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AGTA Fall 2014 Lynn Richardson GateKeeper Systems New/Challenging Technologies, Business Models and Ride-Sharing.

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1 AGTA Fall 2014 Lynn Richardson GateKeeper Systems New/Challenging Technologies, Business Models and Ride-Sharing

2 Passenger: Better Customer Service Avoid waiting in line More convenient pick-up location Ability to Monitor CONTROL! Driver: More Rides and $ TNC: Profits Relatively low cost of entry Large market Little brand loyalty Why the TNC/Ride Sharing Explosion? GateKeeper Systems

3 TNC Experience- does the new model deliver profits & customer satisfaction? Customer Experience- is it a better service. Nobody saying it is cheaper. Rating impact? Survey Results Driver Experience- are they getting more $ or working less hours? Rating impact? Airport Experience- How to respond- legal, operations, negotiations Related parties- Insurance companies, Taxi regulators, Cities/Counties, Federal Government Evolving Experience GateKeeper Systems

4 Changes are not done yet Airports will address issues in a variety of ways-no single solution. New Kids offering a simple & universal option. Legislation/negotiations will take time Waiting until the environment settles down has serious dangers. Airports and “permitted” operators have a common goal:Customer Service - Revenue Generation So what to do now? IDEAS not SOLUTIONS Working Assumptions GateKeeper Systems

5 Different issues depending on Business Model: TNC uses existing commercial vehicles/drivers: Curbside issues for pick-up Potential issues for fee payment Operating Company issues Peer-to-peer Vehicle identification issues- no compliance without identification Curbside pick-up issues Fee payment issues Compliance issues- permits, insurance, inspections, etc. TNC Issues faced by Airports GateKeeper Systems

6 Enforce existing airport regulations Review for: Penalties for violations- fines, Loss of access Update list of violations Requirement for payment of fees to operate. Use of airport roadways and services- cost approach Review fee structure and current fees. Implement improvements to airport “system” Not “either – or” Combination will be the needed Alternatives for Consideration GateKeeper Systems

7 No Tech Approach: Airport staff roadway patrols to interview drivers. Random, but frequent enough to catch some violators. Need to be consequences Driver interviews Photos Warnings, Citations Enforcement Program GateKeeper Systems

8 Low Tech Approach: Subscribe to TNC apps to monitor specific vehicles and locations on airport- staff patrol actions (see No Tech Approach). Provide Passenger Information on GT options-Airport website or app/airline magazine info for passengers- make pax smart consumers about choosing a TNC Review pick-up locations- Can you make it more convenient for airport authorized vehicles? gates a possibility? Enforcement Program GateKeeper Systems

9 Tech Based Approach- Assumes GTM: Which are Commercial/TNC vehicles? Mobile device with AVI vehicle/driver data Geo Fence LPR detection- frequent trips to airport but not registered with airport. See No Tech approach actions Enforcement Program GateKeeper Systems

10 Mobile Vehicle Tracking Standard or Ruggedized computer Mobile RFID Reader GateKeeper Systems

11 LPR Digital Image Image of all vehicles using airport entry road (s) Toss all with known license plate Investigate frequent users with no obvious purpose: DVM information, etc. GateKeeper Systems Assign to Hot List- intercept on next airport trip

12 Offer passengers a better option than TNC What would make a better experience? DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY=LEVERAGE Technology based GTM systems- Information has never been more valuable Wait time information Automated dispatch Virtual Hold Lot Improvements to Airport GT System GateKeeper Systems Passenger wants: Avoid lines Convenient pick-up Monitor Control

13 Eliminate or reduce the reliance on a physical waiting area. Benefits Handle Peaks and Valleys- vehicles when you need them Less waiting in line Possible approach to dealing with TNC Concept Allow driver to “enter” the hold lot using smart phone Communicate need for vehicles- under/over supply Create a competitive TNC “app” to get a ride to the airport. Provide preference for place in queue for trip from the airport. Virtual Hold Lot GateKeeper Systems

14 Easy first step- Real-Time Driver Info on website GateKeeper Systems

15 Opportunity to improve service! Cannot ignore Response tied to local environment THANK YOU. Summary GateKeeper Systems

16 Multiple Business Models Use existing cv= compliance issues Peer-to-peer= identification & Compliance issues Enforcement: Compliance with Airport Authorization rules (permits, insurance, inspections, etc.) Fee collection Customer services Curbside Operations Equal Treatment to Other Companies TNC Issues Faced by Airports

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