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SchreckTeck Academy Jump Start- FACEBOOK Gina Schreck, President, SynapseConnecting.

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1 SchreckTeck Academy Jump Start- FACEBOOK Gina Schreck, President, SynapseConnecting

2 Program Overview Your Goals and Your Brand What are your keywords? Different Tools—Different Purposes Twitter Feeds the Rest Importance of Hashtags Facebook PAGES versus PROFILES Using Lists to Send and Read Understanding EdgeRank What’s BING Got to Do With It? Tagging People and Pages Power Tools To Integrate or NOT to Integrate Scheduling Posts- Should You Do It? YouTube; Quora, and Others

3 650 MILLION on Board ½ Check in Daily Consumer Behavior Has Changed 17% Trust Advertising 78% Trust Peers Facebook for Your Business

4 ONE Personal Profile Business Page(s) are attached The 2 Faces of Facebook Personal Profile Biz PAGE



7 WelcomingVISUAL Lots of Activity STAND OUT PAGES

8 Before & After

9 VideosPhotosLinks USE MORE VISUALS

10 GREAT Visuals

11 Video; Photos; Links = SHARE 3 rd Party Tools Hurt Facebook Edge Rank Score

12 Affinity Score Be LIKEABLE Content Weight Score Getting LIKES & COMMENTS Time Decay The older the less the score ENGAGEMENT = EdgeRank

13 Suggest to Friends ALSO SHARE… More than ONCE Tag your PAGE on your PROFILE and elsewhere SHARE again! Inviting People In

14 1. Personal PROFILE (if you don’t have one set up yet) 2. (to start your Business PAGE) 3. (to claim your URL once you have 25 LIKES) Getting Started

15 Events Guest Experts Q&A Topic Trivia Night BIG Engagement

16 Facebook Daily Activity Post content in the AM with PHOTO, LINK, VIDEO or POLL (Question) Scan and Reply (don’t forget the SOCIAL) Go to other PAGES you LIKE & comment as YOUR PAGE Tweet asking people to “Join in the conversation” Post again in the PM-same as above Wash-Rinse-Repeat

17 Editorial Calendar ThemeMonTuesWedThursFriSat Content / Where Spring Clean Blog FB Page Tips on Twitter Video on FB Question on FBook Tips on Twitter FAN Feature on FB Recap Blog comments Content / Where BaseballBlog Tips Ask the Expert on FB Wacky Wed VIDEO Tips Content / Where

18 Homework Start Your Business PAGE Invite your PERSONAL PROFILE friends (2 x per week at different times) Add Twitter & Facebook links to your signature line on Email Comment & LIKE posts each day (10 min)

19 GinaSchreck @GinaSchreck (Twitter) Facebook- Gina Schreck

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