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1 The GTAS Webinar will begin shortly. Please put your phone on mute.

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1 1 The GTAS Webinar will begin shortly. Please put your phone on mute.

2 2 GTAS Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System Rita Cronley and Shannon Redding Rita Cronley and Shannon Redding September 21, 2011

3 3 Agenda Topics  Webinar Rules  Why is Fiscal Service building GTAS?  Fiscal Service Standardization (f.k.a CGAC)  USSGL Compliance  Long Term Plans  Updates – Trading Partner Main Account, Canceled TAS, Year End Transaction Processing  Reporting Windows  SMAF Changes  Bulk File Update  Bulk File Data Verification and Validations  Edits  GTAS Reports  User Roles  Testing  Minimum System Requirements  GTAS Training

4 4 Rules for Webinar  Please mute your phone  Ask questions through the live chat only – please do NOT take your phone off mute  Most questions will be answered at the end of the presentation OR via the interactive (live) chat  If your question is not answered during the Webinar, a GTAS representative will respond to your question via email by the end of the next business day

5 5 Why is FMS building GTAS?  Improve the quality of financial data by combining budgetary and proprietary trial balance reporting, enforcing the USSGL, and implementing new edits and validations  Streamline agency reporting from 16 segmented trial balances to 7 combined trial balances  Replace legacy systems (FACTS I, FACTS II, IRAS, IFCS)  Implement data standardization

6 6 GTAS Facts  Bulk File Only  A full budgetary and proprietary trial balance  Daily interfaces with GWA Central Accounting System for balance and transaction data  Open 24x7 for agency use  Required reporting 7 months per year (per the new OMB requirement)  GTAS goes live on December 2012 for November reporting!!!

7 7 FMS Standardization (FADS) and the CFO Letter (f.k.a CGAC)  January 14 CFO Letter … “In order to achieve governmentwide benefits and efficiencies, all Federal agencies will be required by October 1, 2014 to submit TAS/BETC information on all transaction types (IPAC, Payments, Collections).” How does this impact my GTAS reporting in 2013?  GTAS will only accept the FADS (CGAC) TAS, per the FMS Standardization (CGAC) guidelines  There is no “phase-in” timeframe for GTAS.  GTAS will only accept a 6-digit USSGL account  All other data elements collected on the bulk file must be compliant with all GTAS documentation How do I know what my new TAS is? 

8 8 Mandatory USSGL Compliance  GTAS will implement USSGL tie points (budgetary and proprietary edits) as non-fatal in 2013  Total of 50+ validations and 77 accounting edits in GTAS  GTAS will produce the USSGL TFM starting in 2013  The 2013 TFM will include more detailed information, including the allowable domain values for each attribute/USSGL account relationship, new sections for validations and edits, SMAF, and bulk file format

9 9 Long Term Plans for GTAS Data  Identify material differences between receipts and revenues  Identify differences between quarterly financial statements provided to OMB and trial balances  At year-end, identify differences between agency financial statements in GFRS and trial balances

10 10 Update -Trading Partner Main Account On Proprietary USSGLs  TP main account will be phased-in –FY 2013: TP main account may be reported but not required –FY 2014: TP main account required for TAS with 2014 beginning period of availability and X year TAS activity that occurred in 2014. Trading partner main account is not required but may be reported for activity that occurred prior to 2013. –FY 2015 through 2018: each year TP main account will be required for another period of availability. –FY 2019: TP main account required for all TAS including X year.

11 11 Update - The Canceled TAS for Reporting Assets The requirements have changed for the ‘C” TAS: –If you are using a default fund symbol of your own creation, you must use the new "C" account in its place. –If you are using a current year fund symbol or an "X" fund or some other variation of a real account, you may continue. –You may also decide on your own when to move these assets from the original purchasing fund.

12 12 Update -Year End Transaction Processing  Effective FY 2013 agencies will no longer cancel balances or adjust indefinite authority via the Fiscal Service 2108.  Cancellations and balance adjustments related to indefinite appropriation authority will be initiated and completed by the agency in the Agency Transaction Module (ATM).  Does not include cancellation of balances for TAS with the X availability type, partial cancellations, or TAS with extended disbursing authority  ATM will be available for year end transactions for fiscal 2013 in October 2013. The window will open after the 224 reporting for September has been completed.  If the year end transactions are not completed before the GTAS ATB is submitted, the GTAS ATB will fail edits.

13 13 Reporting Windows OMB Circular A-11 Update: T he frequency of reporting FACTS II \ SF 133 information will increase from four times a year to seven times a year effective FY 2012. The additional reporting will take place for the months ending November, July, and August. Agencies will use FACTS II to submit the additional information the same way they now submit their quarterly information. How does this affect GTAS reporting for FY 2013? GTAS reporting will be due seven times a year. GTAS will go live in December 2012!!!

14 14 Super Master Account File (SMAF)  Includes TAS level attributes and balances for each TAS.  Provided by Treasury  Available to agencies via GTAS on a daily basis  Changes made in the Central Accounting and Reporting System CARS (f. k. a. GWAMP) will be reflected in the SMAF after the daily update from CARS.  Info will be used to validate and edit trial balances.

15 15 SMAF Change – BEA Category  Expenditure and receipt TASs have a BEA category on the SMAF  The BEA values on the SMAF are: N - Net Interest {New} G – Governmental Receipts {New} D – Discretionary M – Mandatory S – Split Blank  Values G (Governmental Receipts) and N (Net Interest) apply to receipt TAS except for a few Treasury expenditure TAS that have BEA net interest. The Treasury TAS will report BEA M on the bulk file.  No change to the bulk file. Agencies will continue to report D (discretionary) and M (mandatory) for the expenditure TAS.

16 16 Bulk File Update  Apportionment Category B Program Code  Effective FY 2103 OMB is aligning the Apportionment Category B Program Code to the 6000 series line numbers on the SF 132.  Effective 2013 the Category B Program Code reported on the GTAS bulk file will be four digits.  Acceptable bulk file values are 6011-6159.  Apportionment Category A/B  Apportions budgetary resources by a combination of fiscal quarters and projects.  Is new for FY 2012 and used on the SF 132.  No change to the GTAS bulk file. Agencies that have apportionment category A/B will report category B in GTAS.

17 17 Bulk File Update  Borrowing Source  Values are T (Treasury), F ( Federal Financing Bank), P (Public)  Added to USSGLs 214100 and 631000  Used with edits that bring IFCS functionality into GTAS  Federal Non Federal Code  General Fund (G) {NEW}  If Federal/Non Federal Code is G, use agency ID 099 and main account 0000 for the trading partner reporting.  New!: USSGL 101000 requires G

18 18 Bulk File Upload Data Verification The following checks are done on each row of the bulk file before validations and edits are run:  Is it a valid TAS? (TAS must exist in CARS or be a canceled TAS)  Are the Fiscal Year and Reporting Period correct (and identical) on each row?  Is the TAS assigned to the user who is uploading the data?  Is the bulk file format correct? (Text file with correct length – see Bulk File Format document on GTAS web site.)  Are there duplicated lines? (2 or more lines on the file are identical)  Is the date consistent with the Program Reporting category and Apportionment Category B rules?

19 19 Validations  Check each attribute included in a row on the bulk file ensuring that the attributes reported are valid for the USSGL account (per the attribute table).  May be simple (involves 1 USSGL attribute) or special (involves 2 or more attributes).  All validations are fatal.

20 20 Trading Partner Reporting for the Budgetary USSGLs  Fed/NFed Indicator is required on budgetary unfilled customer orders and reimbursements earned.  Effective FY 2013 trading partner agency ID and main account will no longer be required for the budgetary USSGLs.

21 21 Fatal Edits  The current FACTS II edits  ATB balancing edits (debits + credits = zero)  New edits in FACTS II FY 2012 Qtr. 1 –SF 133 line 1700 (collections) must be greater than or equal to zero. –SF 133 line 1800 (collections) must be greater than or equal to zero. –The sum of SF 133 lines 2004 and 2104 must be greater than or equal to zero. –4201 beginning = 4201 ending in the same year –4139 beginning = 4139 ending in the same year –4149 beginning = 4149 ending in the same year –Prior year adjustment domain value B debits = credits (budgetary) –Prior year adjustment domain value P debits = credits (budgetary)

22 22 Edits Using Authoritative Data  Central Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) –FBWT = 101000 (fatal period 12) –Net outlays = SF 133 lines (fatal) –Appropriation transfers = 412800, 412900, 416700, 417000, 417300, 417500 (non fatal) –Balance transfers = 417600, 419000, 419100, 419200, 419300, 435600 (non fatal) –Appropriation and balance transfers = 310200, 575500 (non fatal) –Normal warrant activity = 310100, 310600 (non fatal)

23 23 Edits Using Authoritative Data Bureau of Public Debt Edits (non fatal)  Investments –BPD Interest Payable = Agency Interest Receivable –BPD Liabilities = Agency Assets –BPD Expenses = Agency Revenue, Gains and Losses  Loans –BPD Interest Receivable = Agency Interest Payable –BPD Asset = Agency Liability –BPD Revenue, Gains and Losses = Agency Interest Expense Federal Financing Bank Edits (non –fatal)  Loans –FFB Interest Receivable = Agency Interest Payable –FFB Assets = Agency Liability –FFB Revenue = Agency Expenses

24 24 GTAS Reports  Budgetary SF 133  FMS 2108  A-136 Balance Sheet  A-136 Statement of Net Cost  A-136 Statement of Changes in Net Position  Reclassification Balance Sheet  Reclassification Statement of Net Cost  Reclassification Statement of Changes in Net Position  Super Master Account File download  Trial balance reports  Intra-governmental Differences Reports

25 25 User Roles  Agency Roles Preparer -Submits bulk files Certifier- Reviews and signs off on TAS Executive - Viewing rights only  Each user can have only one agency role  TAS can be assigned to more than one user

26 26 Bulk File Testing Thanks to the following agencies for submitting test GTAS bulk files:  Social Security Administration  Internal Revenue Service  Office of Personnel Management  Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation  Federal Prison Industries  Small Business Administration  Federal Communications Commission We want your agency on this list!

27 27 GTAS Outreach Efforts The following Agencies have participated in the GTAS outreach efforts: Architect of the CapitolArchitect of the Capitol Health and Human ServicesHealth and Human Services Department of AgricultureDepartment of Agriculture Department of JusticeDepartment of Justice Smithsonian InstitutionSmithsonian Institution Department of InteriorDepartment of Interior Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission Department of Homeland SecurityDepartment of Homeland Security Department of Commerce –Department of Commerce – National Technical Information Service Department of Commerce –Department of Commerce – Economic Development Administration Department of TreasuryDepartment of Treasury US Tax CourtUS Tax Court National Credit Union AdministrationNational Credit Union Administration Federal Housing Finance AgencyFederal Housing Finance Agency NASANASA Department of EnergyDepartment of Energy Centers for Disease ControlCenters for Disease Control Government Printing OfficeGovernment Printing Office International Trade CommissionInternational Trade Commission Tennessee Valley AuthorityTennessee Valley Authority US Coast Guard Finance CenterUS Coast Guard Finance Center St. Lawrence Seaway Development CorpSt. Lawrence Seaway Development Corp Environment Protection AgencyEnvironment Protection Agency Nuclear Regulatory CommissionNuclear Regulatory Commission Bureau of PrisonsBureau of Prisons DFAS – Columbus, Cleveland, IndianapolisDFAS – Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis National Institutes of HealthNational Institutes of Health Farm Services AgencyFarm Services Agency Financial Management ServicesFinancial Management Services National Endowment for the ArtsNational Endowment for the Arts US Census BureauUS Census Bureau National Institute of Standards and TechnologyNational Institute of Standards and Technology US Patent and Trademark OfficeUS Patent and Trademark Office Postal ServicePostal Service Drug Enforcement AgencyDrug Enforcement Agency National Transportation Safety BoardNational Transportation Safety Board Library of CongressLibrary of Congress Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionEqual Employment Opportunity Commission

28 28 Minimum System Requirements  Internet Access  Internet Explorer – IE 8 is required  Java Script Enabled No more “direct line” to Treasury! No more secure ID card! No more dial-up!

29 29 GTAS News and Training  Webinars Learn more about GTAS without leaving your office!  GTAS Newsletter Look for the GTAS newsletter in your email inbox to find out the latest news about GTAS.  GTAS Class Want to learn more about the GTAS requirements? The class covers the edits, validations, SMAF data elements and bulk file requirements in detail.

30 30 Additional Questions? Business Questions: Rita Cronley 202-874-9902 Technical Questions: Shannon Redding 202 874-1562 Bulk Files: Gregory Keel 202 874-9912 Gregory Keel 202 874-9912 GTAS Class: Claudia Donovan 202 874-9783

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