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Your National Coast Guard Rep and host is:

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1 Your National Coast Guard Rep and host is:
Welcome to the Coast Guard’s National Naval Officers Association Webinar Your National Coast Guard Rep and host is: CDR Warren Judge

2 NNOA Webinar House Rules
2 While Adobe Connect does have audio options, we will use the teleconference number: / Access Code: If needed, you may mute the audio on Adobe Connect, but more importantly please place your phone on mute and not on hold

3 NNOA Webinar House Rules
3 The webinar today will proceed as follows: Participants will be able to ask questions to the presenter through the DCO chat function I will monitor the questions throughout the presentation and I will pose 1 or 2 of the questions asked to the presenter at the end of each slide If you are asking a question, please type your name, unit the slide number you are referencing with your question

4 Assignment Year 2015 PSC-OPM NNOA Presentation
CAPT Michael Johnston CDR Michael Batchelder

5 What are we talking about?
5 What are we talking about? A little OPM Org structure Guiding documents Assignment Officers ( who are these guys? ) The process Good advice/ take aways

6 Org Chart 6 OPM/ OPMa OPM-1 OPM-2 OPM-3 OPM-4 OERs BCMRs OSMS Career
Boards/panels Promotions Separations BOB/etc OERs BCMRs OSMS Career guidance

7 Officer Promotion Boards-opm-1
7 PPEL Precept COMDT’s guidance to boards & Panels Panel Membership Matters of Official Record Zone Size

8 Officer Force Lifecycle Demographics
8 Of 100 Ensigns Commissioned 98 will promote to LTJG 86 will promote to LT 53 will promote to LCDR 35 will promote to CDR 17 will promote to CAPT 1.3 will promote to RDML

9 OSMS- opm-3 Has two functions Specialty is defined by competencies
9 Has two functions Billet need – use knowledge, skills, & abilities (KSA) req’d to combine billets into specialties Personnel ID – goal is to maintain a sufficient supply of qual’d officers to meet demands Specialty is defined by competencies Useful for career management – sets criteria for obtaining higher skill levels and competencies which determine assignability to future positions Your opportunity to tell your story ( what are you brining to the table ?) OPM-3 owns – for questions, guidance, and application procedures refer to OPM-3 website, link on resources slide

10 Career Management Resources- opm-4
10 Career Management Resources- opm-4 Number 1: mentors/ mentors/ mentors Generic Precept to ADPL Boards COMDT’s Guidance to Boards & Panels Messages & CG PORTAL (AO Notes) Officer Career Guidebook on opm-4 portal Acquisitions DCMS – all specialties Response Prevention Intel EPAL -

11 OPM-2 (Assignments Branch) Branch Chief: CDR Kurt Clarke
11 OPM-2 (Assignments Branch) Branch Chief: CDR Kurt Clarke Account Assignment Officers Afloat LCDR Ben Spector Response LCDR Andre Murphy/ LCDR Matt Fine Aviation CDR(s) Mark Graboski/ LCDR Jeanine Menze Prevention CDR(s) Leon McClain/ LCDR Micah Bonner Support/Special LCDR Tim Margita/ LCDR James McCormack Eng/C4IT/Log/Intel LCDR Pete Fant / LCDR Michael Courtney Warrants CWO Amy Cerino/ CWO Kenny Pallais 11

12 Assignment Factors 12

13 OPM-2 How Assignments Are Made 13 Member needs Unit Needs
AO & Slate Recommendation OPM-2/Assignment Panel Approval Service Needs

14 How Assignments Are Made
14 How Assignments Are Made Three factors – Service, Unit, Member: Ideal is to make an assignment based on where all meet, however, if not possible then service need is primary driving factor based on original assumptions Service Needs (Program, Skillset Management) Program and Officer Career Management Specialty – required for position Rank – position requirements, incumbent’s (will shop position if paygrade mismatch/inzone and within one year of tour complete – final move will be based on need for officer’s skill in position at next paygrade Location Career Progression (Career Guides) – ensure development of current and future specialists Promotability – Guidance to Boards and Panels Unit Input (Skillsets/Quals) Primarily captured in Command Concerns Specialty, Competencies Education Career diversity, Ethnic/gender diversity, Future needs – offset rotations of key personnel, pending SARR/OMR changes Member Input (E-Resume, OERs, Quals) Officer specific desires primarily conveyed via e-Resume and AO interaction Special needs – official Collocation – CG/OGA Assignment desires Geographic requests Family implications E.G. spouse’s employment, children schooling, etc.

15 Assignment Process 15 Career Counseling & Roadshows
Develop Shopping list Transfers, RILO’s & Off-Seasons Promotions / Selection Boards & Panels Critical ties to Reprogramming, Budget, Promotion, Screening, PG, Transfer season and other processes… Submit a realistic E-Resume Issue Orders So the million dollar question we always get asked: why do assignments take so long? I’ll try to illustrate how the process works and how we are working towards getting you a more timely response: (April/May/Jun/Jul/Aug) We start with Career Counseling & Road Shows while simultaneously serving on all Post Graduate selection panels. The various promotion boards are also meetings. We develop assignment shopping list before and update after promotion and selection boards conclude. The special assignments shopping list will be published on 15 July and will close on 1 Aug. (Oct/Nov/Dec) 01 Sep e-resumes must be submitted. We move to reviewing records and e-resumes. We contact officers whose e-resumes appear unrealistic or unaligned with a career goal/path. The Flag assignments are completed and CAPT/CWO assignments are being finalized. (Jan/Feb) All CAPT, CWO, CDR, All OCONUS, LCDR, LT and below assignments are completed. Each slate runs about 30 days with RILO periods (5 days). We issue all orders and begin the off season, people transfer, and RELADs/RILO. We are going on record to complete all LCDR assignments NLT 1 Feb and LT and below NLT 1 Mar for AY15. (Apr/May/Jun) Off Season and start the process over again… Assignment Panels & Approvals Develop Slates (O-6 thru CWO)

16 Realistic E-Resume 16 Diverse job opportunities keeping in mind a field to staff/staff to field overall trend through career O3 and below – primarily development of specialty O4 and above – primarily leadership and broadening Out of Specialty Assignments – Depending on timing, special assignment can be considered. Communication with AO/OPM-4 can help determine if now is the right time for you

17 Develop Slates Read, read , read Discussions with commands
17 Read, read , read Discussions with commands Discussions with members Discussions with programs Develop pitch/plans/options Group meetings/ murder boards More discussions Panels/slates

18 Touchstones Big Four: PPEL Review your record Continuous Life Learning
18 Big Four: PPEL Review your record Continuous Life Learning Career Progression (future assignability) Avoid rocks and shoals Seek jobs with greater responsibility Alignment with your supervisor/RO What are the Big “4” and how does it impact you? Performance is documented through your OER, professionalism is documented through your qualifications/experiences/competencies, leadership is demonstrated through job assignments are each paygrade, and education is achieved through technical or academic aptitude. Review your record - it is your RECORD that is compared to all other records for a given board or panel and gets you assignments & promotions Education – facts: 99% O6& above have at least 1 MS degree; 78% O5 have at least 1 MS degree; 56% O4 have a least 1 MS degree. These numbers are climbing, don’t miss you opportunity. Most PG programs close at LCDR w/less than 1 year TIG be selection. Avoid rocks and shoals - Core Value issues, 8H violations, alcohol/drug incidents, not complying with weight standards, below-average performance. Males is alcohol; females is 8H. Most prominent at the O1/O2 level for both genders - before the end of the period

19 OPM Webinars (General & Specialty)
19 OPM Portal AO Notes OPM and OPM-2 FAQs OPM Reference Library OPM Webinars (General & Specialty) The underlined bullets are hyperlinked to slides of screen shots of that item. Click to jump to that slide. Clicking on the web address will open up Internet Explorer and take you to the OPM Portal site. Instructions for subscribing to an RSS feed (available in VISTA Internet Explorer 7): For each page that is RSS enabled, click on Subscribe to this Feed then on the new window click on Subscribe to this Feed. The RSS Feed will then be available by clicking on the Favorites icon (star) and View Feeds. OPM FAQ - OPM-2 FAQ - OPM Reference Library -

20 Questions?

21 Your National Coast Guard Rep is:
How To Become A Member of the National Naval Officers Association (NNOA) Go to: Your National Coast Guard Rep is: CDR Warren Judge (202)

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