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Tips for Employees on Preparing Self- Evaluations.

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1 Tips for Employees on Preparing Self- Evaluations

2 Today’s Objectives Understand why appraisals are important Describe System improvements Learn the steps to write a quality self-evaluation Gathering Information Writing the review Preparing for the performance appraisal meeting Timeline Available resources

3 Benefits of Performance Appraisals Employees know what is expected of them Open discussion promotes two-way communication Your input ensures all aspects of your performance are considered This is your chance to highlight your skills and career aspirations

4 System Improvements Fewer steps Responsibilities and Expected Results from prior year can transfer to new review Goals and Training pages are condensed You sign your review after discussion with your supervisor- no more volleying the review back and forth! System response speed is improved Revised PAT Guides Instructions describe 4,000 character limit per box

5 Preparing to Write the Appraisal Include the entire time frame (1/1/2012-12/31/2012) Keep records of performance Create a mail folder for yourself Save notes from calendars, emails, training records, etc. Ask others for input/feedback throughout the year. Learn from it, act on it, and save it. Keep your eye on your goals throughout the year. Note your progress.

6 Invest in Yourself Set aside time to consider your performance Work on your evaluation in chunks of time Gather your information Reflect on themes/messages you want to convey Categorize results- don’t recite every activity Include specific, descriptive examples Suggest ideas for career development

7 Writing the Review Focus on each section Describe what you achieved and how you did it Provide specific examples and tell your story Who, what, why, when, where and how (as appropriate) Demonstrate how your activities connect to your responsibilities Suggest improvements for next year Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back!

8 Writing the Review- Continued Be honest in scoring Use the scoring reminders in the system to determine your score Remember that you may shine in one area and may need improvements in another Put the information you gathered throughout the appraisal- don’t start with a bang and leave some areas with limited comments Read it OUT LOUD to your self

9 Setting Goals Be SMART! Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely

10 Let’s Practice! Let’s review a few examples and practice how we’d rewrite them based on what you just learned

11 I am responsible for: Screen telephone calls and respond to and refer inquiries as appropriate. Plan, prioritize and schedule meetings for faculty Compose and/or prepare correspondence for publications for faculty Process and submit reimbursements. Scheduling faculty travel to professional meetings. Establish / maintain file system. Pull patient reports as needed to support collaborative research for division faculty. Work with GME coordinator to develop program materials, faculty interview schedules and other processes. Assist with University and UMPhysicians requirements for faculty including REPA annual reporting, performance appraisals, UMPhysicians on-line training, orientations, etc. Provide support for faculty CVs and promotion and tenure dossiers. Work as a team member with LMP's Chairman's office and the ALRT Administrative Center staff.

12 I am responsible for: Communications: Manage phone, written and electronic media Financial: Process and submit reimbursements for department faculty and staff. Scheduling & event coordination: Plan, prioritize and schedule meetings and travel and associated tasks. Organization: Establish / maintain file system and supplies Academic/Clinical Support Provide administrative support to faculty and staff members. Coordinate faculty/resident rotation for onsite and remote locations


14 Things NOT to Put In Review Events that are not related to work References to leave of absence Events that occurred not related to how you performed ( the office reorganized, etc.).

15 Preparing for the Appraisal meeting Your preparation will pay off Easier when you have input to share Be open to criticism, but remember the overall goal is to help you improve Have ideas of how your supervisor can help you where needed Relax- This is a two-way discussion

16 GENERAL Timeline Employees complete self-evaluations in January 2013 Supervisors complete their portion in January- February 2013 HR reviews appraisals for quality & consistency Performance appraisal meetings held in March All appraisals must be complete by March, 2013 Watch for specific timelines or directions from your HR representative or your supervisor

17 Resources Available PAT Employee Guide Describes each page of the appraisal Describes each step you are to complete Shows you example of the pages Look at last year’s appraisal Your Supervisor Your HR Department

18 Wrap up Questions? Thanks for your participation! Contact your HR representative with any questions List of HR contacts available at

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