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Assignment Year 2010 PSC-RPM-2 Webinar

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1 Assignment Year 2010 PSC-RPM-2 Webinar
Good morning/afternoon. Thank you for joining us today. I am ________________, from the Coast Guard Personnel Service Center, and I am the host of today’s webinar. Currently, I serve as __________________ in the Reserve Assignments Branch of the Reserve Personnel Management Division. As your host/hostess, I plan to take about 45 minutes to interact with you through a formal presentation on the world of work within Reserve Personnel Management division related to the Assignments Process. Please feel free to ask questions at any time during the presentation; however, I’d like to allow about 45 minutes at the end for final Q&A. This webinar is scheduled to end at 1500 EST and is intended to provide an overview of the assignment process and the AY10 season. If you have specific questions about your personal career path, billets, etc., please contact your AO to schedule a one-on-one counseling session. There simply is not enough time to address everyone’s individual circumstances and concerns. 1

2 Presentation PSC-rpm Organization (Staff & Function) rpm-1 & 3
Assignment Process (rpm-2) Assignment Responsibilities Assignments Branch Staff & Structure Officer & Enlisted Assignments The Assignment Process How Assignments are Made Assignment/Career Management Resources Hot Topics & Milestones Q&A (webinar style) Today’s presentation will focus on an overview of the PSC-rpm organization; with emphasis on the assignment process, the RPM-2 branch; status of officer and enlisted assignments; and assignment resources that are available to SELRES members.

3 RPM Organization 3

Contacts: Branch Chief, LCDR Daryl Schaffer Boards Section, LT Russ Mayer Officer Status, LT Hannah Bealon OES Manager, LT Rob Skinner

5 Enlisted Management Branch (RPM-3)
Contacts: Branch Chief, LT Rich Lavigne SPO/Separations/NOE, YNCS Brad Bartsch VA Education, CWO4 Maureen Alexander


7 Reserve Assignments Branch (rpm-2)

CAPT/CDR (rpm/rpm-a) & Below (rpm-2) Assignments Coordinate Screening Panels Career Counseling/Mentoring Miscellaneous Personnel Actions Member of Associated Boards and Panels

9 Assignments Branch (RPM-2)
Branch Chief & O4 AO: LCDR Rick Howell Central Assignment Coordinators (CACs) & Assignment Officers (AOs): East (D1, D5, D7) LT Keedah Ray West (D8, D9, D11, D13, D14, D17) LT Christa Jackson DOG Units (Deployable Specialized Forces) CWO (all) PERS4 Dan Meek Support Team

10 Assignments Branch (RPM-2)
East Assignments (D1, D5, D7) O4: LCDR Rick Howell ; O1-O3: LT Keedah Ray ; CWO: PERS4 Dan Meek ; E7-E9: YNCS Joseph Ormond ;

11 Assignments Branch (RPM-2)
West (D8, D9, D11, D13, D14, D17) O4: LCDR Rick Howell ; O1-O3: LT Christa Jackson ; CWO: PERS4 Dan Meek ; E7-E9: D8 – MED4 Lisa Evers ; E7-E9: D9,D11,D13,D14,D17 – YNCM Etta Hackler ;

12 Assignments Branch (RPM-2)
DOG Units (Deployable Specialized Forces) O4: LCDR Rick Howell ; O1-O3: LT Christa Jackson ; CWO: PERS4 Dan Meek ; E7-E9: PERS3 Brian Hutchinson ;

13 Reserve Officer Assignments
Current State O5/O6 assignments centralized in 2006 CWO assignments centralized in 2007 Junior Officer (O1-O4) centralized in 2009 AY10 Assignment Season has kicked-off ALCGRSV 046/09 - CAPT TO ENS AY10 Kickoff ALCGRSV 052/09 – CWO & E7 – E9 AY10 Kickoff Assignment resources posted PSC-rpm website & CG Portal JO Assignments Centralized in 2009: PSC-rpm-2 oversight w/assistance from ISC AOs First national shopping list published No more JO assignment panels National slate approved by PSC-rpm Final slate results published 29 May 09 Orders cut for 01 Jul 09 assignments

14 Reserve Enlisted Assignments
Current State 2008: Gold Badge assignments 2009: Silver Badge assignments centralized AY10 Assignment Season has kicked-off ALCGRSV 052/09 – CWO & E7 – E9 AY10 Kickoff Assignment resources posted PSC-rpm website & CG Portal Fully Centralize in AY 2011 (30 Jun 10 – 01 Jul 11) All enlisted assignments using PSC-EPM model RPM-2 implements schedules & timelines; issues orders Likely process changes

15 The Assignment Process
Kick-off message published Establishes “ground rules” Identifies candidates “in play” for assignment Establishes timelines/milestones for assignment year (AY) Defines processes and deadlines E-resume submission Command endorsement (early rotation and extension) Command concerns (requirements for position)

16 The Assignment Process
Shopping List published (available positions) and validated Member submits e-resume listing desired positions to Assignment Officer (AO) AOs review e-resumes and complete records review (e.g., OERs/evals, competencies, special skills, etc.) AOs build assignment “slate” and brief results to PSC-rpm PSC-rpm approves slate AOs contact members, commands, etc. with results AOs cut SELRES PCS assignment orders

17 How Assignments Are Made
Member Input . . . Member Record & Qualifications Member desires/E-Resume co-location special needs geographic area short/long term goals 17

18 How Assignments Are Made
Other input . . . Skill set/experience needs Service wide skill set management Unit Input (Command Concerns) Program Managers 18

19 Assignment Slates A slate is the end result of considering the needs of the member and unit while meeting the service need Completed by pay grade Each slate is connected Focus remains on obtaining skills vice specific jobs 19

20 Assignment/Career Management Resources
Officer Assignment Guides Generic Precept to IDPL Boards COMDT’s Guidance to Boards & Panels Officer Career Guidebook Rating Force Master Chief (RFMC) notes Enlisted Members: Professional Development in the Coast Guard pamphlet RPM Website and Portal ALCGRSV messages AO Counseling (Nov-Jan) Mentors 20

21 Touchstones Review your record Continuous Life Learning
Career Progression (future assignability) Avoid rocks and shoals Seek jobs with greater responsibility Alignment with your supervisor/RO 21

22 AY10 Milestones 17 Nov 09: shopping lists available
17 Nov – 06 Jan: AOs available for career/assignment counseling 06 Jan 10: e-resumes due (all O5 and below) 08 Mar 10: CAPT/CDR Assignment Panel 14 May 10: CWO and RSE slates approved 28 May 10: CWO/RSE PCS orders approved ? – O2 to O4 slates approved (depends on higher pay-grade slate approval) 01 Jul 10: transfers take effect 22

23 Hot Topics SERA Billets PS to ME Change
Phase I implementation underway Focus on Districts & Sectors Small boat units & strike teams Billets are rate-specific but open to any qualified member PS to ME Change Billets flip on 01 Jan 10 Assignment implications Waiver process for residing OCONUS Centralization of E6 & Below assignments 23


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