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I hope your colleges years are better than mine….

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1 I hope your colleges years are better than mine…

2 Brad J Ward CEO – BlueFuego ( BlueFuego provides colleges and universities the help they need to effectively utilize web-based tools for admissions, marketing, yielding and more.

3 Brad’s Study: Looked at 244,738 posts across higher-ed Facebook pages (2010) Removed any page with less than 300 fans Removed any page that didn’t post at least 5 posts per month Calculated “engagement”

4 What did BlueFuego find?

5 10 most engaging pages averaged 14.8 updates per month 10 least engaging pages in the nation averaged 57.8 updates per month Less = More

6 How’d they figure “engagement”?

7 But didn’t Facebook just change its News- Feed algorith?

8 EdgeRank Meet Trent

9 EdgeRank Trent’s Edges An “edge” is any form of interaction a user may incur with the use of an object similar to the primary action of object wherein Facebook contacts can share, like, or comment.

10 EdgeRank Understand: Your News Feed ≠ news News Feed = chart of relevant Edges based on your connections with users and apps Confused? It gets worse…

11 EdgeRank 3 parts to a user’s EdgeRank 1.Affinity Score 2.Weight Score 3.Recency Score

12 EdgeRank 1.Affinity (Ue) The “score” between the edge creator and viewing user. The more you interact/view a friends updates, photos, apps, et. All – the hire the affinity score. This is a one-way score. Just because you’re FB stalking her, doesn’t mean you’re showing up in her feed.

13 EdgeRank 2. Weight (We) This depends on the certain edges the with which the user is interacting. Not all edges are created equally. Videos, photos, and links are the heaviest edges.

14 EdgeRank 3.Recency (De)(also known as “Decay”) The time when an edge is created. The more recent an edge, the higher recency score it carries.

15 EdgeRank Other Factors –Posting from 3 rd party apps (Hootsuite, TweetDeck) will lower your EdgeRank –Quality content –Frequency Which takes us back to BlueFuego…

16 Brad’s Study BlueFuego conducted the study in 2011

17 Brad’s Study 14.8 is still the “Magic Number” Also 9/10 top schools weren’t in the top 10 in 2010 The top 100 pages decreased posts to 18.9 updates per month (compared to 20.2 in 2010)

18 Is this all just a facebook “double rainbow”?

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