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Nature of Science.

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1 Nature of Science

2 What is Science? Science is a particular way of understanding the natural world. It allows us to connect the past with the present. It asks: What’s there? How does it work? How did it come to be this way?

3 Science is a process “The Scientific Method” is only a very small part of science. In fact most science involves continuous observations, questions, multiple hypotheses, and more observations. It seldom “concludes” and never “proves.”

4 “Scientific Method” Ask a question Form a hypothesis
Set up a controlled experiment Record and analyze the results Draw a conclusion

5 Ask a question and form a hypothesis
Scientific Inquiry: A diverse way to study the world and provide explanations based on evidence gathered. A hypothesis is a possible answer or explanation to a scientific question. The hypothesis must be testable. So evidence gathered can either support or disprove the hypothesis.

6 Designing an experiment
Controlled experiment: an experiment in which only one variable is manipulated. Variable: A factor that can be changed. (Weight, Length, Number of …, etc.) Independent vs. Dependent variables: The variable that is changed to test a hypothesis is the independent. The variable changed in response to the change in the independent variable is known as the dependent.

7 Collecting data and drawing a Conclusion.
Data: The facts, figures and other evidence gathered through observations. Conclusion: The summary of what you learned from an experiment. This is were you support or reject the hypothesis.

8 The Nature of Inquiry There is no set path that a scientific inquiry must follow. Pose Question Form a Hypothesis Communicate Draw a Conclusion Collect Data Design an Experiment

9 Theories and Models Theories are overarching explanations that make sense of some aspect of nature. Theories are based on evidence and have been tested in many ways. (Ex: cell theory and gravitational theory) Models are also based on evidence and like theories are subject to change when new evidence is available.

10 Science is uncertain, tentative and always subject to change.
Science is influenced by a lot of things including technology and humans values.

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