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Denver International Airport Taxicab Operation Daily Vehicle Access Process.

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1 Denver International Airport Taxicab Operation Daily Vehicle Access Process

2 Background Brief Since opening 15 years ago, DIA analyzed ways to reduce cab driver wait time which impacts the airport in terms of customer service, infrastructure upkeep, and connection with the rest of the metro area.

3 Monitoring and Reporting AVI system is used for both, and gate reads become transaction data used to generate monthly invoices and statements for revenue collection.

4 AVI System Reports Upgrade of software system within the last few years provides more flexibility. Reports used both by the airport and outside entities.

5 Regulatory Conditions Changed in 2008 /2009 The Colorado State Legislature eased the requirements for entry into the taxi service market. Denver went from three operators to four, with the possibility of more in the future.

6 Visit Denver and the Taxi Study The then local cab companies, thru Visit Denver, arranged for a comprehensive taxi study in the metro area, which included airport service.

7 Airport discussions and planning ensued Airport staff met with both management and driver groups to solicit their input for reducing wait time, which meant reducing the number of vehicles, as was ultimately recommended by the taxi study.

8 Effective June 1, 2009 DIA began limiting the number of daily taxi vehicles to 201. The daily number is based on the authorized amount of cabs regulated by the PUC for each operator (company). Pre-arranged taxis are not affected, and alternate fuel cabs are encouraged.

9 After a Year-How We Are Doing Improved service Reduced infrastructure costs More trips for drivers; more cabs available in the community

10 What we are planning Change the taxi revenue collection process Meet annually with the cab operators Monitor cab driver wait time in the holding lot Upgrade the dispatch process

11 Measuring all commercial vehicle operations AVI tags upgraded to Title 21 standard, allowing registration of both airport issued and nearby toll way tags. Evolution of toll tags is being analyzed; they may move to sticker tags

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