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1 The GTAS Webinar will begin shortly. Please put your phone on mute.

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1 1 The GTAS Webinar will begin shortly. Please put your phone on mute.

2 2 GTAS: Countdown to December 2012 Rita Cronley Shannon Redding 2

3 3 Topics Testing GTAS Access GTAS Roles ATM Year End Transactions GTAS Intragovernmental Module

4 4 GTAS Fact Sheet GTAS goes live December 6, 2012 for November reporting GTAS replaces FACTS I, FACTS II, IRAS and IFCS A full budgetary and proprietary trial balance for all TAS each of the 7 reporting periods Bulk file only Internet Access Internet Explorer – IE 8 is required 4

5 5 Testing Informal testing is going on now. Send us GTAS bulk files with 2011 quarter 4 data via email. Formal testing begins June 14. ◦ Users will be able to access the system to upload bulk files ◦ Users must have a a GTAS user role and password to access the system. ◦ Formal testing ends Sept 15, 2012 ◦ After Sept 15, 2012 we will accept files via email until October 31, 2012

6 6 Test Schedule If the calendar date is:The bulk file must be as of: Now – May 31, 2012September 2011 June 14 – 30, 2012May 2012 July 1 - 31, 2012June 2012 August 1 – 31, 2012July 2012 September 1 – 30, 2012*August 2012 October 1 – 31, 2012*September 2012 *Agencies will access GTAS beginning June 14 through September 15, 2012 to upload test bulk files. After September 15 through October 31, 2012, agencies may submit test bulk files via email attachments.

7 7 Bulk File Highlights GTAS is FADS (f. k. a. CGAC) Compliant  Agency identifier is 3 digits (Federal Account Symbols and Titles - FAST Book II)  Beginning period of availability is 4 digits  Ending period of availability is 4 digits  USSGL account is 6 digits (TFM Bulletin 2010- 08)  All other data elements collected on the bulk file must be compliant with all GTAS documentation The bulk file cannot exceed 5 MBs in size 1 TAS or Multiple TAS on each file (up to 1,000 Unique TAS)

8 8 Common Bulk File Test Errors The bulk file is longer or shorter than 89 spaces Invalid TAS Incorrect reporting period (refer to slide 6) Two or more rows have the same USSGL and attributes Invalid attribute use PRC or Category B Program Number not valid for TAS

9 9 PRC/Category B Program PRC and Category B Program numbers but not the text are included in the bulk file Effective FY 2013 valid Category B Program numbers are 6011-6159 PRC and Category B Program numbers and text must be entered in the PRC/ Cat B Program module before the bulk file is uploaded. ◦ OMB provides a PRC/Cat B Program file with numbers and text that will be loaded in the module. ◦ The OMB file does not contain PRC #99. Users enter PRC #99 ◦ Users may also enter a PRC and Cat B Program numbers and titles that are not in the OMB file.

10 10 GTAS Access Users must have a GTAS role to submit bulk files during the formal test period Users can request GTAS roles through ITIM, the FMS user provisioning application, beginning in May 2012 ◦ Users must have a GTAS supervisor enrolled in ITIM. The GTAS supervisor will approve the user requests. The GTAS supervisor will email or fax the completed supervisor enrollment form to FMS ◦ Uses will self register in ITIM selecting the role and indicating the TAS for which the user needs access ◦ Specific language is required when indicating the TAS Need more information about GTAS access? Go to

11 11 Specific Language for TAS Requests If you want access to 1. All TAS in the Department of Treasury, request All TAS in Treasury beginning with agency ID 020 All TAS in Treasury associated with FR entity 2000 2. All TAS in a bureau, request All TAS for (bureau name) in (department name) 3. All TAS as my co-worker, request All TAS as (co-worker’s name) (co-worker’s GTAS User ID) 4. All TAS for fund family 020 1234 All TAS in fund family 020 1234 in (bureau name) in (department name)

12 12 GTAS Agency Roles Preparer ◦ Uploads bulk files, ◦ View and print reports, ◦ Certifies ATB periods 2, 3, 6, 9, 10 and 11 ◦ Explains material differences periods 3, 6 and 9 Certifier ◦ Certifies ATBs period 12 ◦ Certifies material differences report periods 3, 6, and 9 Executive ◦ View and print reports Each user can have only one agency role More than one user can be assigned to a TAS

13 13 Update -Year End Transaction Processing 13  Effective FY 2013 agencies will no longer cancel balances or adjust indefinite authority via the FMS 2108.  Cancellations and balance adjustments related to indefinite appropriation authority will be initiated and completed by the agency in the Agency Transaction Module (ATM).  ATM will be available for year end transactions for fiscal 2013 in October 2013. The window will open after the 224 reporting for September has been completed.  If the year end transactions are not completed before the GTAS ATB is submitted, the GTAS ATB will fail edits.

14 14 GTAS Intra-Governmental  Authoritative fiduciary data from BPD and FFB will be used to edit ATBs  Intragovernmental Module  Provides capability to run reports by reciprocal category that compare your agency information with your trading partners’ info  Preparer will explain materials difference by selecting an explanation from a dropdown menu.  Certifier will certify material differences after the ATB reporting window closes but before the next reporting period begins. 14

15 15 ATB Submission Statuses  Not submitted  Failed validations  Failed required edits  Passed required edits  Pending certification  Certified 15

16 16 GTAS Reports Budgetary SF 133 FMS 2108 A-136 Balance Sheet A-136 Statement of Net Cost A-136 Statement of Changes in Net Position Reclassification Balance Sheet Reclassification Statement of Net Cost Reclassification Statement of Changes in Net Position Super Master Account File download Trial balance reports Intra-governmental Differences Reports 16

17 17 TFM Update The USSGL released a preliminary FY 2013 TFM that includes the GTAS attribute definition report and attribute table. The FY 2013 USSGL TFM release in June 2012 will include GTAS validations and edits

18 18 Countdown to December 2012 Now – May 2012: Send us a bulk file, we will test it and give you the results May 2012 – GTAS and ATM Year End Transactions Module User provisioning begins. Users will request GTAS roles and TAS. June 14 – September 15, 2012: Agencies can test files in the system December 6, 2012: GTAS opens for November reporting 18

19 19 GTAS Bulk File Contacts Belinda Thompson202 Bruce Phillips202 874-9889Bruce.Phillips@fms.treas. gov Claudia Donovan202 874-9783Claudia.donovan@fms.tre Joseph Bernetich202 874-8305Joseph.bernetich@fms.trea Nikcola Yorkshire202 874-9873Nikcola.yorkshire@fms.tre Rita Cronley202 874-9902Rita.cronley@fms.treas.go v Tiffany Dilworth202 874-7577Tiffany.dilworth@fms.trea

20 20 Additional Questions? Business Questions: Rita Cronley 202-874-9902 Technical Questions: Shannon Redding 202-874-1562

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