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Convergence Selling Or… “How to use your web assets to increase client sales” Dave Shapiro Presented to:

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1 Convergence Selling Or… “How to use your web assets to increase client sales” Dave Shapiro Presented to:

2 Noll: The Company We Keep

3 Who is Dave? Why should I care?  In the past two years… –Radio, TV stations, clusters & associations –DR, Brand advertisers, agencies, small- biz –Stand alone sites, networks, such as: –Ask Jeeves, Snowbomb, Aptimus, Openroad, Jeteye, ileonardo, Rocket Fuel, Print2Click, and more…

4 Today, you’ll learn:  How to migrate from being a broadcast rep … –To being a marketing partner  How to move from “ selling ” to consultative selling by … Increasing your knowledge / confidence Leaving here with immediate action steps

5 Housekeeping, Rules!  Jam through, ok!?  Have fun! Participate, Q&A! –No ‘ rolling the eyes ’ (varying degree of expertise here!)  Interactive WORKSHOP (see workbook): –Commit to writing –Future reference guide

6 Agenda  The Internet: Broad Overview- ” It ” works too! –Industry knowledge … Take My Quiz!!  “ Sell our Website(s)! ” –S.W.O.T. –Client expectations & Top Tips  Review: “ My station: It works ” –Tried ‘ n True –Supportive Research, Prospecting  Assorted Goodies … –Trends, Case-Studies, Q&A …

7 The Digital World Today As YOU see it; enthusiasm is contagious!  List three Internet Industry news and/or current events: Topical, Interesting, Relatable Group Exercise- Workbook page 3

8 The Digital World Today As YOU see it; enthusiasm is contagious!  Make it your business to stay current –Read Tech News every day –Subscribe to industry pubs –Digest news “headlines” RSS feeds  There’s no excuse for ignorance

9 A word on ‘the economy’: We’ve been here before!  Tips in this “Downtime Economy” –Launch, or refine your media properties –Promos! AAdvantage frequent-flyers programs, auto ‘rebates’ –Sell something adjacent (brand extension) Instead of selling cars, sell parts & service

10 Web 2.0  CONVERGENCE! –Mark Cuban ’ s IPTV: Personalized TV delivered over the Net –NBCUniversal/News Corp: –Personalization: Mash-ups, Apps, Pull vs Push … –Socialization: ‘ Sharing ’ YouTube …  Privacy vs. Targeting (NebuAd/Facebook debacle)  Innovation -- especially now! –Technology, Creativity



13 Can you solve this puzzle? S __ __ __ K __ N G __ __ N K

14 Consumer Internet Access Source: eMarketer: Historical data from U.S. Census Broadband 154MMDial-Up 35MM Not Online 102MM 55% 13% 32%

15 Top activities of Internet users 1. e-mail 2. News, current events 3. Made a purchase 4. Paid bills 5. IM 6. Research Financial info 7. Seek Sports news/info 8. Played Games, entered contests! 9. Travel Planning (personal/business) 10. Medical Info Source: Mediamark Research (MRI) 2007

16 Top 5 multi-tasking activities while online 1. Watching TV 2. Reading the mail 3. Listen to the radio 4. Read newspapers 5. Read magazines Source: Advertising Age, 2007

17 “America Voted!”  “… our buy-of all available banner inventory on ClearChannel Radio Station websites to promote the premier of American Idol-serves to confirm our belief that we need to follow consumers across all media; the radio websites help support and supplement our reach with the terrestrial stations ” Kay Bentley, SVP Marketing Fox Broadcasting Jan ‘08

18 Type of video viewed $50 Billion UGC Video Games SportsMusicJokes/ Bloopers TV Shows /Clips / Excerpts WeatherMovie Previews News Stories Source: Mediamark Research (MRI) 2007 5% 6% 7% 11% 12% 13% 14% 18%

19 Web user summary: –Interactive / Transactional –Entertaining/ Educational/Informational –Research Recommendations/Reviews/Alerts Collaboration/Conversational

20 Online Ad Growth: It Works (This ‘ol Adage Applies: Advertisers Follow the Audience) Source: E Marketer, Feb 2008 $13B $16B $21B $24B $28B $32B

21 Online ad buying by format $50 Billion Blogs /Pods Newsltr / Email GamesMobileClassifiedVideoDisplaySearch 2% 4% 5% 15% 20% 30% Lead Gen. Search = $8B; ~90% are locally oriented Local spending = $15B

22 “It” (The ‘Net) Works!  Advertisers really believe in this medium! –Spending from $900MM to over $23B in last 10 years: +2,400%* Local spending up BIG!!  Now surpasses: –Radio, Yellow Pages combined spending –Magazine, OOH combined spending …  Exceeding 10% of overall spend in the near future, as advertisers continue to shift $$$ *Source: Ad Age Data Center, Sept ‘08

23 Test Your Knowledge Workbook pages 4 - 7

24 Workbook Page 4 Answers 1. Sometimes

25 When an Ad Imp = Page View One ad on this page

26 Ad Impressions/Page: Cluttered? Flash Banner (88 x 31) Interactive Widget Tower/ Skyscraper (120 x 600) 1/2 Leaderboard (364 x 45)

27 Workbook Answers (cont’d) 2. ACC 3. PI = Per Inquiry CPC = Cost per Click CPM = Cost per Thousand CPA = Cost per Action / Acquisition CPL = Cost per Lead CPE = Cost per Engagement 4. True 5. Pixel: Picture Element: smallest unit of a picture, used as dimension for ad unit

28 Workbook Answers (cont’d) 6. Pixel: Used to track user behavior 7. Adserving and campaign management 8. Internet Protocol. Address used for locating or tracking user based on PC hardware access point. 9. User-Generated-Content 10. D 11. Both … “ mostly ” A BONUS: Should be your own stations website 12. False. Inventory = Ad imps x page views

29 Workbook Answers (cont’d) 13. Unique visitors: unduplicated audience counted only “once”; based on an IP address 14. All found success by going direct online, bypassing current distribution channels. 15. Wrap-Around: combined top banner with side tower/skyscraper. Over-Lay: Less “intrusive/interruptive” messaging served “over” video unit. 16. Print 1; Direct Mail 2; Yellow Pages 3; TV 4; Radio 5 17. True Bonus #2: False, but good idea!

30 Workbook Page 7 Answers 18. Web 2.0: Social Networking, Online-Community; based on the idea of “ Six Degrees of Separation ” such as Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn 19. Same as above. 20. Eyeblaster 21. ROAS: Return-On-Ad-Spend per dollar invested  ROI: Results achieved against objectives 22. a) $12 CPM b) 2.5MM c)$2,500 23. Widget: Application that sits on a website w/interactive features, usually added to social-networking profiles (e.g. slide show app for personal photo shows)

31 L.E.G.I.T. Lingo to Educate you on the Glossary of Internet Terms Appendix: Dave’s TOP 10 Not necessarily covered by our Quiz: 1.Content Integration6. Polite banner 2.Conversion Rate7. I.A.B. 3.Deep-Linking8. User (browser) 4.Re-Targeting9. Pacing 5.Optimization10. Roadblock

32 S.W.O.T. Another Tip: Know your product AND your competition  Strengths  Weaknesses  Opportunities  Threats Workbook page 8

33 Strengths  Personal Relationships, Prospecting Skills! Trust, consideration, loyalty: Customer Service from YOU  Brand –Credibility, stability, resources  Leverage and utilize Station –Traffic-driver, exposure, X-Promo Opps –Local

34 Sales 101!  Enthusiasm! Media, Advertising! –Handling Objections –Perseverance, ‘It’s a numbers game’…  Passion –Willing to learn, product knowledge  Empathy –Asking questions, understanding –Communicate value

35 Supportive Rationale Lead with and leverage broadcast:  83% of respondents to a recent survey indicated they ’ d visit a website after seeing the link during a TV commercial; 65% from a radio ad -- ThirdAge/JWT Boom Survey, 2007  “ The public perceives broadcast advertising as the most influential, authoritative, exciting, and persuasive ”  78% of employees now watch online video ’ s while at work -- ABC TV 20/20, 2007  Establish credibility via broadcast campaign, while driving “ measured ” traffic to your website -- ThirdAge/JWT Study, 2006

36 “This just in”  According to new MS&L study, some 84% of digital influencers go online to find out more about something only after first reading about it in magazines and newspapers or hearing about it on TV or the radio. », Dec ‘08

37 Perfect Combo: Building your client’s business Generate AwarenessEngage / Involve Develop InterestEnables Transaction Gain FamiliarityOngoing Dialogue Build brand credibility Customer Relationship BroadcastWebsite(s)

38 Weaknesses  Decision-maker/Buyer: Are they up to speed?  Content differentiation  Ad Ops/Technology: –UE/Functionality, engagement –Targeting capabilities  Yestimonials –Case studies, success stories  Criticism from new media pundits-attacking “ Old Media ” –“ One-Way Shovel-ware ” vs “ Conversation & Tools to help get things done ”  Audience –Local, limited inventory hence: rev potential?

39 Opportunities  Growing buyer (decision-maker) acceptance and understanding … “ We know we need to start somehow ”  Local Online Spending: up 50%!! – Borrell Assoc.  AdOps: Station site capabilities are evolving - “ coming in ‘ 09 ” ; a little ‘ rich media ’ will go a long way! (DCLK study)  Resources (in some cases) to build, grow, and leverage strengths: –Partnerships waiting to happen

40 Threats  Digital Ad Networks –Targeted inventory at “low-low” prices! –Tribal Fusion, Value-Click, Broadband Enterprises  Newspaper, Cable, Mag Sites & Joint Ventures –QuadrantONE, CBS local, Canoe, Yahoo! Texterity  Rep, Publisher Networks –Digerati, MediaSpan, Centro (agencies)  Local Search, Site & Portal Options –CPC, Top Branded Placements, Contextual Channel Targeting –, Craigslist,,, SuperPages, CitySearch, etc…etc…

41 Local tie-in attracts local readers

42 Top Ad Networks Ran k SiteUniques% Reach 1Advertising.com150M85% 2ValueClick129M73% 3Casale113M64% 4Tribal Fusion112M63% 5Vendare/TMP104M59% 6Blue Lithium92M52% 7DRIVEpm92M52% 8Specific Media91M52% 924/7 Real Media90M51% 10Precision Click76M43% 11AdBrite/Adify * Rocket Fuel!!50M30%

43 A “Giant Baseball Mitt” for raw and summary data Agnostic to the type of data Focus is on correlations of any data to advertising response Massive data -> scalable audiences 43 FordAd32 CTR is.18% Yahoo! Autos FP CTR is.5% Cookie A382Q Clicked Ad828 Facebook 10-11pm CTR is 1.7x base All data is good Raining in 94025 next 3 days

44 nn Next Gen Targeting: Audiences Designed for Your needs One Size doesn’t fit all Precise models “this user should like a specific credit card offer” “ should work better on page943 in the afternoon” Automated model creation – no guessing required!

45 Introducing QuadrantONE “ Unlike Google, AOL and other Web sites, newspaper sites haven ’ t been able to supply the metrics and sophisticated tools that advertisers are now looking for, until now. ” Ken Doctor, Research Analyst Newspaper solution: “‘ The network effect ’ by aggregating content from Hearst, New York Times Co, Tribune and Gannett. ” Dana Hayes, SVP, Tribune Interactive

46 Reps/Media Network Enables local media companies to create, deliver and monetize content and advertising across traditional and digital platforms. Automating the process of creating, buying, and placing TV spots for local and national advertisers. Video ad network for online communities.

47 Magazine Migration Case-Study: Spin Magazine “ The tracking and reporting data I can now observe is unbelievable ” Tom Hartle, Publisher Spin Magazine

48 Consultative Resource  Ask these questions, be prepared to answer these…  Workbook page 9 -11

49 Become a true Marketing Partner!  Consultative Approach: Ask the right questions –What ’ s worked in the past? What hasn ’ t? Sites? Placements? Other Targeting? Time of day? Zip Codes? Etc … What do you consider a success?  Be able to answer key questions: Which adserving technology do you use? How can I target my message? How do you drive/build traffic to your site?

50 No Substitute for Good Follow-Up  Clients respect Reps who ask: –“ How successful was the campaign? ” –“ Did we meet your objectives? ” As measured or defined by specific performance, results –“ What could we have done differently? Or better?

51 Prospecting & Qualifying  Workbook 12 - 13

52 Efficient prospecting: Ya Think?

53 Effective Selling! Top Tips for Success! As described by Marketers: Online buyers, direct, agency, business owners

54 #1: Industry Knowledge, “ABC’s” Communicate effectively: Provide supportive data, site ‘metrics’ and case studies Don’t know; B.S.

55 Your ABC’s –Ad Serving –Benefits –Cost

56 A: Advertising Operations  Dynamic vs. Static Delivery –Broadcast = Fixed and Pre-scheduled –Online = Estimated on historical traffic and fluid Browser: Users/Visitors/Audience = PV ’ s = Imps = defines your available ‘ Inventory ’ ‘ Inventory ’ surges on news/events (cnn/  Ad Server (Propriety/3 rd Party) –Manages inventory, scheduling, targeting, serving, tracking, optimizing, reporting, etc. –“ Data is the New Creative ” David Verklin, Former CEO, Aegis America

57 B: Benefits… = Value The Internet M-E-A-T!!  Advertisers will continue to shift $$ because: –Measurable, Quantifiable-see for Mags –Engagement, Interactive (with their product/service) –Actionable, Transactional –Target-ability

58 Benefits: Supportive tidbits…  “ The more engaging the environment, the more likely an advertisers ’ message will get noticed. ” –Darian Heyman, Founder Beyond Interactive, 1998  “ Internet marketing works because it offers performance ‘ feedback ’ while delivering measurable, quantifiable data. ” –Dean DeBiase, CEO Fathom Online/SEO Digital Marketing, 2007

59 Higher Learning  Sources/Resources: –eMarketer,, google – –  e-Newsletters/blogs: –MediaPost –Clickz Good Reads: –“ The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business is Selling Less to More ”, Chris Anderson, Wired Magazine Editor –“ Watch This. Listen Up. Click Here. ” David Verklin, CEO, Aegis Americas

60 C: COST:  CPW: CPM/CPA/CPC/CPL/CPE/Rev-Share  Superior Targeting Capabilities  Benefits: Established, Perceived Value  Supply & Demand ( ‘ fair rates ’ vs ‘ value-add ’ )  Do the math! Quantify vs. ‘ Flat Fee ’ Various Pricing Terms, Factors

61 More Pricing Considerations 1. Use facts, rationale to support your pitch 2. Focus on site uniqueness 3. Keep content current and relevant 4. Use appropriate and ‘ best ’ advertisers to build and stimulate demand  Q: Is YOUR site a place where you can impact your client’s business!?

62 #2: Price Sensitivity Test budget; Minimize ‘Risk’ and pricing terms? Perishable: CPW Overly expensive submission

63 #3: Performance and Results Establish value by defining, quantifying your online audience Flat ‘monthly' fee; with no or low perceived value

64 Online Media Kits  Very few stations feature a media “kit” for their online assets (formal benefits package):  A typical station “kit” might suggest: Customized on-air/online packages Local reach with on-air/site promotion Association with highly trusted local brand Reaching your target audience 24/7 Building user database through registration Reaching "at work audience" Flexibility in delivering your ad campaign

65 Online Media Kits (cont’d) –Exclusivity by category –Integrated content sponsorships –Integrated content targeting weather, sports, health and more. –Targeted opt-in email campaigns (Text and HTML) –Streaming video sponsorships –Delivery to wireless devices –Contest driven promotions –On-air support driving traffic to your content

66 Post your site visitor profile 54% Female / 46% Male 70% HHI $75k+ 94% Shopped online in past 30 days 81% College Educated 72 % Married 43% 1+ children in HH 81% own a residence Be sure to include Source of data

67 #4: Bring New Ideas; Drivers! Inventive, creative, customized, exclusive & most of all: LEVERAGE! Same pitch, different day

68 Dave’s Killer Bread: Integrated Campaign Summary  Station produced 3 min video-cast  Created ‘ Client of the Week ’ Feature & Channel on Station Website … fixed position!  Supported spot schedule with :10 tags (web-drivers) and 30x/wk on-air promos (awareness/traffic)  Results: Sales +400%, Local TV Coverage

69 Dave’s Killer Bread

70 Engaging with community List of local winners gives legitimacy to promotion and connects station to listeners

71 Demonstration of new ad formats: Flash demo: Shows the steps for using Vongo Lead form: collects data for Vongo to follow up with interested consumers later. Complex, Multi-purpose Ad Video: Their commercial gives the consumer more information on this new product.

72 Capture leads for your clients Exclusive, unique and data collection: all in one!

73 #5: Accuracy in Numbers Realistic (even conservative) about inventory Overly aggressive with avails

74 Station Package: Pitching By the Numbers  20,000 impressions/month (even distribution) generated from: o:15-second audio or video pre-roll oA combination of leaderboard, skyscraper and cube advertisements…exclusive, fixed positions on our Local Sports pages… oIn-stream commercial ad insertion (accompanied by a synchronized, linked banner in the player while they play. These ads can be static, animated gif or flash)  800,000 Drive time impressions/month generated from on-air full : 10-second commercial messages (5X :10’s per week M-F 5AM - 7PM). 3 month total impressions delivered: 3,660,000 3 month net investment: $x CPM: $x

75 Page Take-Over: Package Your Station Logo Here Sponsor SponsorSponsor 728 X 90 LEADERBOARD 160 X 600 WIDE SKYSCRAPER 300 X 250 MID-REC

76 Home Stretch: Immediate Impact!  Broadcast + Web: A Natural Combo –Workbook Pages 14-15  Supportive Research –eMarketer, Pew, Forrester  Building YOUR story, YOUR PLAN! –Customized for your clients! –Testimonials, case-studies

77 Workbook Appendix  Internet Jargon  Supportive Research  Integration: Consumer Buying-Cycle  RFP Samples »Workbook Pages 16-21

78 You’ve Been a Wonderful Audience!  Final Q & A  Evaluation

79 Thank Each And Everyone of You! Steve Martin, 1975 Dave Shapiro (415) 609-8911

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