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Kim Poling, Shannon Redding, Todd Shafer and Kirstie Hart May 2013.

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2 Kim Poling, Shannon Redding, Todd Shafer and Kirstie Hart May 2013

3 3  Please do NOT take your phone off mute – ask questions through the live chat only  If your question is not answered during the Webinar, a GTAS representative will respond to your question via email by the end of the next business day

4  Testing Updates  General Requirements  Intragovernmental Updates  System Information  FY 2014 Reporting Window  GTAS News and Training 4

5  The phase-in of the TP main account code reporting requirement has been postponed to FY 2015  FY 2015-2018: Each year, the TP main account will be required for the current FY beginning period of availability  FY 2019: The TP main account will be required for all TAS including X year 5 Trading Partner (TP) Main Account

6  Current TFM guidance requires agencies to report a Fed Non-fed indicator F with TP 99 for General Fund activity  GTAS requires the use of a Fed Non-fed indicator G with TP 099 for General Fund activity  Updated guidance is coming in June 6 Fed Non-Fed Indicators F and G

7  Agencies have submitted bulk files for approximately 6,400 TAS with over 2,300 TAS passing fatal edits  Bulk files for approximately 5,700 Expenditure TAS have been submitted with over 1,900 passing fatal edits 7 Testing Progress

8  May thru June 30  March 2013 data  Post June 30 Testing  Agencies can continue testing until September 2013  Data available for testing is TBD  Bulk file data submitted will be removed prior to December 8 System Availability

9  A bulk file for all active TAS will need to be submitted  Agencies with multiple accounting centers reporting information independently to the same TAS will need to consolidate and report that information at the department level  Each accounting center’s bulk file submission for that TAS will be overwritten by each succeeding bulk file submission for that same account 9 TAS Reporting

10  Please submit complete trial balance information – both Budgetary and Proprietary data  Beginning and Ending balances are required for applicable USSGL accounts  GTAS does not accept a Beginning balance of $0.00 for new TAS  If a TAS has no activity and zero balances, a bulk file with a $0.00 101000 balance will need to be submitted 10 Bulk File Submission

11  GTAS receives the codes from OMB based upon the agency SF 132 submission  Any missing TAS/code combinations will need to be manually entered into GTAS  ACB and PRC information will carry over to each period 11 Apportionment Category B (ACB) and Program Report Category (PRC) Codes

12  If you have a TAS you feel should no longer be active, please follow instructions in TFM Part 2, Chapter 2000, Section 2025.50:  Pursuant to the 1991 National Defense Authorization Act, accounts with fiscal year and multi-year periods of availability must remain active, regardless of fund balance, five years after the account expires  If you have a question regarding attribute domain values, please contact your agency representative or email 12 SMAF Review

13  Preparer ◦ Submits bulk files ◦ Certifies ATB periods 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 ◦ Explains material differences periods 3, 6, 9 and 12  Certifier ◦ Certifies ATB period 12 ◦ Agency CFO or designee certifies material differences report periods 3, 6, 9 and 12  Executive ◦ View and print reports 13 User Roles

14  Upon receiving a GTAS User ID, review your SMAF to ensure all assigned TAS are valid  If you are missing a TAS or you have TAS assigned that you don’t report, please notify the Treasury Support Center at 1-877-440-9476 or  A TAS can be assigned to multiple User IDs 14 TAS Assignments

15  Bulk File Test Periods and Bulk File Format: htm htm  GTAS Enrollment Process:  USSGL TFM Part 3 – Fiscal 2014 GTAS Implementation Testing: 3.html 3.html  TFM Bulletin No. 2013-01 15 Resources

16 16 Intragovernmental Reporting “As Is” (until December 2013) “To Be” (December 2013 & beyond) Material Difference Explanations Signed and submitted to Fiscal Service via email Entered in the Intragovernmental Module and certified online UCAD vs. IRAS Differences Reconciled using a Discoverer report – differences explained and submitted to Fiscal Service GTAS edits 33, 34, 35, 36, 40, & 41 will verify ATB data against Central Accounting – no explanations required ITPR Pivot Tables Available via the external website to aid in difference research/reconciliation Use the GTAS Intragovernmental Module drill down to the Fund Family Level Details for this information

17 17 Period Extensions for Proprietary Reporting What is a Period Extension? A timeframe, after the initial quarter end reporting window close, when a Federal Reporting Agency can resubmit data to GTAS (for proprietary USSGL changes only). Who can request a Period Extension? Federal Reporting Agencies with significant changes to proprietary USSGL account balances, impacting intragovernmental reporting. Why request a Period Extension? To update proprietary USSGL account balances for material changes after the initial reporting window close (ie: after booking accruals or completing trading partner true ups). How can an agency request a Period Extension? By completing a standard request form and submitting it via email to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, along with adequate documentation (or OMB approval – for expenditure TAS resubmissions). When must an agency request a Period Extension? By the 21 st calendar day of the month, after the quarter end – all period extensions must be processed by the 24 th calendar day of the month after the quarter end. Period Extensions

18  FY 2013 change ◦ USSGL 294000 Capital Lease Liability has been moved out of Reciprocal Category 29 and into Reciprocal Category 22, and will allow a valid federal trading partner  FY 2014 change ◦ Beginning in FY 2014, employer FICA contributions will be considered non-reciprocating 18 TFM Changes Impacting GTAS Reporting

19  Internet Access  Internet Explorer – IE 8  Java Script Enabled  Bulk files cannot exceed 5 meg in size  Bulk files cannot contain over 1,000 unique TAS 19 Requirements

20  Webinars ◦ Learn more about GTAS without leaving your office!  GTAS Newsletter ◦ Look for the GTAS newsletter in your email inbox or Updates box online to find out the latest news about GTAS:  Subscribe for GTAS web updates ◦ 20 Stay Informed

21 21  Full Agency Contact Listing: ◦ Please Note: Contacts with phone numbers ranging from 202-874-0000 thru 202-874-4999 will be changing in late May.  Presenters: Contact Information GTAS Contacts Todd Shafer 304-480-5183 Shannon Redding 202-874-5108 Kirstie Hart 304-480-5304 Kim Poling 304-480-5242

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