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So What is it? BT Conference Call MeetMe is Simplicity Embodied! The simplest PhoneConferencing service in the world! Meet with up to 20 people over any.

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1 So What is it? BT Conference Call MeetMe is Simplicity Embodied! The simplest PhoneConferencing service in the world! Meet with up to 20 people over any phone (mobile or landline) No booking required - register once and use the same details for every conference Meet any time - night or day, from wherever you are in the world Catch up for 5 minutes - or 5 hours, be as flexible as you want Just use one phone number and a 6 digit passcode to join your meeting

2 So What can it do? It has a whole range of features to make meeting a lot easier Operator assistance at the touch of a button Announcements when people join and leave the meeting Mute your line - if you are on a mobile or a noisy place Roll call to announce who is in the meeting Call a new participant from the meeting - and invite them to join Lock the conference for security Allow meetings to continue without the chairperson

3 So What Can I Use it for? For any meetings where you need to catch up with up to 20 people. Project Management updates - keep closer tabs Regular team meetings and catch ups Team briefings Document reviews Quick impromptu discussions to reach quick decisions Catching up with suppliers and customers Crisis management meetings

4 So How can it Help me? It can save you time, money and STRESS! Reduce the length of meetings No need to travel, save time and money and therefore…. Increase your productivity Involve all key people, wherever they are Reduce stress in rushing from meeting to meeting Catch up with people when on the move

5 So How do I use it? All you need is a touch-tone phone.. And to follow the instructions Register once for a FREE account You get a telephone number and two passcodes - one for you as chairperson and one for all your participants Tell people when you want to meet Give them the telephone number and passcode Follow the voice prompts to join the meeting Use the features as necessary Pay as you use and receive a quarterly bill

6 So How can I get an Account? Just call us on 0800 083 7845 to open an account We send you an email with your telephone number and passcodes - keep these details safe You receive a welcome letter with plastic aide-memoire card to remind you of the features You now have you own “personal meeting room” Visit for all you need to

7 So What is BT MeetMe Web Tools? Take your meeting online with BT MeetMe Web Tools You can not only hold a phoneconference but also join the meeting over the web too! Link people through their web browsers as well as the phone See your virtual meeting - complete with meeting table and people! Share thoughts on a whiteboard Chat privately or with a group over the web Work together on documents by sharing them over the web

8 So What can Web Tools do? Make your meetings more collaborative Named ICONs to represent who is present Just click to mute people, call another participant, do a roll call, lock the conference People can join by phone only, just click to identify them.

9 So What can Web Tools do? Share thoughts on the Whiteboard All participants on the web can see and draw on the whiteboard Write free text in any colour and use a pointer to show workings Sketch out designs using shapes and arrows

10 So What can Web Tools do? Application sharing for greater collaboration Share any application on your PC, even ones which the other participants don’t have Show documents or your desktop to participants Invite participants to edit documents online

11 So What can Web Tools do? Chat using text messages over the web Have a private chat with one person in the conference Chat with everyone in the conference - to share text information such as contact details

12 So What can Web Tools do? Personalise your BT MeetMe account Customise the settings to suit the way you work and submit online Music before chair Entry announcements Exit announcements Allow Web Tools

13 So What can I use Web Tools for? Work Together Online Project Management meetings Creative discussions and brainstorming Preparing joint presentations Show people a new application…and train them Show people your work for feedback Add a graphical dimension to the meeting to see who is present

14 So How can Web Tools Help me? Make your meetings matter Share ideas and proposals instantly Agree the final version of a document in your meeting - not afterwards! Make faster decisions Hold more productive virtual meetings Deliver projects more quickly Keep colleagues better informed and involved

15 So How do I use Web Tools? Link the web to your phone - its simple Simply dial in as usual to your BT MeetMe phoneconference Go to the BT MeetMe portal at Click on join a conference - and follow the instructions Choose an ICON to represent you and enter your name Click join, then press #8 and the 6 digit code you are given Wait for a few moments while the web and phoneconference link… and you are ready Click on the relevant buttons to activate the functions You need a web browser that accepts java applets and cookies

16 So What Does it all cost? Two options - Regular or Occasional Phoneconference is charged per person per minute FREE to view your conference online Collaborative tools - whiteboard, application sharing and chat are charged at a flat rate per person per minute - you can use all of them or any combination of them It costs a lot less than travelling and allows you to get more done!

17 Travel-free meetings - use time more productively Instant meetings - just dial-in and you’re talking together! Flexible meetings - dial-in from anywhere Last minute meetings - just pick up the phone Low cost meetings - pay as you use Change the Way you Meet using BT MeetMe

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