Great opportunities Outstanding researchers

9 Working with industry: Potential benefits “Ultimately, if you want to have a positive impact on patients, then you need industry’s support.” MRC Senior Non-Clinical Fellow Advancing shared interests Exchange of knowledge Access to technologies Access to quality-assured libraries, banks Route to translation Understanding of commercial needs & decision-making Great opportunities

10 Great outcomes for MRC clinician PhDs (CRTFs) training in 1991 57% FMedSci 8 FMedSci

11 Great outcomes for clinician PhDs: Sample of 1993-2003 Clinical Research Training Fellows 88% of ex-fellows in academic posts are clinically active 65% spend >25% of time on clinical activities Most direct or lead research ~80% of ex-fellows in fully clinical posts are research active Most spend <25% of time on research Most contribute to research led by others 27% now hold a senior clinical position 65% now hold a senior academic position

12 In developing your career, choose carefully Early career researchers are not just ‘pairs of hands’ Choose inspirational supervisors / leaders Take responsibility for your project Don’t go any old ‘Bad Project…!’ m/watch?v=Fl4L4M8m4 d0 m/watch?v=Fl4L4M8m4 d0

13 March 2012 13 Understand how peer review works External referees Committee scores & ranks Reports & scores Committee feedback Shortlisting 3 per 3-yr Proposal By Committee subgroup National Institutes of Health (NIH) ?v=fBDxI6l4dOA Learn from your mentors, peers & funders how peer review works

14 Writing fellowship & grant proposals 1.Don’t be boring (“So what?”) 2.Be ambitious, original and credible 3.Structure a clear, logical plan to achieve challenging objectives 4.Explain pilot data & others’ inputs 5.Risks are inevitable: Have a Plan B 6.Write clearly, for experts & non- experts in your field. Make your proposal easy to read! 7.Invite tough criticism from peers, mentors & friends before you submit Excite & don’t annoy your reviewers

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